Chapter 177: Server Enemy No.1 (25)

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System Announcement: Li Suo has lit Beautiful Land for his wife, Sang Yu’s Not Late. May they together enjoy the best this life has to offer!

The background suddenly went dark. Clusters of fireworks soared from the base of Dream Restoration Peak, spreading over the sky like a painting on a scroll. It was both stunning and beautiful.

The scene lasted for a minute. In the final ten seconds, the light of the fireworks came together to form the name “Sang Yu’s Not Late”.

Shi Sheng propped up her chin, a thoughtful expression on her face. ‘Hey, expensive stuff does look good.

But you say you want me to light this kind of romantic thing for that little bitch, Ink Seeker? In your dreams! No—not even in your dreams!’

[World] Sang Yu’s Not Late : [Thank you, Dashen.]

[World] Li Suo : [Call me husband.]

[World] [email protected] : [i’m just a lame uncle but even i could feel the romance! looking for a wife! pls apply!]

[World] Just Watching Shows : [[email protected], i like you! let’s be gay together!]

[World] [email protected] : [get lost! i want a girl!]

[World] Music For Miles : [husband!]

[World] Sang Yu’s Not Late : [Husband.]

Shi Sheng’s message appeared at the same time Sang Yu’s Not Late’s did. For three seconds, a strange silence fell over the world chat, and then messages suddenly popped up like the plague.

[World] Wind Between My Legs, Butt Itches : [i knew music for miles had an enmity with li suo dashen and his wife! she even speaks up at this kind of moment…]

[World] Mu Li In Love : [music, ur shameless! Big Bro Li didn’t tell you to call him, so what’re you calling him for?!]

[World] [email protected] : [is this a love triangle? a square? a pentagon??? this world is too complex, i want to go back to mars to find a wife]

[World] Illusory Dream : [music’s shameless!]

[World] Ink Seeker : [I’m the one she’s calling.]

[World] Music For Miles : [idiot, you think your big bro li’s the only married man in the server? that must be such a strain on him, not even 4 kidneys could save him!]

[World] Harry’s Noble Deer : [pfft~ first thing i see logging on is my lil musey being cool again. hahaha, lil musey is just as awesome as always!]

[World] Just Watching Shows : [mama, there’s someone abusing single dogs here]

System Announcement: Godly Tycoon has lit Beautiful Land for his wife, Snowfall Undermoon. May they together enjoy the best this life has to offer!

More Beautiful Land scenery appeared, causing Shi Sheng to roll her eyes while messaging Ink Seeker.

[PM] Music For Miles : [what’re you just standing there for? continue lighting those fireworks!]

[PM] Ink Seeker : [I’m waiting for you to use Beautiful Land for me.]

[PM] Music For Miles : [you’re thinking too much. hurry up and light those fireworks!]

‘I’m(bbb) not telling him I(bbb) bought so many on purpose just to troll him…’

[PM] Ink Seeker : [……]

Looking at the number of fireworks still left in his inventory, Ink Seeker quietly used a macro. After all, it would take forever to light all of them if he did it manually.

Right now, what mattered most for players in the game wasn’t the lore or gameplay, but the daily routine of watching Music For Miles show off and then get chased.

The game company found that this server was particularly popular with players, so much so that there were often complaints from players who couldn’t enter.

At first, they hadn’t known why. ‘There’s so many green light servers1! Why are you guys so insistent on this one! What’s wrong with these people???’

Then, they discovered that in this server was an eccentric couple that went around ‘making things livelier’. Even the GM liked this server. Games should be lively like this.

However, it was at this time that someone suddenly submitted an anonymous report that the two were cheating.

Cheating was one of the things that the game developers took very seriously. After seeing the screenshot evidence and description from the anonymous reporter, the company started investigating.

Did Ink Seeker use cheats? Of course.

Although his character was high-levelled, his equipment was so inferior that he wouldn’t be able to beat anyone without cheating.


Ink Seeker would like to say he didn’t know the meaning of this word.

Did Shi Sheng use cheats? Obviously.

Did you really think she had an endless stream of money to burn?

‘Illegal? That’s only if they can catch me!’

In all honesty, the game company had no way of dealing with these two. They completely ignored things like the law and justice, yet they also had the ability to get away with it.

Though the developers had investigated these two accounts, they couldn’t find any abnormalities. Yet it was clear from Shi Sheng and Ink Seeker’s behavior that there was something going on—and so, they now had a new GM “bodyguard”.

[Party] Music For Miles : [let’s go kill someone]

[Party] Ink Seeker : [Who?]

[Party] Music For Miles : [66]

‘Sonovabitch, which little bitch was it who dared to report me? Don’t let me find out who you are!’

[Party] GM66 : [Dashens, I’m still here, you know. Please don’t plot to kill me right in front of me.]

[Party] Music For Miles : [then come over here and lemme kill you]

[Party] GM66 : [You’ll be locked up for killing me.]

[Party] Ink Seeker : [We won’t.]

[Party] GM66 : [?]

Although he wasn’t an actual NPC, you’d still be thrown into prison for attacking him.

Shi Sheng and Ink Seeker forcibly dragged GM66 into a dungeon. Rather than attacking the boss, they instead held GM66 down and beat him up.

When he died, they’d simply use Resurrection Pills to revive him. It was simply inhumane, this horrible scene of abuse.

Because there was a special objective in this dungeon, friendly fire was on.

[Party] GM66 : [Dashen, please let me off!]

‘Which other Dashen is as forthcoming and violent as this one? No wonder the people outside don’t respect her at all! They even chase after her all the time!’

[Party] Music For Miles : [sure, now tell me, who reported us?]

[Party] GM66 : [I don’t know.]

[Party] Ink Seeker : [Revive.]

Shi Sheng immediately force-revived GM66 with a Resurrection Pill, and in the next second, he collapsed again.

GM66 insisted he didn’t know, so the two continued playing around with him.

[Loudspeaker] Snowfall Undermoon : [lil musey, you’ve alrdy been inside that dungeon for ages alrdy! at least come out for some fresh air!]

Shi Sheng stopped killing GM66 and left the dungeon. Just as GM66 was beginning to think she’d left for good, she came back in with a group of people.

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [not getting locked up for killing NPCs? sounds great, sign me up!]

[Party] Drunkalone Undermoon : [enter]

The group surrounded GM66 and forced him into the dungeon. This GM was enough for them to play with for the day.

This was definitely the darkest day of GM66’s life. It made him want to quit his job.

[Party] GM66 : [Dashen, I really don’t know! I’m just an employee, why cause trouble for little old me?]

Shi Sheng used a skill, causing GM66 to eat dirt again.

[Party] GM66 : [Dashen, I really don’t know!]

[Party] Windsong Undermoon : [not letting up eh?]

[Party] Music For Miles : [no worries, there’s nothing fun to do anyways, we can take our time]

[Party] GM66 : [The Camp War’s starting soon! Why would Dashen not have anything fun to do? There’s also Twinklegem Tower, the first clear still hasn’t been taken yet! Dashen, you took the first clear for floor 70, you can definitely claim first clear for floor 120! Please let me off!]

The group ganked GM66 for quite a while, though they soon got bored since the GM didn’t drop any experience or loot.

Shi Sheng opened up the Shop to have a look at some of the items available. ‘As expected of a “masterpiece”, this game offers such a variety of trolling tools!’

Author’s note:

Update. Don’t know what to say, but I feel like something’s missing if I don’t say anything…

Okay then, here I go:

*acts cute and rolls around*


  1. Meaning these servers can handle more new players with no problem. Old servers tend to be red light since they’ll have been filled up already.


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