Chapter 176 : Server Enemy No. 1 (24)

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Shi Sheng ended up skipping the orientation ceremony lest she be tempted into hacking the leads to death if she saw them again. This was probably because she was a stepmother-type author; she just wouldn’t feel comfortable unless she tortured the female lead.

By the time Shi Sheng arrived home that evening, the update was finally done. So the first thing she did after logging on was to check what was new.

The world chat was currently discussing the Camp Wars, following the announcement that the first one was to be held at the end of the month.

Twinklegem Tower had also been upgraded and now had 120 floors.

Shi Sheng next went to the forums and found that the thread that was dissing Sang Yu earlier had already disappeared.

‘Boring… can’t even pick a proper fight.’

Shi Sheng returned to the game and messaged Ink Seeker.

[PM] Music For Miles : [hubby, let’s go increase intimacy!]

[PM] Ink Seeker : [Speak properly.]

‘Hey, since when did I(bbb) not speak properly?’

[PM] Music For Miles : [lil b!tch, come increase intimacy! i wanna use couple skills!]

Couple skills could only be learned once Intimacy had reached a certain point.

[PM] Ink Seeker : [Come to Fallback Valley, 331, 465.]

Ink Seeker wasn’t alone when Shi Sheng teleported to those co-ords. Beside him was a lower-levelled player called “Call Me Profiteer No.1”, and considering how there were no records in the area chat, they were probably private messaging each other.

[Area] Call Me Profiteer No.1 : [Greetings Music Dashen.]

[Area] Music For Miles : [feeling a bit nervous at having someone finally call me dashen]

‘Those little bitches never call me “Dashen”—it’s always ‘music’ this, ‘music’ that! No respect at all!’

[Area] Call Me Profiteer No.1: [Music Dashen, are you selling your half of Three Lifetimes too?]

‘Sell? How would I sell it? It’s soulbound!’

[Area] Music For Miles : [it’s bound to me, can’t sell]

[Area] Call Me Profiteer No.1: […Ink Seeker Dashen, were you just toying with me?]

[Area] Ink Seeker : [Trade.]

The two were silent again for a while, so they were probably trading.

[Area] Call Me Profiteer No.1: [Music Dashen, seeing as how I called you Dashen, could you sell your half to me as well?]

Shi Sheng’s face as she messaged Ink Seeker: (||| ¬_¬)

[PM] Music For Miles : [you hacked the system again!]

[PM] Ink Seeker : [En.]

[PM] Music For Miles : [just how poor are you???]

‘Actually hacking the system just so he could sell that…’

[PM] Ink Seeker : [There’s no point keeping it.]

[PM] Music For Miles : [i can use it to show off ah!]

‘It’s a one-of-a-kind outfit! One of a kind! Pulling aggro’s a snitch with this!’

[PM] Ink Seeker : [……]

[Area] Call Me Profiteer No.1 : [Music Dashen, say something ah! Are you selling it?]

[Area] Music For Miles : [no]

[Area] Call Me Profiteer No.1: [Why? Ink Seeker Dashen’s already sold his, and there’s no point wearing it on your own… Wasn’t there a saying the wife should follow her husband’s example?]

[Area] Music For Miles : [just because you said that…]

[Area] Call Me Profiteer No.1: [You want to sell it now?]

Profiteer started getting excited. ‘A one-of-a-kind couple’s outfit! It’s worth a ton! I can flip it for so much proffffit!’

[Area] Music For Miles : [not. selling.]

‘Follow the husband’s example? Fuck you! He should be following mine! Don’t you know how to speak? Idiot!’

[Area] Ink Seeker : [……]

[Area] Call Me Profiteer No.1 : [……]

‘What did I say wrong? Don’t be like this!’

[Area] Music For Miles : [even if i dismantle this, i’m not giving it to you]

[Area] Call Me Profiteer No.1 : […Music Dashen, don’t be like this! What did I say wrong? I can take it back, can’t I? As long as you sell your half of Three Lifetimes to me…]

[Area] Music For Miles : [you can swallow back what you just spat out?]

[Area] Call Me Profiteer No.1: [……]

Profiteer felt like he’d received 10,000 points of damage from her.

Having dominated the business world (in-game) for years now, he knew that the scariest people to deal with weren’t those that played sly tricks or cunning sleights of hand, but those that were utterly shameless in negotiationsespecially those who didn’t care about money at all.

This type of people didn’t have any weaknesses, so there was simply no way to get what you wanted from them if they didn’t want to.

[Area] Call Me Profiteer No.1 : [If Music Dashen decides to change your mind, you’re always welcome to come find me. The price can be negotiated.]

Profiteer ran off after saying this, as if he was afraid of Shi Sheng causing trouble for him.

[PM] Music For Miles : [come dear husband, let’s go raise our intimacy!]

[PM] Ink Seeker : [……]

Ink Seeker initially thought that they were just going to do some couple quests together, but he had forgotten that this new wife of his was into flamboyant, flaunting displays meant to vex everyone to death. How would she follow the crowd like an obedient little sheep and simply go do what everybody else did?

He was brought to Dream Restoration Peak, the place that was acclaimed to have the best scenery in the game and where the entrance to the “Dream Of A Thousand Years” secret realm was located.

Dream Restoration Peak was a mountain with a giant cherry blossom tree at the top, and a sea of smaller cherry blossoms at the base.

Due to the little pink petals drifting and floating slowly in the air, the area had an ethereal and romantic feel to it that made it immensely popular among the players.

Shi Sheng climbed to the top of the mountain, swiftly bought some fireworks and gave them to Ink Seeker.

[PM] Music For Miles : [light them]

[PM] Ink Seeker : [……]

Fireworks were typically items for weddings, but there was actually another type that was used to increase Intimacy. Ink Seeker discovered that the ones Shi Sheng had bought were the very expensive ones.

‘This woman actually bought the 999g packs…’

Worth 999g each, these packs contained 99 fireworks and each firework could increase Intimacy by 1,314 points.

‘And she gave me 20 packs…


The Intimacy stat was currently capped at 52013141 points. Apparently, reaching it would unlock a very awesome couple skill as well as a title, but no one had achieved it as of yet.

‘She’s planning on reaching the cap by giving me so many packs, isn’t she?’

[PM] Music For Miles : [you set them off, i’m off to go eat]

[PM] Ink Seeker: [How come I’m the one who has to do this?]

[PM] Music For Miles: [what, do i have to do it myself? you still have the face to ask that when i already bought the fireworks?!]

Shi Sheng was easily provoked, as you can tell.

Ink Seeker silently started setting off fireworks while thinking to himself, ‘Women are so temperamental.’


What greeted Shi Sheng after she came back from her meal were people who had nothing else to discuss on world chat but the topic of Ink Seeker setting off fireworks for her on Dream Restoration Peak.

[World] Just Watching Shows : [did Ink Seeker Dashen strike it rich or forgot to take his medicine? how many has he used now? how much money is that???]

[World] Dancing 2 Da Beat : [all of his savings? is Ink Seeker Dashen going to have to eat dirt now?]

[World] iF@q : [how come tycoon music doesn’t have any reaction?]

[World] Mu Li In Love : [attention seeker! why don’t you buy Beautiful Land since you’re so rich eh?]

[World] Breaking News : [This just in, Ink Seeker Dashen has already used three packs of fireworks!]

[World] Beautiful Land : [i’m not selling myself]

[World] Just Watching Shows : [pfftnot even if it’s for 5,200 each time? you probably can’t fetch this price even at those places in the capital]

[World] Beautiful Land : [actually, i can consider it.]

Beautiful Land was also the name of another item used to increase Intimacy, and it was worth 5,200 gold. That’s right, 5,200g for one item, not a package. To say that it was damn expensive was an understatement.

[World] Music For Miles : [if i did that just because you told me to, wouldn’t that mean i’m losing face? beg me and i’ll show you, how ’bout it?]

[World] Mu Li In Love : [pei! who are you to get this young miss to beg you?!]

[World] anon863 : [There are this many rich people on this server?]

Author’s note:

Recommendations haven’t reached 2,500 yet! You can do it little angels!!!

You’re not seeing things! It’s an update!!!

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: Well I was bored so I did the math. No, 20 packs of 99 fireworks that give 1314 intimacy each is not enough to reach the cap of 5,201,314. It only reaches around halfway, at 2,601,720. She’d need to buy another 20 packs haha.

…What am I doing with my life?

Editor: Feeding it the corpses of your enemies? XD

…Shi Sheng would totally do that, wouldn’t she? If she had a pet zombie or something XD

…Wait, there was the zombie arc…

  1. More number slang. This translates to “I’ll love you for the rest of our lives.”

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