Chapter 12 : Rich Family’s Young Miss (12)

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Su Yiyi and gang were punished to apologise to Shi Sheng in front of the whole school at the opening ceremony.

Su Yiyi was extremely pissed off as a result. ‘Aren’t they just afraid to offend Xu Chengyue? They only know how to bully us who have no backing!’

The events of that day had been witnessed by many people so word obviously got out that Su Yiyi tried to frame someone. Her reputation took quite a hit and she had to deal with pointing and muttering just walking on a road, causing Su Yiyi to hate Shi Sheng so much her teeth itched.

And due to how she was close to Ling Hao, there was quite a bit of jealousy directed towards her by the female demographic of the student population. This matter just made her life worse. However, Ling Hao wasn’t here and Nangong Jing was out of the country on assignment so these few days were tough for Su Yiyi.

And Shi Sheng had become the ‘mistress’ of somebody influential due to the rumours about her being kept.

Because they were punished, An’an and Xia Ning disliked Shi Sheng even more. However, they only dared to use words. After all, they didn’t want a repeat of the lawyer incident.

Shi Sheng was busy looking for a place to rent so she had no time to bother with these people. She felt like if she continued staying together with Su Yiyi she would die of disgust.

Perhaps luck was finally with her for a student just so happened to be planning on going abroad to study, leaving behind an empty apartment that was pretty close to the school. Shi Sheng rented it without hesitation. However, it needed to be renovated so she was stuck in school for the meantime.


Once Shi Sheng had paid up, she went downstairs and saw the two people she definitely didn’t want to meet: Nangong Jing and Su Yiyi. Nangong Jing was hugging Su Yiyi.

Shi Sheng was scratching at a wall inwardly. ‘What is this ridiculous probability that I meet them here of all places? Damned plot you won’t rest easy till you make the antagonist court death!’

“Xu Chengyue don’t you find being a lingering spirit 1 tiring?” Nangong Jing coldly gazed at the woman blocking the road. His chin was raised high as if he was a monarch overlooking his territory.

‘Lingering spirit your ass! You think I want to meet you?’

Shi Sheng swept a gaze at Su Yiyi, who was currently acting like a small bird leaning against a person 2 though her eyes held triumph.

However, when she spoke it was always very softly and gently as if she was being aggrieved all the time. “Ms Xu, I’m sorry about last time. I didn’t do it on purpose. My head was a bit dizzy from the bump so I didn’t know that they were saying such things about you. I already apologised in front of the whole school so I hope you can forgive me…”

‘Look at how sophisticated your wording is, you managed to completely shift the blame away from you. Here’s one like from me(bbb)!’

Hearing Su Yiyi mentioning this matter, Nangong Jing’s face got even colder before speaking in a very impatient tone. “Xu Chengyue, move out from the dormitory.”

“Nangong Jing, have you watched too many mindless soap operas?”

‘Your mom, what, was the school opened by you that I have to move just because you said so?’

Nangong Jing’s forehead throbbed. “Don’t try my patience.”

“I’m not going try your patience but fem- fellow student Su Yiyi over here is definitely going to ‘try out’ your stamina.” Shi Sheng smiled wickedly.

At first Su Yiyi didn’t understand but once she got it her face turned bright red, whether from shame or anger, we do not know.

“Xu Chengyue how can you be so shameless? Is this how Uncle Xu taught you all these years?” Nangong Jing got angry. He never knew this girl who had been courting him for so long was capable of saying such words.

“I feel like I’m much better than you!” Shi Sheng looked innocently. “Look, I wasn’t the one who got caught in bed with someone else in front of my fiancée was I?”

‘Should’ve called more people over.’

Nangong Jing was rendered speechless.

“Ms Xu you’re going overboard!” Su Yiyi raised her head, revealing her tear-filled eyes. “I know me being together with Jing makes you very uncomfortable but matters of the heart can’t be forced. Just what will it take for you to let me off?!”

“Overboard? If you hadn’t done that, how could I have been ‘overboard’ enough to say it out?”

‘Your mom! It’s clearly you guys who aren’t letting me off, okay!!’

Su Yiyi was stuck for words. Her misty eyes gazed pitifully at Nangong Jing, causing his protective urge to rise up.

“Enough!” Nangong Jing reprimanded Shi Sheng in a heavy voice. “Xu Chengyue, this is my last warning. I will never like you so just give up on finding trouble for Yiyi else I won’t let you off.”

Shi Sheng gave a short derisive laugh. ‘I prefer dealing with Chu Tang that pervert over Nangong Jing. Even Pervert Chu is better than a narcissistic Nangong Jing!’

“Stop imagining you’re so great, Nangong Jing.” Shi Sheng paused before her scornful gaze landed on Su Yiyi. “This eyesight of yours… really isn’t that good. I must have been blind to like you before. Don’t worry I had my eyes fixed so I definitely won’t look at you more than necessary. I’m scared of getting an eye disease.”

Su Yiyi thought hatefully, ‘This woman is indirectly scolding me!’

However, Nangong Jing’s thoughts were still on the phrase ‘Stop imagining you’re so great’. He had never thought this phrase would be used to describe him… Especially not by someone who used to like him…

Shi Sheng walked past the two while waving her hand, “Be careful of your white flower 3 climbing over the wall 4!”

Knowing that Nangong Jing and Su Yiyi might have a place to stay near that apartment, Shi Sheng gave up on moving there. ‘Didn’t Nangong Jing want me to move out of the dormitory? Humph why should I listen to him?’

Hence Shi Sheng stayed in the dormitory. Seeing those three hate her so much their teeth itched yet were unable to do anything to her made her feel much better.


Su Yiyi didn’t return that night. The next morning her face was radiant when she returned. When asked by An’an and Xia Ning, Su Yiyi replied that a relative of hers had arrived so she stayed the night at a hotel. Shi Sheng very unobligingly gave a stifled laugh. Su Yiyi immediately shut up.

That night was the night of the ball. The three others in the dormitory had started dressing up since late afternoon. Su Yiyi wasn’t wearing the dress similar to the one Xiao Wei sent but another one. It was white too but the skirt was longer, making her look more fairy-like.

“Yiyi looks really good. Ah, a pity I can’t go with you…” An’an’s face was filled with disappointment.

“Sorry, An’an…” Although Su Yiyi’s face appeared apologetic, if one looked closer, they would find that her eyes were filled with triumphant pride.

An’an smiled as she shook her head. “It’s nothing, nothing at all. You and Senior Ling go have fun.”

However, in her heart she was really jealous to death. If she was able to attend the ball in the West auditorium maybe she could meet an ideal man 5.

Xia Ning had also changed into her outfit. After the three finished exchanging empty pleasantries, Xia Ning’s gaze landed on Shi Sheng who showed no signs of getting up. “Xu Chengyue aren’t you going to the ball?”

“Didn’t you notice she didn’t receive any invitation? There’s no one who’ll bring her so where will she go?” An’an scoffed.

“She can go with us to the South auditorium!”

“Stop joking. With her ‘status’, how can she go with us to the South auditorium. Xu Chengyue why don’t you go seduce one now, maybe you’ll be in time to attend the ball at the West auditorium. This should be easy-peasy to you!”

Xia Ning and An’an spoke in turn to deride Shi Sheng. Shi Sheng shut her notebook before shooting them a smile filled with ill-intent. “Ah that’s right. Going to the West auditorium isn’t hard for me but for you guys… I’m afraid you won’t be able to go there even when you graduate.”

An’an and Xia Ning’s expressions changed. In the end, An’an couldn’t help but retort, “You’re just relying on men what’s to be so proud of? You really think you’re such a hotshot.”

“You don’t want face 6 !”

“If I don’t want my face how do I rely on men?”

An’an, “…”

In the end An’an lost. Once someone decided to be shameless, if you couldn’t be more shameless then you could only bear with it.




Translator’s Corner:

I love shameless Shi Sheng 🤣😂



  1.  Metaphor for how the person referred to is often lingering in the vicinity.
  2.  Act of reliance.
  3. Woman who looks pure and innocent. The truth? Who knows?
  4. Phrase to describe women cheating on men and having an affair with someone else. Probably because in ancient China, women often stayed at home so to cheat they’d have to ‘climb over a wall’.
  5. It says ‘高富帅’ which means ‘tall, rich and handsome’. Basically the ideal partner for (most?) women.
  6. Basically, she’s being shameless. I would say that but this phrasing is necessary for the next line to make sense.

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