Chapter 168: Server Enemy No.1 (16)

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[PM] Ink Seeker : [I’m not talking about the Camp Wars. It’s Twinklegem Tower.]

‘Twinklegem Tower?’

Honestly, Shi Sheng was still a bit puzzled why Twinklegem Tower hadn’t been updated in the latest patch that added the Camp System.

Then again, this dungeon really didn’t make an appearance in the later stages of the scenario she got from System, and stayed rotting at 70 floors.

Shi Sheng thus had no idea whether Twinklegem Tower would update again, nor what the contents of the update(s) would be.

[PM] Ink Seeker : [Twinklegem Tower will be updated to 120 floors next month.]

[PM] Music For Miles : [what r the drops like? they’re enough to get you to ask me to join hands?]

‘Divine weapons have already shown up… so what else could the devs implement?’

[PM] Ink Seeker : [Don’t know.]

[PM] Music For Miles : [……]

‘Then what’re we going there for? Bugger off!’

Shi Sheng rejected Ink Seeker mercilessly before logging off.

A confused Ink Seeker was left behind.

In the dimly lit room, Ji Yan leaned back in his chair and stared thoughtfully at the monitor. He picked up the phone laying on the desk after a while and then dialled a number.

After he ended the call, Ji Yan once again looked at the screen. He opened up his friends list and sent a message to Call Me Profiteer.

[PM] Ink Seeker : [Camp Token, 40k.]

[PM] Call Me Profiteer : [Dashen, 30k is my highest price.]

[PM] Ink Seeker : [The demons don’t have a Camp Token yet. If I sold it to them directly, do you think it’d be worth just 40k?]

[PM] Call Me Profiteer : [But Dashen, it’ll still take a while for you to do that. Besides, they might not even believe you.]

Ji Yan’s fingertips left the keyboard and tapped gently at the edges. Only after a while did he continue typing.

[PM] Ink Seeker : [35k]

[PM] Call Me Profiteer : […Seeing as you’re being chased around so much, 35k it is! Where do we meet?]

‘What do you mean “seeing as you’re being chased around”?! Didn’t your mother teach you what politeness is?!’

Ji Yan suddenly thought of Shi Sheng. ‘If it was her… she’d probably refuse to sell it.’

He shook his head. ‘What am I thinking of her for?’

[PM] Ink Seeker : [Goose Hill.]

[PM] Call Me Profiteer : [Dashen, please wait a moment.]

After the two finished their transaction, Profiteer sold the Camp Token to the players in the Demon Camp. The Deity Camp already had two alliances, so the price wouldn’t be as high as what those in the Demon Camp were offering.

Thus when Shi Sheng logged on, she found the Demon Camp with their own alliance.

‘Seems like camp wars are starting soon…’

Yet another catfight had started on the world chat by the time Shi Sheng emerged from a dungeon she just cleared. She excitedly went to spectate.

[World] Mu Li’s In Love : [sang yu you shameless b!tch! first you seduced Big Bro Li and now you’re acting ambiguously with wind-walking!]

[World] Illusory Dream : [In Love-jie, don’t get angry. Dashen will definitely see her true colours!]

[World] Harry’s Noble Deer : [without lil musey, even a catfight doesn’t look interesting]

[World] Wind-walking The World : [mu li! think carefully before speaking!]

[World] Mu Li In Love : [I’ve already made myself clear. you and sang yu have an ambiguous relationship! yet last night you dared to say you weren’t together with her! illusory dream and I both saw it!]

[World] Illusory Dream : [mhm mhm at dream restoration peak! I have a screenshot too! anyone who wants to see it can go on the forums!]

The moment a screenshot was mentioned, everyone on world chat immediately moved the ‘battlefield’ to the forums.

Shi Sheng opened up the forums to have a look. Sang Yu’s Not Late and Wind-walking The Heavens were standing underneath the towering peach blossom tree on Dream Restoration Peak, surrounded by petals fluttering down.

The two seemed to be facing each other with a particular mood in the air.

The timestamp showed it was taken around early morning. Other than levelling enthusiasts, pretty much no one would’ve been online.

Shi Sheng continued scrolling and found that the second picture actually showed Wind-walking The Heavens hugging Sang Yu’s Not Late.

Her fingers paused.

‘What’s the FL doing? I didn’t do anything to the ML so how come she just decided to jump into someone else’s arms?’

Diehard fans squeezed off the usual show-watchers and soon enough, the world chat was filled with curses.

However, Sang Yu’s Not Late and Wind-walking The World didn’t say anything, and Li Suo’s status was actually shown to be offline.

[PM] Wooden Bellz : [Clearwest-jie, school’s starting tomorrow so I can only play with you on weekends or holidays now…]

Shi Sheng’s gaze shifted to the private message that just came in.

‘Starting school? Ah right, wasn’t this body in Uni…? What’s the date today again?’

Shi Sheng took a look at the calendar on her computer. It was the 30th of August…

‘Shit, school’s starting soon for me too!’

[PM] Music For Miles : [Okay. I’m starting school too.]

[PM] Wooden Bellz : [Clearwest-jie’s going to University, right? *sobs* By the time I get to University, you’ll already have graduated! I can’t go to Uni with you!]

[PM] Music For Miles : [There’ll be time in the future so focus on your studies.]

She continued idly chatting with Wooden Bellz for a while before Wooden Bellz logged off. Shi Sheng was wandering aimlessly around the map when messages suddenly started popping up in the area chat.

[Area] Sang Yu’s Not Late : [You believe Mu Li’s In Love?]

[Area] Sang Yu’s Not Late : [I know you’re there! Say something! Let’s talk this out.]

[Area] Sang Yu’s Not Late : [There really is nothing between me and Wind-walking!]

[Area] Sang Yu’s Not Late : [That’s right, you guys are childhood sweethearts. Of course you’d believe her.]

Sang Yu’s Not Late didn’t say anything after that line. Shi Sheng scanned the surroundings before she turned the corner around a rock and, as expected, discovered Li Suo’s avatar standing there.

The bamboo in the surroundings swayed slightly, as if there was a light breeze. Sang Yu’s Not Late was standing next to Li Suo, so close that if you got the angle just right, you’d think the two were kissing.

Shi Sheng’s fingers moved and her character suddenly attacked. Li Suo didn’t react, toppling to the ground, while Sang Yu’s Not Late tried to retaliate but was still too late and promptly died.

[Area] Sang Yu’s Not Late : [music for miles! what are you doing?!]

[Area] Music For Miles : [killing you guys, duh! you dumb?]

‘Couldn’t even tell something so obvious…’

Sang Yu’s Not Late revived on the spot and unleashed a skill. Shi Sheng’s fingers hadn’t left the keyboard, so she was able to react immediately to Sang Yu’s Not Late’s attack.

Sang Yu’s Not Late wasn’t very skilled; she could only count as slightly above average. Faced with Shi Sheng, the only thing she could do was get wrecked.

Having died once again, Sang Yu’s Not Late wasn’t hasty in reviving. Instead, she called for help in the guild chat.

Shi Sheng took this as a cue to exit the stage.

System Announcement: Player Sang Yu’s Not Late has placed a bounty of 100g on Music For Miles. Limited to 24 hours.

System Announcement: Player Sang Yu’s Not Late has placed a bounty of 100g on Music For Miles. Limited to 24 hours.

[World] [email protected] : [How did Music For Miles provoke Sang Yu’s Not Late this time?]

[World] Mu Li’s In Love : [two shameless women!]

[World] Breaking News : [I’ve just received word that Music For Miles has killed Li Suo Dashen and Sang Yu’s Not Late.]

[World] Green Flower On Sauerkraut : [It’s not impossible for her to kill Li Suo Dashen with her skills…]

[World] Harry’s Noble Deer : [lil musey’s in 5th place on the leaderboards; how come you guys don’t call her “Dashen”? is this discrimination?]

[World] Eternal Peace : [I don’t dare to imagine the image of people calling Music For Miles “Dashen”.]

‘There’s already an Ink Seeker “Dashen” being chased around the world. Add another and… that image is too beautiful. Can’t believe it.

The Dashens of other servers are there to be worshipped while the ones in our server are there to be chased around…’

Author’s Note:

An update on the 1st of September.

Good morning, little angels!

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