Chapter 8 : Rich Family’s Young Miss (8)

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Chu Tang had left behind the two cheques before leaving. Shi Sheng picked up the cheque. ‘Did I keep him for free for a day? It seems like I’ve made a profit!’

Shi Sheng hadn’t really planned on keeping Chu Tang. With his assets, even if she went broke she might not be able to keep him. Of course, that didn’t stop her from expressing her disdain for him going back on his word.

In order to – as System put it – pretend to like him, Shi Sheng would send him texts expressing her ‘concern’ at fixed intervals. Most of the time Chu Tang wouldn’t reply though if he really couldn’t take it anymore, he would generously give her a reply consisting of a few words.

-Don’t court death.

You saw correctly, just these three words.

Xu Chengyue’s father broke off any contracts the company was working on with the Nangong family. Perhaps the Nangong family was seeking to compensate them for they didn’t say much, they didn’t even pursue any damages.

Without Xu Chengyue courting death all the time, Nangong Jing had no reason to act against the Xu family hence Shi Sheng was relatively at ease. Though she wasn’t planning on letting Nangong Jing off any ways.

Once Xu Chengyue’s mother had resolved the issue at the company, she hurriedly made her grand return. Her mother was a strong woman though in front of her father, she immediately turned into a good wife and mother and wouldn’t reveal the slightest hint of domineeringness.

Shi Sheng really enjoyed her time together with them. ‘This is what a family should feel like…’

However, her mother had the same opinion as her father in that she supported Shi Sheng keeping Chu Tang. Shi Sheng felt exhausted inwardly. ‘With our family’s current wealth, there’s no way I could keep Chu Tang ah!’

Later, she discovered that her parents seemed to be on stimulants as they raked in money like there was no tomorrow. Her father was actually quite talented, it was just that he usually didn’t focus as much on work and more on his family since his only wish was for their family to be safe and well.

Yet now for the sake of letting their baby girl keep a man, these two were going all out.

If it hadn’t been for Xu Chengyue distracting them from work with her depression, perhaps the Xu family wouldn’t have fallen, at least, not as badly.

And so, the people of the upper-class discovered that the Xu family company seemed to have been shot full of chicken blood as of late; They were making so much money, everyone in the company was grinning from ear to ear.


Xu Chengyue was in her third year of University. Since school had re-opened, Shi Sheng could only pack up and move to the school campus. Fortunately, Xu Chengyue had been very low-key; probably nine out of ten people there wouldn’t recognise her so she wouldn’t have to deal with being surrounded and watched.

Though, perhaps it was wrong to say she was low-key. It was more that only those on the same social standing as her knew her. There might not be anyone in her class who even knew she existed.

“Looks like the ‘great’ Miss Xu has decided to come to school. I’d thought that you’d be turtling at home right now.”

Shi Sheng was intercepted just as she entered the school gates. She looked at the person who was blocking her way and a name popped up in her mind: Xiao Wei.

This person had an even worse ending in the original storyline. Being both antagonists, Shi Sheng silently lit up a line of candles for her as she decided not to argue with her. After all, why should women make things harder for another woman? ‘I’m just that great! …yeah right!’

Just as Shi Sheng was planning on going around Xiao Wei, Xiao Wei stretched out a hand to push Shi Sheng’s shoulder, causing her to stagger. Xiao Wei mocked, “Why aren’t you speaking? Weren’t you so proud before? I’ll see how you can still act so cocky now!”

Being pushed caused Shi Sheng to get pissed. “What is wrong with your head? If you like Nangong Jing, go suck up to him, what are you messing with me for? To show off? Please, you haven’t even touched his hand so what right do you have to show off in front of me? After all, I’m the one that dumped Nangong Jing!”

“You insulted me!” ‘How does this woman have the gall to insult me! …Wait a second, she said that she was the one who dumped Nangong Jing?’

Xiao Wei smiled coldly, “Xu Chengyue were you so upset by getting dumped that you’re hallucinating? You were the one chasing Young Master Jing yet now you say you were the one to dump him. You want people to laugh their teeth out?”

When the engagement was dissolved, the two parties involved hadn’t made clear the reason hence outsiders didn’t know who was the one dumping whom and why. However, some people just naturally came to the conclusion that they wished to believe in, and Xiao Wei was one of them. She was more inclined to believe that it was Nangong Jing who dumped Xu Chengyue and not the other way around.

“Whether you believe me or not it’s your problem, stop bothering me. Your love rival now is Su Yiyi.”

“Su Yiyi? The one in your course?”

As one of the protagonists, Su Yiyi naturally wasn’t some nameless nobody.

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes at Xiao Wei. ‘If you hadn’t ended up miserably in the story, I’d be too lazy to even talk to you.’

“School starts today so you can go and wait outside Su Yiyi’s dormitory and see for yourself whether Nangong Jing is the one accompanying her.” ‘Since I’m feeling generous, I’ll point you in the right direction. No need to thank me.’

Xiao Wei was still suspicious and felt that Shi Sheng was playing with her. After all, though Su Yiyi was fairly famous, her family was just a normal one, how would she even have the opportunity to meet with Nangong Jing who was already working at his company.

Shi Sheng shrugged. She pretty much had ‘I’ve already told you, don’t blame me if you miss out on true love’ written all over her face.

Even when Shi Sheng left, Xiao Wei still hadn’t snapped out of her daze.

Shi Sheng’s school had dormitories, though the time Xu Chengyue had spent living there could be counted with just her fingers. This semester, because Shi Sheng was planning on reliving University life, as well as avoid her parents who were still trying to get her to keep Chu Tang, she had decided to live on-campus.

Quite a few rich kids had graduated from this University and once those people had reached a certain level of influence in society, they started to practically throw money at the school that taught them to show how they knew gratitude. As a result, the dormitories at school were rather comfortable. Though one dormitory room housed four people, it was quite spacious.

When Shi Sheng reached the dormitory, there was no one there. Recalling where Xu Chengyue’s bed was, she went to go sort out the place. She had just finished unpacking and arranging her belongings when the door was opened. Noise entered through the doorway; There appeared to be quite a few people having fun in the hallway outside.

The one who opened the door was a short haired girl. Seeing Shi Sheng, she blanked out for a bit before walking in and examining Shi Sheng’s bed and desk area. “Xu Chengyue, you’re staying in school this semester?”

The times this dormmate of hers had returned to the dormitory since the first year of University could be counted with the fingers hence seeing her present all of a sudden, it would be weirder if she wasn’t surprised.

Shi Sheng attempted to recall who this person was before finding who this person was in a random corner of her mind: Xia Ning.

Xu Chengyue wasn’t too close to her dorm mates. As Shi Sheng hadn’t planned on improving their relations, she merely nodded her head politely before going back to reading her book. Xia Ning stood awkwardly for a few seconds before going to unpack her things too.

“Yiyi, don’t cry. Just treat that woman as a madman. For now, we have to hurry up and put ointment on your face. Those rich people think they’re so amazing but look what kind of character they have.”

Shi Sheng facepalmed herself weakly. ‘Shit forgot I was staying in the same dorm room as her!’

In fact, had it not been for Xu Chengyue, Su Yiyi and Nangong Jing would never have been able to meet in the first place! ‘Seems like I’ll have to move out. I don’t want to live with the female lead. I’m not crazy.’

Two people entered from outside. Su Yiyi was being supported by another girl whose face was filled with anger and curses spewed out of her mouth.

“Xu- ” Su Yiyi froze upon seeing Shi Sheng in the dormitory. There was a distinct handprint on her face, it was clear she had been slapped by someone just now.

“Yiyi, what happened?” Xia Ning went forward to express her concern.

The girl supporting Su Yiyi immediately spoke. “It’s that Xiao Wei. She just came out of nowhere and slapped Su Yiyi for no reason…”

The girl recounted what happened in a voice filled with righteous indignation.



Translator’s Corner:

*May contain minor spoilers!*

After having read the last arc, the one about Shi Sheng’s past, my heart freaking broke when I re-read her thought about family this chapter. Even though it was ONE LINE!



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  1. wildjerk · Sep 17, 2019

    I think i found an error...
    Shi Sheng rolled her eyes at Xiao Wei. ‘If it you hadn’t ended up miserably in the story, I’d be too lazy to even talk to you.’

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