Chapter 175: Server Enemy No.1 (23)

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Land of Gods & Demons had gone down for maintenance the day before, so as soon as class was over Shi Sheng took her phone out to trawl the game forums.

However, instead of the Camp War feature that was going to be added in the latest patch, the hottest topic on the forums was a thread posted by an alt account with the title:

“Let’s Gossip about Sang Yu’s Not Late’s Shameless Past”

The original poster listed out quite a few points.

For example, how Sang Yu’s Not Late used to have a business partnership with Call Me Profiteer before she struck it big. Previously, she would supply Profiteer with items to sell, and he’d take a portion of the earnings as commission. But after she had gotten familiar with the buyers, she began skipping over Profiteer to deal with them directly—a quite unethical move as it could be seen as poaching Profiteer’s customers.

For example, whenever Sang Yu’s Not Late went on dungeon runs, as long as Dashen was there, she’d simply tell him whatever drop she wanted and he’d give it to her.

She would also unscrupulously take items from the guild inventory without ever contributing anything in return.

The thread starter went on and on. It had nearly gotten to the point Sang Yu’s Not Late’s image was steadily turning into a green tea bitch.

‘The author of this thread’s exaggerating quite a bit. Even if the FL’s broken her setting, she’s not as shameless as this thread says.’


Shi Sheng suddenly collided with someone, causing her to retreat a few steps. It wasn’t her who exclaimed, though; the person who bumped into her did.

Shi Sheng lifted her head from her phone to look at the girl. It was the same one who had been with Sang Yu earlier.

‘Here comes trouble!’ was what flashed in Shi Sheng’s mind.

The girl had fallen onto the floor from their collision, and all the files she was holding scattered around them in a mess.

“Mo Mo, are you okay?” Sang Yu ran over from afar and helped her friend up. “I told you to watch where you were going. Luckily this was just at school; you’d be dead if this happened on the road!”

The girl called Mo Mo flicked her hair and protested somewhat unhappily, “How was I supposed to see in front of me when I’m holding so much stuff? She was the one who didn’t know how to give way and just had to bump into me!”

Shi Sheng: “…” ‘You’re blaming me for your own mistake? And I haven’t even started acting unreasonable yet!’

Sang Yu turned towards Shi Sheng and was slightly surprised upon recognizing her. ‘It’s her. The girl from last time.’

“Junior, you bumped into someone. Shouldn’t you say sorry?” Sang Yu spoke lightly.

Shi Sheng twirled her phone in her hand as she smirked. “Don’t feel like it.”

Even if she was the one who bumped into them (and she wasn’t), she still wouldn’t apologise.

Mo Mo looked Shi Sheng over, contempt plain in her eyes. “You’re dressed up so prim and proper, but how come you’re so rude?”

“Because you think everyone’s the same as you of course.”

“What do you mean?!” Mo Mo glared.

“Saying you have no manners, duh!” Shi Sheng blinked, her expression slightly innocent. However, that pair of clear eyes didn’t hide the ill-intent it’s owner had in the slightest. “It seems like Senior is not only impolite; you’re uneducated as well!”

The female lead would always have a foul-tempered best friend. As it turns out, Mo Mo fit the role to a tee. She instantly blew up a gasket. “Are all new students this arrogant?! Which course are you in?”

“What does it have to do with you which course I’m in? You want to tattle like a grade schooler?”

“You—” Mo Mo’s expression turned ugly, as if Shi Sheng had hit the mark.

“Mo Mo, just leave it; the teacher’s still waiting. Let’s deliver the stuff first.” Sang Yu finally piped in.

Shi Sheng then glanced at her. The calmness in the girl’s eyes felt like a dagger stabbing right through her heart, making her feel very uncomfortable.

“No way! She has to apologise!” Mo Mo spat.

“And if I don’t? What will you do, hit me?” Shi Sheng sneered.

Sang Yu thought of Music For Miles in the game as she looked at the young lady in front of her. ‘She’s just as arrogant, and just as hateful.’

“See if I can’t!” Mo Mo rolled up her sleeves and charged forward with a raised hand.

Shi Sheng quickly dodged to the side. As Mo Mo’s hand ineffectively brushed past her face, Shi Sheng used this opportunity to fling a slap of her own.

A loud smack rang out, attracting the attention of the students who were passing by.

Shi Sheng hadn’t used much strength; after all, this body of hers wasn’t exactly strong enough to exert a lot of force. It was just that the sound was a bit loud so it seemed painful.

Mo Mo could only feel a bit of tingling on her face, no pain whatsoever. But still—

To be slapped like that in front of so many people…wasn’t it shameful?

“Oh my god!”

“Heavens! It’s him!!! Since when did my idol come back to school?!”

“Senior Dongfang’s giving a speech for today’s freshman orientation, didn’t you know?”

“Why didn’t anybody tell me about such an important thing?? Thank God I met him here, else I would’ve missed the chance to meet him in person! Ah! He’s sooo handsome!”

Out of nowhere, sounds of excited gasps and chatter from nearby girls came up.

Shi Sheng inwardly groaned. ‘I knew plot-sama would do this…

Male lead has to show up whenever the female lead meets the supporting female lead…’

A youth walked across the bridge over the artificial lake, his gaze seemed to float over in Sang Yu’s direction yet at the same time not.

He paused slightly before heading towards them and stopping beside Shi Sheng. “Junior Chu.”

Shi Sheng blinked innocently. ‘Did the ML know Chu Yunxi? What did he just come over to greet me for???’

She dug through Chu Yunxi’s memories and finally managed to find something relevant.

The Chu Family and the Dongfang Family were business partners. Chu Yunxi’s father would sometimes bring her to some of the more relaxed parties that were held, so it wasn’t strange to think that Dongfang Li might’ve met her at one of those parties.


‘The reason this fellow suddenly approached me is because of the female lead, isn’t it? He should’ve learned about her identity by now, so he came back to the school…

But because he’s afraid of scaring her off, he uses me as an icebreaker first…

Fuck! I suddenly feel very annoyed!’

“You are?” Shi Sheng gave her signature slight smile.

Dongfang Li’s lips frowned imperceptibly. “Does Junior Chu not remember me?”

‘You really think you’re a glowing little sun that everyone revolves around?!’

“I had to?”

Dongfang Li was stumped for words.

He had only met Chu Yunxi once. Though it had been a while, it had never once crossed his mind that it was possible for her to forget him.

His gaze swept over the files Sang Yu had picked up and shoved back into Mo Mo’s hands before he very naturally changed the topic. “You’re the junior in charge of delivering these?”

Mo Mo nodded her head dumbly.

“I’m going to the auditorium too. Let’s go together.”

“Ah?” With such a fine specimen of the male species in front of her, Mo Mo couldn’t even remember the fact that she had just been slapped. She felt her face burning as she stuttered, “O-okay.”

“Junior Chu, do you want to tag along?”

“Not free.”

‘I’m not going to go watch the male and female leads flirt! I could lose control at any moment… And that’s not good.’

#Single dog’s bitterness#

The only reason Dongfang Li had asked at all was because he didn’t want to make it seem like he was deliberately trying to get close to Sang Yu. Hence, he was rather pleased that Shi Sheng rejected his offer. ‘What a sensible little junior. I’ll forgive her for not remembering me.’

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