Chapter 10 : Rich Family’s Young Miss (10)

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Xu Chengyue was studying in a Business course. After all, she was the only child of the Xu family so she would be the one inheriting all the shares in their company in the future so this course was pretty much a necessity.

Perhaps it was because she had inherited her father’s talent for business, for Xu Chengyue’s grades didn’t drop despite spending all her time chasing after Nangong Jing.

As there weren’t many classes around the start of school, Shi Sheng began looking for a place to rent. However, all the nearby available places had already been rented out and if it was too far away she might as well just move back home. Without a suitable choice, Shi Sheng could only set aside this plan for now.

Hence the idle Shi Sheng could only read books all day. Those who knew her simply thought that she had received a blow from her engagement with Nangong Jing being annulled and resorted to studying like mad to vent.

However, only Shi Sheng herself knew that she was reading a porn starring a gay couple.

Ever since that night, Xia Ning and An’an excluded Shi Sheng even more. And under Su Yiyi’s guidance (intentional or not), Shi Sheng’s image turned into that of a gold-digging mistress.


“Yiyi, are you going to the ball this weekend?” An’an asked as she returned from outside. Seeing Shi Sheng here, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

“En, Senior Ling invited me.” Su Yiyi smiled and nodded.

Although Ling Hao had already entered a company, it was just as an intern so his time was still mostly spent in school. After all, Su Yiyi was here. As a loyal protector, how could he leave her alone?

Every year when school re-opened, there were two evening parties. One where anyone could enter while the other could only be entered by those who had an invitation.

Frankly speaking, one was prepared for the students of normal family standing, just like an orientation welcome party. The other, meanwhile, was prepared for those of the elite social class. Only those who received the invitation could attend and each person who did could invite someone else along with them.

“So, you’re going to the West auditorium and not with Ning’ning and I?” An’an’s gaze revealed envy, and even some jealousy since she and Ning’ning could only attend the ball at the South auditorium.

Su Yiyi smiled embarrassedly. “Senior Ling invited me and I couldn’t just refuse him…”

An’an waved her hand, “Senior Ling is a great person, Yiyi, you have to hold on tightly to him. I heard his family’s standing isn’t bad.”

Su Yiyi’s face turned even redder as she muttered something inaudible.

‘Female lead-sama, why are you blushing?! Do you still remember your true love, male lead-sama?!’

Shi Sheng silently flipped a page of her porn book.

“Yiyi, there’s a delivery for you.” Xia Ning opened the door and placed the package she was holding on Su Yiyi’s bed. “This package is so big, just what did you buy?”

Su Yiyi shook her head innocently. “I didn’t buy anything.”

“Open it up and have a look.”

An’an pushed Su Yiyi over. Su Yiyi could only open the package in front of them.

“Heavens, what a beautiful gown!” An’an gasped as she lifted it from the package.

The gown’s main colour was white and it came with a belt. A red pattern was sewn on the skirt portion which attracted the eyes.

“It was probably sent by Senior Ling, right? No wonder he’s the idol everyone wants to get married to! I’m so envious of you Yiyi…”

Su Yiyi smiled. Pride was practically leaking out of her eyes, especially when she looked at Shi Sheng. This gown wasn’t sent by Ling Hao since he had already given one to her last night which she had accepted.

“Xu Chengyue, don’t you ride around in luxury cars all day? Aren’t you going to the ball this weekend?” Once An’an had finished expressing her envy for Su Yiyi, she couldn’t help but point the gun back at Shi Sheng.

Seeing Shi Sheng ignoring her, she continued scoffing, “What, don’t you have anyone willing to take you? Don’t be jealous of our Yiyi. How would a person like you have any qualifications to attend that kind of ball?”

“An’an, Chengyue will definitely be able to go, don’t gossip.”

Xu Chengyue hadn’t attended these balls for the past two years so Su Yiyi wasn’t clear whether Shi Sheng had an invitation or not. Hence she stopped An’an.

“Chet, as long as she doesn’t use under-handed methods to get one.”

“Excuse me but is fellow student Xu Chengyue here?” A petite girl knocked on the door before peeking inside.

“What’s the matter?” Shi Sheng got up and walked to the girl who examined her closely, probably verifying her identity.

Once she was done with her examination, she passed the bag she was holding over to Shi Sheng, “Sis Weiwei told me to give this to you.”

Shi Sheng didn’t receive it as she furrowed her brows while asking, “Xiao Wei?”

The girl nodded.

“Is there something wrong with her brain?”

The girl was stupefied and she froze before hurriedly speaking, “I’ve done my task so I’ll just go now.”

And she made off after setting the bag down in front of Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng bent over to pick the bag up when An’an furiously charged over to Shi Sheng and smacked the bag out of her hands, causing it to fall on the floor. “You’re in cahoots with Xiao Wei!”

The bag fell to the floor, revealing its contents.

There were clothes inside that seemed similar in style to Su Yiyi. An’an took it out. Apart from the size, it was pretty much exactly the same as Su Yiyi’s.

“Xu Chengyue, just how has Yiyi provoked you that you joined hands with Xiao Wei to harm her?”

“Chengyue… You and Xiao Wei…” Su Yiyi’s expression was filled with shock, as if she had just discovered something unthinkable.

“With such an imagination, you guys can go write stories.” Xiao Wei probably got to know what dress Su Yiyi had from somewhere and so specially sent this to make her uncomfortable. Or scare her, depending on how active her imagination was.

“Xu Chengyue, just what are you planning? If you don’t explain it properly you’re not leaving this room!” An’an then turned her head to face Su Yiyi and said in a soothing voice, “Yiyi don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”

Finding it funny, Shi Sheng looked at the two like they were idiots.

“What are you laughing at? This is the school. I’m telling you right now Xu Chengyue, don’t think that just because you seduced a backer you can do whatever you want. You’re just used goods!”


An’an was stunned by the sudden slap and only reacted after a long moment.

“You hit me!” Her family was considered pretty well off and her parents had never hit her before but now this slut dared to hit her!

“Keep your mouth clean. Su Yiyi, leash your person properly, don’t let her out to shame herself.” Shi Sheng shook her hand.

‘Leash properly?! This slut is taking me for a dog?!’

“Xu Chengyue, you slut, I’ll kill you!”

An’an cursed as she pounced towards Shi Sheng who nimbly dodged her and then tripped her for good measure. Losing her balance, An’an knocked Su Yiyi, who had been planning on breaking up the fight, over. This caused Su Yiyi’s forehead to slam onto a table leg.

Su Yiyi drew a sharp intake of cold air. That collision caused her head to feel dizzy.

An’an hurriedly helped Su Yiyi up. “Yiyi, Yiyi are you okay?”

Xia Ning, who had so far kept her distance, rushed over as well. “Your forehead is bleeding. An’an, quick help Yiyi up.”

They hadn’t closed the door just now so the commotion had caused someone to call the teacher in charge. This teacher brought a few students into the room causing the fairly spacious room to become a bit crowded.

“What’s the problem over here?” The supervising teacher made a stern face and asked in a severe tone, “Why are you fighting in the dormitory?”

“Teacher, we weren’t fighting. It was Xu Chengyue who pushed Yiyi on purpose, causing Su Yiyi to be injured.” An’an immediately spoke. “Look, Yiyi’s head is injured.”




Translator’s Corner:

I don’t usually use the onomatopoeias given in the raws unless it sounds better to leave it or I have no idea what the sound is. In the case above, it’s the former.
I don’t know what gender the teacher is but from a logical point of view it should be a female one since this is the girl’s dormitory. Also, An’an you bitch.



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