Chapter 174: Server Enemy No.1 (22)

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Shi Sheng looked at the title “Ink Seeker’s Wife” above her head and felt her lips twitch.

‘Wtf, this is my only reward for completing this quest? Stingy! Bad reviews!

Only that exclusive outfit’s worth anything… but it’s bound to my character! There’s no way to sell it! Feel like I fucked a dog!’

Shi Sheng looked at the outfit in her inventory and felt depressed.

‘So the hidden quest is done just like that? Isn’t this too easy? System, you sure you’re not infected with viruses?’

[Starting from the next world, the difficulty will be raised. This world was meant to give the Host a vacation.]

System’s icy-cold voice spoke up.

Shi Sheng fell silent. ‘No wonder the quest this time was so easy. Wait… does that mean I can just do whatever I want now?’

[Host, please do not casually go around breaking things, or else I’ll have to extract you from this world by force.] ‘Just why did I have to go ahead and give her a vacation world?! This Host would have had no problems in charging straight ahead!’

‘Well fine! I(bbb) won’t casually break stuff! I’ll(bbb) put my heart into it!’

[World] Music For Miles : [yep, i did that on purpose! don’t like it? come hit me then!]

Shi Sheng’s words immediately caused the world chat to burst with discussion.

[World] White-Clothed Weiyang : [music, stop making trouble!]

[World] Wind-walking The World : [report music’s co-ords, 200g]

[World] Music For Miles : [so i’m gonna make trouble! hit me!]

[World] Li Suo : [Music For Miles, today’s my wedding. I don’t wish to spill blood.]

[World] Music For Miles : [but i do! dashen, surely you’d fulfill this petty wish of mine, right?]

[World] Snowfall Undermoon : [wtf ur granpa! the drunkflower b!tches actually activated massacre mode in the temple of love! lil musey, where are you? hurry over to protect me!]

Courtesy of the single dogs in the game’s development team, you were allowed to activate massacre-mode in the Temple of Love.

[World] Wind-walking The World : [f*ck ur mom! just who was the one who started it?!]

[World] Snowfall Undermoon : [it was you big bro windy! you started it! you bullied me… me no likey! i want you to treat me like you treat sang yu’s not late! i want hugs~ and kisses~]

[World] Godly Tycoon : [Snowfall.]

[World] Windsong Undermoon : [snowfall’s so dead hahahaha]

[World] Enjoying Wind : [Ink Seeker Dashen, hurry up and drag your wife back home! Otherwise she’s going to start a world war!]

[World] Ink Seeker : [……]

[World] [email protected] : [first time i’m seeing Ink Seeker Dashen on world chat. taking a selfie to commemorate]

[World] Dancing 2 Da Beat : [not going to tell you this is the first time we’re seeing him on world chat too… *takes selfie*]

[World] Music For Miles : [he’s poor.]

[World] Enjoying Wind : [There’s actually nothing I can say to that reason…]

Speaking on the world chat required money. 1RMB for each message.

[World] Just Watching Shows : [So Music For Miles is really together with Ink Seeker Dashen?]

[World] Music For Miles : [even if i’m very awesome, i’m not awesome enough to get the system to make an announcement. from this we can conclude, it’s all for real]

[World] Green Flower On Sauerkraut : [Ink Seeker Dashen and Music For Miles’ Intimacy is 0…]

[World] [email protected] : [so it’s a bug?]

Just like all games, people wanting to get married would need to increase their Intimacy to 13141, else they wouldn’t be able to get married.

People who had gotten married would have their names show up on the “Love Tougher Than Metal” leaderboard, with their Intimacy stat showing up next to the names.

Beside the usernames Music For Miles and Ink Seeker was a string of 0s.

‘A group of retards. Did they eat the system announcement from before or something? I was forced, okay?!’

By the time Shi Sheng reached the Temple of Love, red names had filled the map. The Undermoons and Godly Tycoon stood out greatly.

If one wanted to attack someone in this map, it was only possible by activating massacre-mode, so Shi Sheng did so and made straight for Li Suo and Sang Yu’s Not Late.

Well, she couldn’t help how much she wanted to kill them.

Sang Yu’s Not Late was the first to be felled by her.

[Area] Sang Yu’s Not Late : [Music For Miles, you’re crazy2!]

Shi Sheng made time to reply.

[Area] Music For Miles : [and you’re my medicine!]

‘Killing you makes me(bbb) very happy!’

Sang Yu was confused by this sentence. ‘Why can’t I understand what the heck she’s saying?’

[Area] Li Suo : [Sang Yu, don’t get up.]

Sang Yu’s Not Late had originally planned on resurrecting, but she gave up the idea when Li Suo told her not to. Her combat prowess wasn’t good enough to beat Music For Miles.

‘That Music For Miles is simply a lunatic!’

Li Suo’s skills weren’t bad. Shi Sheng had some trouble when she faced off against him. Yet just as her HP was about to completely vanish, a skill-light shot from the side and interrupted Li Suo.

Shi Sheng immediately retreated to Snowfall’s side and made him heal her.

[Area] Ink Seeker : [5000g.]

[Area] Music For Miles : [hubby, we’re one family now, why talk about money? so distant]

[Area] Ink Seeker : [I’m leaving.]

[Area] Music For Miles : [nono, don’t! hubby, i got money! attack and i’ll give you all you want! kill this group of biatches!]

[Area] Snowfall Undermoon : [lil musey’s keeping ink seeker?]

[Area] Windsong Undermoon : [oi snowfall, stop chatting! pay attention to my hp!!!]

The others in the Temple of Love stopped fighting and moved to make room when Li Suo and Ink Seeker started exchanging blows.

Ink Seeker’s equipment wasn’t as good as Li Suo’s, and because of the hidden quest, he hadn’t been able to level, so there was also a level gap between the two.

In actuality, Ink Seeker really had no chance of winning against Li Suo. He still won in the end, though Shi Sheng didn’t know if he had given himself a cheat or not.

[PM] Ink Seeker : [Money.]

[PM] Music For Miles : [can i write an iou?]

[PM] Ink Seeker : [No.]

[PM] Music For Miles : [not cute at all]

Shi Sheng transferred the money to Ink Seeker.

[PM] Music For Miles : [hubs, if you kill all these ppl, i’ll give you another 5k, how ’bout it?]

[PM] Ink Seeker : [How come you don’t do it yourself?]

[PM] Music For Miles : [afraid it’ll shorten their lifespan3]

[PM] Ink Seeker : [……]

‘You! You really take yourself for an ancestor?!’

Ink Seeker went on a massacre, killing nearly everyone in the Temple of Love.

Shi Sheng was now certain he had been cheating. That character of his wasn’t so awesome that he could solo all those people on his own, so there was definitely cause to suspect him.

The world chat was filled with curses from Drunkflower Den members, but Shi Sheng and Ink Seeker didn’t give any reply. If people came for them, they’d just kill them.

Because of Shi Sheng’s antics, Snowfall Undermoon and Godly Tycoon’s wedding still hadn’t been held. So, it was postponed to 9pm.

After the wedding, Shi Sheng logged off, ignoring the group of people wishing to gank her out the game.

Drunkflower Den had been utterly humiliated. First their wedding had been disrupted, and now, the troublemaker had demolished them so badly they couldn’t even fight back. ‘Bloody’ wasn’t even enough to describe this wedding!

Another hot topic of discussion among players was the secret realm that was about to open, “Dream of A Thousand Years”.

The next day, the secret realm was added to the game in an update. It was a level 120 dungeon that would drop high level materials and equipment.

After that, Shi Sheng’s daily routine was to provoke Drunkflower Den and kill people together with Ink Seeker. Following which, she’d be chased all around the world by people shouting for her head.

When the people in other servers learned of this server’s two maniacs, they all made some alt accounts for the sake of spectating this crazy couple.

There were even some who forsook their main accounts and moved over to start anew. After all, it wasn’t fun to play in a server with no shenanigans.

Author’s note:

Come on! Kill ah!

Please vote~ monthly votes~ donations~

Translator’s Corner:

Red Wedding, anyone?

  1. This is number slang. It’s supposed to represent the phrase “一生一世”/ “yi1 sheng1 yi1 shi4”, which means “one lifetime” and is meant to represent your promise to love the other party for this lifetime.
  2. What she really said was, “you’re sick in the head”. But I felt that was too wordy.
  3. She’s implying she’s their ancestor since in Chinese culture, filial piety is very important so attacking your ancestors is a big taboo. People often say those who disrespect their ancestors have shorter lives.


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