Chapter 13 : Rich Family’s Young Miss (13)

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The West auditorium was decorated in a European style. Though the area wasn’t very big, those who could receive the invitation belonged to families ranking in the top 500 nationwide. And not all were studying in this University, many had gone abroad.

So those that came actually weren’t too many. Adding on the companions they brought, the headcount didn’t even reach a hundred.

Shi Sheng hadn’t brought a companion so she just stood alone in a corner as she watched the many faces of the crowd. These people wore a mask on their faces {not literally}, who knew what the true emotions under them might be?

However, as an observer, she could easily catch the disgust, disdain, jealousy, envy and the like that they revealed when the other party wasn’t paying attention.

“What are you looking at so enthusiastically?” An elegant female voice sounded beside Shi Sheng’s ear.

Xiao Wei was wearing a closefitting evening gown, emphasizing her prominent figure. She wore exquisite make-up. She had a head full of wavy hair. Her every action was filled with tempting seductiveness, making her seem like a strong confident woman 1.

Shi Sheng looked at her. Feeling rather bored, she started chatting with Xiao Wei, “Don’t you find them fun?”

“How so?”

“Wearing a mask all day, do you think they get tired?”

Xiao Wei blanked out for a moment before her gaze when she looked at Shi Sheng was like looking at a freak. Seeing her still watching so enthusiastically, Xiao Wei discovered she suddenly couldn’t understand this girl in front of her.

Although she hadn’t been too acquainted with Xu Chengyue, as she had been Nangong Jing’s fiancée, she had gathered a lot of information on her. However, the Xu Chengyue on the reports was clearly different from the one in front of her.

Xu Chengyue was proud, she had been pampered into a princess by her family, which was pretty much the same as the rest of age group in their circle.

But the girl in front of her gave her an unspeakable feeling. If you really wanted her to describe it, she would probably say it was… ill-intent. One that was directed at everyone. ‘Why does it feel like she’s prepared to take revenge on society?’

Xiao Wei was scared by this idea of hers. Looking at the girl beside her who was still all-smiles, it was like a cat looking at an interesting toy. How was that dangerous? Xiao Wei simply waved it off as her thinking too much.

“There’s going to be a good show later. Want to come and watch?” Shi Sheng suddenly extended an invitation to Xiao Wei.

Xiao Wei forced herself to ignore the feeling that something was strange as she regained her previous aura. Her gaze containing disdain, she asked, “What show?”

‘What’s she up to?’

“I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

The only reason Shi Sheng invited her was because she was a miserable antagonist who ended up terribly. After thinking for a bit, Xiao Wei nodded slightly. She wanted to see what Xu Chengyue was up to.

Shi Sheng had already locked on to Su Yiyi who was standing together with Ling Hao. He was currently saying something to her which caused her to laugh frequently, causing the girl who was standing next to her to hate her so much her teeth itched. Her gaze seemed like it wished it could kill her with stares alone.

Once Su Yiyi and Ling Hao had split up, Shi Sheng brought Xiao Wei into the crowd. She didn’t do anything, she was simply walking aimlessly in the crowd. If she recognised someone she’d nod politely though. This made Xiao Wei uncertain what she was up to.

“Su Yiyi, you did it on purpose!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t expect you to turn around so suddenly.” Su Yiyi hurriedly apologised.

“Forget it, help me pick it up.” The girl pointed at the handbag on the ground while making an ‘I can’t be bothered with you’ expression.

Su Yiyi placed her drink on the buffet table nearby before bending over to pick up the handbag.

Just as she was bending over, that girl shot a look at a person next to her. That person reached out to change Su Yiyi’s drink. However, she didn’t expect Su Yiyi to suddenly look up. The girl was startled but saw someone stand in front of her, who just so happened to distract Su Yiyi.

“Ms Xu.” At the same time as she made a sigh of relief, she got a bit nervous. ‘She probably saw everything from where she came from just now, right?’

Shi Sheng gave a slight nod before speaking with a smile. “Can you please pass be a cup of fruit juice.”

The girl hurriedly passed a cup of fruit juice over to Shi Sheng, who didn’t even spare a glance at Su Yiyi before walking back into the crowd.

Once she had confirmed the drinks had been switched, she bent over to pick up her handbag before walking off.

As Xiao Wei hadn’t seen Su Yiyi’s drink being switched she didn’t understand why Shi Sheng went over to get fruit juice.

This event had played out in the original storyline too. Someone who was jealous of how close Su Yiyi was to Ling Hao swapped her drink, planning on teaching her a lesson. Su Yiyi had discovered the plan but she hadn’t revealed anything, instead giving the swapped drink to Xu Chengyue.

Xu Chengyue drank the spiked drink causing her to feel dizzy. Su Yiyi brought Xu Chengyue to one of the resting rooms in the back of the auditorium. She then distracted the person who had spiked the drink so no one noticed that Xu Chengyue went in there. After that, she pretended to feel unwell and headed to the resting room, deliberately allowing that person to see her go in.

After she entered, she stripped off Xu Chengyue’s clothes and swapped it with hers. This caused the one who spiked the drink to think that the person inside was Su Yiyi. When a drunk person was brought into the room, the result was Xu Chengyue being raped.

Even worse was that Su Yiyi had called Nangong Jing over and let him witness it personally. With this incident, Nangong Jing had a proper reason to break the engagement with Xu Chengyue while Su Yiyi ended up being the biggest beneficiary.

All Shi Sheng was doing was to distract Su Yiyi so that she wouldn’t discover her drink had been swapped out with a spiked one. Now…

Xiao Wei who was standing beside Shi Sheng felt that the way she was smiling was slightly terrifying and so put a bit of distance between them.

Shi Sheng waited for a while until she saw Su Yiyi being taken away while Ling Hao was being tied down so he didn’t notice her being taken away by someone.

“Do you have Nangong Jing’s number?” Shi Sheng turned to look at Xiao Wei, who nodded.

“Call him and tell him Su Yiyi’s drunk. Tell him to take her away.”

“Why don’t you call?” Xiao Wei had naturally seen Su Yiyi been taken away and she felt it to be suspicious.

Shi Sheng smilingly looked at her. “Whether you call or not doesn’t really matter since either way I’m not at a disadvantage.”

Xiao Wei wrinkled her brows. She left for a while and when she returned, her gaze turned strange. She drew closer to Shi Sheng and asked, “You did this?”

“Ms Xiao, you can eat anything you want but you can’t say anything you want. You were with me this whole time, which eye saw me do it?”

Xiao Wei thought back. ‘That really was the case. The whole night I’ve had my eye on her. Just now when she went over to Su Yiyi she didn’t stay for long so there’s no way she could’ve spiked her drink in that amount of time. But she was clearly aware of what was going on…’

‘Could it be that she’s the mastermind behind this?’ Xiao Wei felt that this possibility was very likely. However, upon seeing Shi Sheng’s cutely smiling appearance, she didn’t know why but she didn’t believe it to be the case.

“I got someone to use Su Yiyi’s phone to text Young Master Jing.” Xiao Wei spoke in a low voice.

“Your IQ is not low…” ‘So why were you so dumb in the original storyline and ended up really miserably? The biological mother-type authors really are biased!’

Xiao Wei glared at Shi Sheng. ‘What does she mean with that regretful tone when she says that?!’




Translator’s Corner:

I dunno Xiao Wei, I think the Cheshire Cat looks very threatening when it smiles with interest.



  1. Here it says ‘御姐’, ‘yujie’ which means ‘royal elder sister’. It’s used to describe women who take charge and don’t need a man to make decisions.

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