Chapter 167: Server Enemy No.1 (15)

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Tycoon’s message caused Heartless to immediately shut up, not daring to speak anymore. After all, everyone knew that Snowfall and Tycoon were in an illicit relationship.

The topic that had been derailed once again by Snowfall took a few minutes before managing to get back on-track.

[World] Li Suo : [Get off world chat.]

[World] Mu Li’s In Love : [Big Bro Li, how come you don’t believe me?]

[World] Music For Miles : [you gotta give some evidence, girly]

‘Without evidence, everything is just talk!’

[World] Mu Li’s In Love : [who asked you]

‘What the fuck, dude? Is this how you treat someone who’s giving you a sincere reminder?’

System Announcement: Player Music For Miles has placed a bounty of 1g on Li Suo. Limited to 10 minutes.

‘Let the ML deal with the consequences of his actions!’

[World] ……

[World] Enjoying Wind : [What’s Music For Miles playing at now? She’s not in a (love-hate) relationship with Ink Seeker Dashen anymore?]

[World] Mu Li’s In Love : [music for miles, what are you setting a bounty on Big Bro Li for?! you crazy?!]

[World] Music For Miles : [of course it’s because I’ve fallen for him and am planning on seducing him. this can let big bro li notice me!]

‘Pfft~! Using bounties to attract attention… How… creative!’

[World] Dancing 2 Da Beat : [Is Music For Miles really planning on ditching Ink Seeker Dashen? Nooo! You guys are the official ship!!! Without you two, the world isn’t in a chaotic mess! That’s no fun at all!!!]

[World] Mu Li’s In Love : [shameless!]

[World] Music For Miles : [hey, that’s not right girly. big bro li doesn’t belong to you! what, so only you’re allowed to court him but not me?]

[World] Mu Li’s In Love : [no means no!]

Shi Sheng facepalmed. ‘Flowertalk Beauty finally stopped showing up, but now she’s been replaced by a himedere…’

[World] Harry’s Noble Deer : [lil musey’s going to set bounties again.]

System Announcement: Player Music For Miles has placed a bounty of 2g on Li Suo. Limited to 10 minutes.

The system message popped up at nearly the same time as Harry’s Noble Deer’s.

[World] Harry’s Noble Deer : [hahaha, knew it!]

System Announcement: Player Li Suo has placed a bounty of 1,000g on Music For Miles. Limited to 24 hours.

[World] Wind Between My Legs, Butt Itches : [I don’t understand rich people]

[World] Autumnfrost : [ever since the city war last time, I feel like our server’s image has changed a lot]

[World] Breaking News : [I’ve just received word that Ink Seeker Dashen is heading to where Music For Miles is, Goose Hill. Professional audiences, take this chance! Grab your front row seats now!]

Shi Sheng, who had just parked her avatar at Goose Hill, happened to see this message from Breaking News as Ink Seeker was nearly upon her and immediately buffed herself.

Deities and demons were in direct opposition and were equally matched. Since their skills were able to restrain one another, what mattered most in a duel between the two was skill.

Ink Seeker launched an attack the moment he appeared.

As the light of active skills engulfed the whole area surrounding the two avatars, the people who had rushed here to watch a show nearly couldn’t see a thing save for flashes and explosions.

[Area] Suicide Isn’t Pretty : [wth, music’s skills are ridiculous! she’s actually on the same level as Ink Seeker Dashen!]

[Area] Confused : [music has always been very skilled. other than those frm World Famous, she’s killed many ppl.]

[Area] 5kernel Mooncake : [I suddenly feel very honoured.]

[Area] Ol’ Guo : [Same.]

All members of World Famous present adhered.

Shi Sheng really had killed quite a number of people. The number of people placing bounties of her wasn’t any less than those placed on Ink Seeker.

As long as the sum of all these orders for her head was large enough, Shi Sheng would always look for Wooden Bellz to make her accept them. And then allow Wooden Bellz to kill her.

But if the sum was too small, she’d ignore it and set counter-bounties on those people to push hers out of the screen.

Besides, she was always hanging out with either the Undermoons or 4Seas8Lands, so who would walk up to her and court death?

Thus, there were still quite a lot of people who weren’t aware of her infamy.

Causing trouble for everyone around… this was Shi Sheng.

[Area] Sir Jade : [Ink Seeker’s losing.]

Just as he said that, Ink Seeker’s avatar collapsed.

[Area] 5kernel Mooncake : [wtf, music is awesome!]

‘She even managed to beat Ink Seeker…’

Ji Yan looked at his collapsed avatar, then at the conversation window that had suddenly popped up at the last moment. His face was black as he typed.

[PM] Ink Seeker : [you cheated]

[PM] Music For Miles : [all’s fair in war]

Ji Yan fell silent. What chivalry could he expect from a girl who would join him in hacking the game’s chat system?

[PM] Music For Miles : [i’ll give you 2,000 if you kill li suo. how about it?]

[PM] Ink Seeker : [don’t you like him?]

[PM] Music For Miles : [I like to see him die, see his levels drop, and being tormented]

[PM] Ink Seeker : [……]

[PM] Ink Seeker : [your skills are enough to take li suo on]

[PM] Music For Miles : [overkill. it’s beneath me to fight him personally. I’m a beauty who wants to conquer the world, how could I dirty my hands for an idiot?]

[PM] Ink Seeker : [……]

‘Where’d this chuuni girl come from?’

[PM] Ink Seeker : [5,000]

[PM] Music For Miles : [you’re planning of taking advantage?]

[PM] Ink Seeker : [hate the rich]

[PM] Music For Miles : […I think I should just get my hands dirty. bye dashen!]

Shi Sheng shut off the chat window.

Ji Yan’s lips twitched for quite a bit when the screen greyed out. He selected the option to respawn at the city before sending Shi Sheng a message.

[PM] Ink Seeker : [Let’s talk.]

[PM] Music For Miles : [The enemy you have dialled is not online. Please use 100g to summon her.]

[PM] Ink Seeker : [Come to Fallback Valley.]

[PM] Music For Miles : [The enemy you have dialled is not online. Please use 500g to summon her.]

[PM] Ink Seeker : [……]

He waited at Fallback Valley for quite a while. Once he wasted his precious money and used a Location-Lock Scroll to check where Shi Sheng was, however, he discovered she was still at Goose Hill.

[PM] Ink Seeker : [This is important.]

[PM] Music For Miles : [The enemy you have dialled is not online. Please use 1,000g to summon her.]

Ji Yan ground his teeth. ‘Not coming eh? Fine! I’ll go there!’

He found her with a cute human girl standing on a cliff where there were no mobs.

[Area] Wooden Bellz : [Clearwest-jie, what are we standing here for?]

[Area] Music For Miles : [waiting for an idiot]

[Area] Wooden Bellz : [Eh?]

The “idiot” leapt in front of Shi Sheng at this very moment. Wooden Bellz had probably been startled for her hand slipped and she launched an attack…

Idiot Ink Seeker fell off the cliff.

[Area] Music For Miles : [dashen, even if you’ve been subdued by my beauty, you don’t have to be so excited. i allow you to look at me. for free.]

[Area] Ink Seeker : [……]

Ink Seeker leapt up and one-shotted Wooden Bellz.

The dead Wooden Bellz wished to express that it really had just been a mistake…

[PM] Ink Seeker : [Camp Wars will be added in the update next month. How about we join hands?]

[PM] Music For Miles : [you hacked the game company?]

After all, the game company hadn’t released any information about this.

[PM] Ink Seeker : [……]

‘This isn’t the main point, okay? The main point was the latter half!’

[PM] Music For Miles : [don’t wanna play with camp wars. there are limits on who you can kill]

You could only kill people in the opposing camp, not the ones in yours.

[PM] Ink Seeker : [……]

Author’s Note:
Update to thank the babes who donated~

A lot of little angels are starting school… Make sure to study hard! Come back and love me when your holidays are back~



Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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