Chapter 11 : Rich Family’s Young Miss (11)

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The supervising teacher looked over at Su Yiyi and saw the swelling on her forehead. She furrowed her brows and asked, “Su Yiyi, who was the one who pushed you?”

Su Yiyi cowered as she used her peripheral gaze to look at Shi Sheng before shaking her head. “Nobody, I tripped on my own.”

Such an obvious attempt at ‘covering up’ was instantly seen through by the teacher. “Don’t lie. Was she the one who pushed you?”

Su Yiyi had always given her the impression of being a good girl who got along with everyone. The other girl on the other hand, was more of a loner who didn’t seem easy to get along with. She had even seen that girl being fetched by a luxurious car and come back with different clothing. ‘I’ve seen many of these kinds of students.’

Thinking thus, it wasn’t a surprise the teacher was naturally inclined to be biased in favour of Su Yiyi.

“No, it wasn’t…” Su Yiyi still attempted to explain.

“Yiyi, why are you covering for her? Teacher it was her, Xia Ning and I can act as witnesses.”

Xia Ning hesitated a bit before getting upset at Shi Sheng when she saw she was still acting like this matter didn’t concern her, hence she nodded.

“What’s your name?” The teacher looked at Shi Sheng. Her attitude clearly expressed she believed An’an and Su Yiyi.

“Xu Chengyue.” Shi Sheng gazed at Su Yiyi with eyes that seemed to be smiling. That gaze caused Su Yiyi to feel uncomfortable. However, upon thinking that she didn’t have any evidence to support her side of the story she calmed down.

“Student Xu Chengyue, for getting into a fight with other students and causing them to be injured, you’re punished to sweep the grounds for a week. Any objections?”

“Are you just going to believe their one-sided story?” Shi Sheng raised her brow. ‘This teacher only listened to Su Yiyi’s side of the story before accusing me, she’s clearly helping Su Yiyi out.’

The teacher’s expression darkened for a moment. She had just planned on punishing her a bit but this damned girl hadn’t caught on.

“With two other students having personally witnessed it, what is there to argue? As a student you’d best behave like one and not think unrealistically all day. This society is very complex. You think that with just your little schemes you can become successful1?”

Shi Sheng’s expression turned frosty. “What do you mean?”

“You know what you’ve done, you still dare to ask.” An’an mockingly replied.

Su Yiyi’s face was filled with grievance but her eyes betrayed the triumph she was feeling. ‘Even if it’s not true, with this many people saying the same thing, who cares whether it’s true or not.’

Quite a few people were gathered outside the doorway and upon hearing these words began discussing amongst themselves in low voices.

“A few days ago, I saw her get on a Porsche. Sometimes I even see a car waiting at the gates to fetch her. Do you think she’s being kept?”

“I wasn’t there that day so I didn’t see it. But I heard plenty of people talking about it.”

“I haven’t heard anything about her family being rich!”

“Why would a rich family’s kid be staying in the school, are you dumb? Look at those rich kids and tell me which one of those isn’t driving their own car around?”

“…She couldn’t really be someone’s mistress, could she?”

The teacher, hearing the discussions, didn’t stop them but instead grew even more bold. “Student Xu Chengyue, your actions reflect badly on your moral character. I will report back to the school and carry out due punishment.”

“If you didn’t want anyone to know you shouldn’t have done it in the first place.” An’an got even more arrogant.

“I am returning those words to you.” Shi Sheng turned around and headed for the desk, picking up a toy that was placed there. “My deepest apologies but this is a new toy I got recently which just so happens to have the ability of preserving an hour’s worth of footage. Let’s go over to Headmaster and have him judge so it’s fairer.”

Su Yiyi’s face paled. ‘She actually recorded what happened just now. We said she pushed me when it was actually An’an, if she goes to the Headmaster, my name will be ruined! No… I can’t let her go to the Headmaster!’

Shi Sheng seemed to have made up her mind though as she had already made her way through the doorway. “Follow us to the Headmaster’s office, teacher. You were slandering me just now. I believe the Headmaster will give me a satisfactory answer.”

“Chengyue, it was just a small matter there’s no need to make such a fuss.” Su Yiyi stopped Shi Sheng.

“A small matter? The three of you conspiring to frame me and this teacher slandering me… is a small matter?”

“Chengyue… I-” An’an wanted to end the matter peacefully right now too. Clearly, she hadn’t expected Shi Sheng to have a recording. Compared to fighting, framing someone was far more serious and damaging to someone’s reputation for it became a question of their moral character.

The teacher was feeling a bit hesitant. After all, she really didn’t have any evidence whatsoever that Shi Sheng was being kept as someone’s mistress. Slandering a student could get her fired. This thought caused the teacher to block the doorway.

“Student Xu Chengyue, there’s no need to bother the Headmaster for this. It was you who pushed Student Su Yiyi first so if you just apologize this whole matter can be forgotten.”

Shi Sheng didn’t continue wasting her breath with them as she took out her phone and dialled a number. “Lawyer Wang, come over to the school for a bit. Yes I am in the dormitory just come on over.”

Shi Sheng hung up before giving up on trying to head out, instead pulling up a chair to have a seat.

The teacher’s face turned green. ‘She actually called a lawyer!’ The people outside looked at each other. ‘This development is a bit strange!’

To be able to so calmly call a lawyer, it was either that the person keeping her was very influential or she really hadn’t done those things.

Lawyer Wang arrived very quickly. He squeezed through the layers of onlooking female students, his inner thoughts went something like: ‘( ̄ ̄;) Now this is called passing through ten thousand flower bushes2!’

After having used a monumental effort to enter the dormitory room, he straightened his somewhat crooked glasses before walking to Shi Sheng. “Miss Xu.”

The people outside were all stunned. ‘A lawyer really did come…’

Shi Sheng nodded before passing the object in her hand over and used a calm and regulated voice to recount what happened.

Lawyer Wang pushed up his spectacles and after some consideration, spoke to the teacher and Su Yiyi’s trio. “These three students attempted to frame my client for pushing this student, causing her injury. According to the People’s Republic of China’s State Administration of Law, they can be detained for a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 10. This teacher having slandered my client’s reputation…”

Of course, this matter wasn’t as serious as Lawyer Wang made it out to be though that didn’t stop him from exaggerating a bit. After all, it was written in black and white on the law. If they didn’t believe him, they could go find another lawyer to ask.

Su Yiyi’s trio couldn’t outclass a lawyer of course. Right now, they could only stand there with pale faces and no clue what to do.

And just as they were listening to the lawyer rattling on, the Headmaster had finally caught wind and arrived. A lawyer had already been called, how could he not know?

“Alright that’s enough, stop crowding around here and disperse back to your rooms.” The Headmaster arrived, dispersing the gathered crowd.

The Headmaster had already found out what happened before arriving so he rebuked the offending teacher before dismissing her in front of Shi Sheng.

The Headmaster then apologised to Shi Sheng very sincerely. After all, they were in the wrong first so even if he was asked to compensate he wouldn’t find it too much. If this matter was to be blown up, it would be detrimental for the school’s reputation.

As for Su Yiyi and Co., they were brought away by him. He made it clear she would give her a satisfactory result.

Once they were out of the dormitory building, the Headmaster scolded the teacher who had come over to inform him. “I told you people to remember who were the ones with influential backgrounds but what happened? This time we only met with Xu Chengyue but what if we meet Xiao Wei next time? This school will flipped upside down!”

That teacher was feeling rather aggrieved inwardly. ‘Why would we have to remember Xiao Wei’s type? Their entire presence practically screams ‘I’m a rich kid!’’


Translator’s Corner:



  1. Here it says ‘fly onto the branch and turn into a phoenix’ which is an idiom for describing women who become successful through relying on a powerful man. I think.
  2. An idiom for *ahem* experiencing a lot of women. Though it’s not being used that way in this context. 😉

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