Chapter 9 : Rich Family’s Young Miss (9)

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Though Xiao Wei didn’t trust Shi Sheng’s words, she couldn’t help but succumb to the common vices all women were prone to – curiosity and suspicion. In the end, she still ended up waiting outside the dormitory building.

She just so happened to be in time to see Su Yiyi getting off of Nangong Jing’s car. As the villain, she immediately embarked on her road of courting death; Once Nangong Jing had left, Xiao Wei straight up went and gave Su Yiyi a slap.

“Just because she’s rich she thinks she can just bully people!” Now even Xia Ning had a face full of anger.
The other three inhabitants of this dormitory were all children of normal families. Xiao Wei was one of the popular girls of the Art stream so it wasn’t a surprise they knew of her background.

However, Su Yiyi couldn’t bring herself to care right now about the two who were angered for her as her mind was filled with, ‘Why is Xu Chengyue here?! She looks like she’s planning on staying in the dorms this time? Is she planning on taking revenge on me?’

While Su Yiyi’s thoughts were in a mess, Shi Sheng’s phone rang. Seeing Chu Tang’s name on the screen, Shi Sheng’s face darkened.

‘I send him messages everyday but he only ever replies when he feels like it. If he doesn’t he completely ignores me. What’s he calling for now?’ With that in mind, she let the phone ring for about 10 more seconds before picking it up.

“Come downstairs.” Two simple words in an unhurried voice was all she got before all she could here were the sounds of people busying themselves.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Damn you!’

She got up to take a look out the window and as expected saw a Porsche parked downstairs. Shi Sheng definitely recognised Chu Tang’s car. For the sake of that damnable hidden quest, Shi Sheng could only pick up her bag and head outside.

“I thought she wasn’t staying in the dormitory? Why did she suddenly decide on moving back?”

“Dunno, she was here when I got here.” Xia Ning shrugged.

The other girl humphed in disdain. “She must be kept by somebody. We’ve hardly ever seen her come back to the dorms and she’s wearing all branded clothing. Maybe she got dumped so she moved back in?”

“An’an, how could you say that about Chengyue…” Su Yiyi spoke in a soft voice.

“I didn’t say anything wrong. Look at how proud she’s acting, who’s she looking down on eh?”

Xia Ning ran to the window and looked out just in time to see Shi Sheng knock on the car window. “Hey, come check it out, that car’s a Porsche right?”

An’an and Su Yiyi both went to the window side, upon which their gaze was immediately drawn to that eye-catching car. They only saw Shi Sheng seem to exchange a few words with someone on the car before opening the door and getting on.

“Look I was right, wasn’t I? She’s totally being kept.” Though An’an’s tone was filled with disdain, her eyes couldn’t hide the envy she was feeling. ‘That’s a Porsche. Someone who can own that kind of car definitely has a high status!’

Su Yiyi gave a forced smile. “We shouldn’t stick our noses into other people’s business.”

Due to Xu Chengyue hardly ever showing up, and hence having little time to interact with her dormmates, only Su Yiyi knew that Xu Chengyue was from a rich family.

They weren’t able to mingle with the elite class. Even if they heard some rumours from someone, those people would always refer to Xu Chengyue as Miss Xu. Added on to how Xu Chengyue hardly ever showed her face, it was no surprise they didn’t know about her family background.


Shi Sheng was dragged by Chu Tang to a high-class party filled with successful people; The type that would only be seen on the business and finance channel on TV. She really didn’t understand why Chu Tang wanted her to be his companion for the party.

By the time Chu Tang sent her back, it was nearly 11pm.

“Mr Chu, my appearance fee?” Shi Sheng extended her hand.

‘Those people at the party looked at me weirdly. I feel like I’ve been stared into a Swiss cheese, I need something to make it worthwhile.’

Chu Tang looked down at her hand before extending his hand to hold it. “What are you doing, playing foul?” Shi Sheng jerked her hand back, dislike clear in her tone.

“Holding hands with me is very expensive. Ms Xu has made a profit.” Chu Tang gave her a shallow smile. In the darkness of the car, light from the outside outlined his handsome features, making him look like the devil who was seducing her into joining the dark side.

Shi Sheng shuddered and her pupils dilated. ‘This damn pervert!’

She swiftly got off the car and slammed the door shut before walking back to the dorms in her high heels. When Shi Sheng walked back into her room, she found her dormmates hadn’t slept yet.

Seeing that Shi Sheng was dressed up very fancily, An’an snorted, “What did you even come back for if you weren’t going to be out this late?”

“An’an.” Su Yiyi called out. Turning to face Shi Sheng with an apologetic face, she spoke, “An’an didn’t mean any harm.”

Shi Sheng coldly swept her a gaze before fetching her clothes to the bathroom to have a shower, not speaking a single word.

“Look at that attitude.” An’an’s voice was very loud, the people next door probably heard her.

When Shi Sheng came out of the bathroom, she found Su Yiyi standing at the bathroom entrance. Upon seeing her, Su Yiyi spoke in a suppressed voice, “Why did you decide to stay in the dormitory?”

“Why can’t I? Is this school opened by your family?” Shi Sheng looked funnily at Su Yiyi.

“No- I didn’t mean it that way, I was just…” Su Yiyi clutched onto the hem of her shirt, her face filled with grievance. “I didn’t expect it to turn out like that, that day- I, it really wasn’t on purpose.”

However, if you looked closely, you would be able to see that there was a triumphant look in her eyes that was hard to detect.

“Move aside.”

She had drunk a bit of wine just now and was beginning to feel the aftereffects so she was not motivated to continue putting on an act with Su Yiyi. She just wanted to go to bed right now.

“I’m sorry… I really didn’t expect things to turn out that way. I know I can’t make up for all the harm I caused you…”

Shi Sheng rubbed her forehead as she pushed Su Yiyi, though not with a lot of force, at most it would get her out of the way. However, Su Yiyi fell to the ground which made a loud noise, attracting the attention of the other two. From their perspective, it looked like Shi Sheng had pushed Su Yiyi, causing her to fall.

“Xu Chengyue, what did you push Yiyi for?!” An’an jumped off her bed and roared angrily at Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng ground her teeth. ‘Really female lead-sama? What was the point? Alright there’s new game I decided on: Breaking the flagship. Though Xu Chengyue didn’t say anything about this but since Su Yiyi insists on making things difficult for me, I guess I will reluctantly play along.’

“She was in the way.” Shi Sheng gave An’an a big, mocking smile.

“You- ”

“An’an I’m fine. She didn’t do it on purpose.” Su Yiyi pulled on An’an who was on the brink of bursting as she gently ‘explained’ on behalf of Shi Sheng.

“Xu Chengyue, how could you push Yiyi?” Xia Ning joined in too. Although her tone was nicer, clear dislike could be seen on her face. “If you’re going to stay here long-term then we all need to get along. Just because Yiyi’s a pushover doesn’t mean you can bully her.”

“Ning’ning, I’m fine.” Su Yiyi got up from the ground as she shook her head at Xia Ning, giving off the impression that she was putting on a brave front.

However, in Xia Ning’s eyes, it looked like Su Yiyi didn’t dare to speak the truth due to her fear of Shi Sheng. This caused her impression of Shi Sheng to worsen.

“The person involved has already said it’s fine so stop sticking your nose into other people’s business.” Shi Sheng walked around Su Yiyi. Two steps later, she slowly looked back and smiled, “Even if I did bully her, it’s what she owes me.”

Su Yiyi’s expression changed drastically while remaining doubtful inside. She didn’t understand why Xu Chengyue had suddenly become unpredictable. She used to be able to fool Xu Chengyue with a few words but now she seemed to be seen through at first glance, leaving her feeling vulnerable and embarrassed.

Shi Sheng returned to her bed. ‘Su Yiyi, weren’t you so enthusiastic about pretending like you owed me(bbb)? Then I(bbb) will kindly oblige.’



Author’s note:

A friendly reminder:

Even if you don’t like the book I hope you won’t just insult it. Every word was painstakingly typed down by me. If you guys don’t like it just remove it from your reading list and close the tab. I hope you can all show understanding for us authors and remain cute little readers. Those who have read my other novels should already be aware of this one and only rule.

Also, this book is hitting the shelves! I’ll repeat the most important part 3 times: It’s going on sale! On sale! On sale! (The contract’s already been signed and the status should change in a few days.)



Translator’s Corner:

Good job Su Yiyi, you have single-handedly managed to put the idea of breaking up couples into Shi Sheng’s head. Though I guess she would’ve decided on this later anyways but still, it’s all your fault Su Yiyi!



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