Chapter 14 : Rich Family’s Young Miss (14)

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Nangong Jing arrived quickly. Ling Hao had also escaped those who were keeping him occupied and was now busy searching the whole venue for Su Yiyi.

A waiter told Ling Hao and Nangong Jing he saw Su Yiyi head towards the resting rooms. The two sprinted for the resting rooms, followed by Shi Sheng. Xiao Wei hesitated for a bit before thinking that she could just say she was worried about Su Yiyi and went looking for her. She wouldn’t be involved at all since she had gotten someone else to send the text.

After Shi Sheng and Xiao Wei got up to follow, the girl who had ordered the drink spiked also pretended to be drunk and got people to help her to the resting rooms, bringing a crowd of people to watch the upcoming ‘show’. There wasn’t just one resting room here. When people were tired they could just go to any one of these to play around.

Nangong Jing had only received a text saying that Su Yiyi was in one of the resting rooms but didn’t specify which so he could only go through each resting room to check. Nangong Jing and Ling Hao’s looks immediately attracted the attention of those in the resting rooms. Perhaps it was on purpose that Su Yiyi had been taken to the last resting room as by now, the people in the other resting rooms had come out to have a look.

When the final resting room’s door was opened, embarrassing sounds leaked out from inside. Nangong Jing froze at the doorway and stared in shock at the scene inside. Su Yiyi was underneath a man’s body, her face pinkish red and her gaze without any focus. She was currently holding onto his biceps as she let out embarrassing cries. Even when the resting room door was opened they didn’t notice and continued.

Ling Hao, hearing the sounds, ran out from another resting room. Seeing this, he immediate flew into a rage as he pushed Nangong Jing aside to toss that man aside.

“Yiyi…” Ling Hao panicked as he hugged Su Yiyi and used some of the scattered clothes on the ground to help her cover up a bit.

The efficacy of the drug was a bit high. Having been interrupted, Su Yiyi twisted her body uncomfortably and she seemed to recognise the person in front of her. “Senior… I’m uncomfortable, please Senior give me… I want it, Yiyi wants it.”

Nangong Jing seemed to have been startled awake by her mutterings as he charged into the room and slammed the door shut. The sounds of crashing came out of the room. The soundproofing here could be considered quite good so for the sounds to be able to escape proved how much strength was being used.

Shi Sheng leaned against the wall as she pondered, ‘Those two aren’t planning on having a threesome with Su Yiyi right?’

For some reason, when Xiao Wei saw Nangong Jing charge into the room and slam the door shut, disappointment suddenly rose in her heart. Sometimes liking someone takes only a moment while growing disappointed in them could also take just a moment.

She turned back to look at Shi Sheng and saw her eyes sparkling as she stared at the room door, as if she could see past the door and into the room.

“Who was inside?”

“Dunno but that guy looked like Young Master Jing.”

“What do you mean like? It was Young Master Jing. Senior Ling also went in. Who was that girl inside?”

“The Young Miss of the Xu family is also here and standing together with goddess Xiao. Heavens, what’s happening today?”

“The more I ponder on the possibilities, the more terrified I get!”

These students were curious as to who that girl was, so naturally they weren’t willing to leave and  all waited outside. A few people, having caught wind of this, also gathered here. Luckily for them, the door opened after a while and Nangong Jing came out carrying Su Yiyi who had been dressed properly. Her face was covered so those who didn’t know Su Yiyi didn’t know who this person was. Ling Hao followed behind while dragging that man who had already fainted. He was only wearing boxers while his face was covered in blood, making for an absolutely tragic picture.

Nangong Jing’s gaze swept Shi Sheng. Lines of blood appeared in his eyes and his handsome face was filled with coldness. “Xu Chengyue, I won’t forgive you for this.”

Ling Hao also looked over and the coldness in his eyes could cause one to tremble in fear. The surrounding crowd retreated with one thought, ‘These two are too scary.’

Shi Sheng and Xiao Wei were completely exposed due to the crowd drawing back. Xiao Wei wanted to retreat but for some reason when she saw Nangong Jing, she didn’t want to retreat. Shi Sheng straightened her body and took a few steps toward Nangong Jing, “Nangong Jing, you’re planning on framing me for this?”

“Do you dare say you weren’t involved?” If he hadn’t been carrying Yiyi, he would have been tempted to kill her right now. ‘How could she be so cruel?’

“Why would I destroy my future for a person who means nothing to me?”

“Only you have… had any conflict with her. Who aside from you could it be?” He had really been too kind to her. He wanted her to suffer a living hell.

“From Young Master Jing’s words, the one behind this is Young Miss Xu. Who’s Young Master Jing carrying? I can’t see.”

“That gown… seems to be- seems to be Su Yiyi’s. Su Yiyi was wearing that gown.” A voice in the crowd spoke, causing countless ripples.

“Su Yiyi? It couldn’t be…”

“Young Miss Xu, Young Master Jing, Su Yiyi, Young Master Ling… Just how are they related, it’s such a mess. Ah, goddess Xiao is standing next to Young Miss Xu” It was not a secret that Xiao Wei liked Young Master Jing. But now she was standing next to Young Master Jing’s ex-fiancée, just what did these two conspire to do?

Nangong Jing’s sharp gaze swept the surroundings. “Whoever dares to leak what happened today, don’t blame me for not being merciful.”

The surrounding people shut up. To be able to rival the Nangong family, of those present it seemed to only be… the Xiao family and the Ling family.

“Xu Chengyue, we’re not finished.” As Nangong Jing was worried about Su Yiyi’s body, he didn’t dare dally any longer. If he wanted to take revenge, he could do so any time. Ling Hao gave Shi Sheng a warning glare before dragging that man and following Nangong Jing.

Shi Sheng silently shot them her middle finger. ‘Idiots!’

Xiao Wei sweated. ‘There seems to be something wrong with this ex-love rival!’  Her thoughts were shared by the rest of the crowd.

Shi Sheng split up from Xiao Wei and went back to the dorms alone. Xia Ning and An’an hadn’t returned yet. Shi Sheng washed up before going to bed. ‘Some people aren’t going to be able to sleep properly tonight!’ Thinking that, she went to bed particularly happy.


Ling Hao’s private villa.

The sounds of water flowing in the bathroom mixed in with choked sobs could be heard. Nangong Jing and Ling Hao stood outside the bathroom on either side. Their expressions weren’t too good but both of them were anxiously staring at the translucent door.

“Yiyi, you’ve already been inside for an hour. Why don’t you come out first?” Ling Hao couldn’t help but rap his knuckles on the door. But no matter how much he knocked, Su Yiyi refused to open the door. Ling Hao looked at Nangong Jing. The two of them had reddened eyes. Rage that had nowhere to vent was being trapped in their hearts, causing their expressions to twist.

“Xu Chengyue!” Nangong Jing forced those words through clenched teeth as a fist smashed onto a wall. Fresh blood immediately stained the snow-white wallpaper red. Ling Hao left to go beat up that man a few more times to vent his fury before returning to cajole Su Yiyi. After much effort, he finally managed to convince her to come out.

Su Yiyi stood at the bathroom doorway, exposing the unnatural redness of her bare skin resulting from too much friction. Her wet hair stuck to her face. Together with her eyes which were reddened from crying, she made for a pitiful picture.

Nangong Jing reached out to hug Su Yiyi but he hesitated. The sounds of ecstasy Su Yiyi was making in the resting room reverberated in his ears but the one who was with her in his mind became Ling Hao. For some reason, he thought of those words Shi Sheng had given him, “Be careful of your white flower climbing over the wall!” They repeated over and over again.

The tiny details he didn’t usually take note of now floated to the surface endlessly. All of them caused Su Yiyi and Ling Hao’s relationship to appear ambiguous.

Having noticed Nangong Jing’s hesitation, Su Yiyi’s tears began to fall. Her heart spasming with pain, hate and frustration. Ling Hao coldly glared at him before carrying Su Yiyi to bed.




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