Chapter 178: Server Enemy No.1 (26)

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The players of Land of Gods & Demons had the fortune to witness a full demonstration of the game’s trolling tools today.

And the “lucky recipient”, GM66, was currently writing his resignation letter in tears. ‘These lunatics! Not only are they torturing me in body, they’re also torturing me in spirit! I want to resign!’

[Party] GM66 : [Dashens, aren’t you guys tired?]

‘They fucking toyed with me for the whole day.’

[Party] Music For Miles : [no]

[Party] GM66 : [Please let me off!]

[Area] 4Seas8Lands : [Little Music, what’re you doing?]

4Seas showed up with a group of people all of a sudden. Seeing Shi Sheng’s group surrounding someone, he asked her out of curiosity.

[Area] New Dongfang : [Boss, didn’t you see on world chat? Little Music’s walking the GM.]

4Seas had turned off his world chat earlier. The Camp War was due to start at the end of the month. Therefore, as the alliance leader, he had been levelling his troops without rest so he didn’t have time to check the world chat for gossip.

[Area] 4Seas8Lands : […Lil Music sure knows how to play.]

[Area] Music For Miles : [how come you’re here?]

They were currently in a peaceful zone, so players aiming to level wouldn’t come here.

[Area] 4Seas8Lands : [A lvl 110 hidden dungeon appeared nearby recently. I’m bringing people over to clear it.]

Hidden dungeons were like the “Dream Of A Thousand Years” Secret Realm that Shi Sheng opened up. Though of course, the latter could only be opened by two people, so it should belong to a special class of hidden dungeons.

[Area] Music For Miles : [oh. hi mr bunny. bye mr bunny[1].]

[Area] New Dongfang : [Lil Music, your autocorrect sure is cheeky.]

[Area] GM66 : [Dashen clearly did that on purpose.]

‘There’s no way she entered the wrong characters!’

4Seas pretended to not see GM66’s message.

[Area] 4Seas8Lands : [Lil Music, want to join our guild? The Camp War’s sure to be fun.]

‘That’s a battle with more than a thousand players ah! Definitely more impressive than a City War.’

[Area] Music For Miles : [not interested, not going]

[Area] 4Seas8Lands : [At least consider it a bit! Camp Wars only take place once a month.]

4Seas invited her because he felt her skills were good—though of course, some part of the reason was because of their friendship. She wasn’t like other girl gamers (in this game)—she was much more straightforward; to her, one was one, and two was two[2]. This was the type of girl he liked {not in the romantic sense… at least… I don’t think so?}.

[Area] Music For Miles : [drunkflowers are in deity camp too, we’ll be on the same team. not playing with drunkflower b!tches, so no need]

There were two Alliances in the Deity Camp, and there was no way the developers could allow only one Alliance to participate, so both Alliances would be participating in the upcoming Camp War.

As Drunkflower Den was the guild of one of the Alliance Heads, the number of participating members would naturally be higher.

[Area] 4Seas8Lands : [……]

‘Forgot about her enmity with Drunkflower Den…’

[Area] 4Seas8Lands : [Well okay then. If you want to try it out, you can come find me anytime.]

[Area] Music For Miles : [en]

4Seas was in a rush to get to the hidden dungeon, so he hurriedly led his party away.

[Party] Music For Miles : [66 i rmb deities could turn into demons right?]

[Party] GM66 : [This… how’d you know?]

‘Deities falling to demonhood should only come out in the next update, so how come she knows?’

[Party] Crabapple Undermoon : [the game was created with the lore based off a novel, where gods and deities turning into demons was one of the highlights. would your company have ignored that?]

[Party] Drunkalone Undermoon : [these few updates haven’t added anything new to the races, so it’s quite easy to guess]

[Party] Music For Miles : [i hacked your company and saw the files]

Compared to the two earnest responses above, this one was…

[Party] Ink Seeker : [……]

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [……]

[Party] Windsong Undermoon : [……]

[Party] ……

[Party] GM66 : [Dashen, you admit to using cheats?]

[Party] Music For Miles : [even if i did admit it, you don’t have any evidence, what can you do? this is a society built on law! you need witnesses and evidence! what, if i said i was the president, would you guys really treat me like one?]

[Party] GM66 : [……]

‘Too arrogant! Boss, I can’t handle her alone!’

[Party] GM66 : [I’ll speak, I’ll speak! Dashen please let me off! The person who reported you did so anonymously, but the company can investigate their IP.]

[Party] Music For Miles : [so you’re cheating your customers? your promised “anonymity” doesn’t stand up at all, does it?]

[Party] GM66 : [We won’t check their IP without reason… Also, there are lots of players, so investigating it would still take time. It’s only because your case is more special that the company investigated the IP.]

[Party] Ink Seeker : [Who?]

[Party] GM66 : [If I tell you, will you guys let me off?]

[Party] Music For Miles : [you really think i’m very free to hover around you all the time?]

[Party] GM66 : [……]

‘What’s with that prickly tone?! Can’t you speak nicely?’

[Party] GM66 : [The player’s ID is Sang Yu’s Not Late.]

[Party] Music For Miles : [i knew it was that lil b!tch!]

‘I(bbb) knew she’d start playing underhanded tricks knowing she couldn’t beat me(bbb) head-on! Activating “scum-killer” mode!’

True to her word, Shi Sheng didn’t continue tormenting GM66, instead popping on and offline erratically. Her supposed watcher, GM66, couldn’t find her most of the time.

[Party] GM66 : [Ink Seeker Dashen, what has Music Dashen been up to recently? I can never find her.]

GM66 felt like Ink Seeker was much tamer than Shi Sheng. The only things he did all day were kill bosses and get chased around by people from Countless Generations. Which in his opinion, was much better than a certain Dashen who’s location had been hard to pin down ever since he’d told her who reported her.

[Party] Ink Seeker : [Probably thinking about how to destroy your company.]

[Party] GM66 : [Dashen, don’t scare me.]

‘Destroy the company? This joke isn’t funny at all!’

The company behind Land of Gods & Demons was an influential entity in the national gaming industry.

[Party] Ink Seeker : [Believe it if you will.]

Ink Seeker ignored GM and continued running the boss. GM66 felt conflicted for a while. ‘Ink Seeker Dashen was joking… right?

I mean, you can’t destroy a company just by using cheats…

He must’ve just been scaring me.’

GM66 comforted himself inwardly.


One fine beautiful morning, people found that there was something off about the game.

Li Suo had disappeared from the leaderboards.

When they searched his name, the result that came up was: “This player does not exist.”

‘WTF! What happened? Li Suo Dashen deleted his character? That’s illogical!’

[World] iF@q : [how come Li Suo Dashen decided to commit suicide?]

[World] Enjoying Wind : [I just saw him go dungeoning with Sang Yu’s Not Late yesterday. How come he deleted his character?]

[World] Just Watching Shows : [ask drunkflower den]

[World] Just Watching Shows : [hey, drunkflower den, how come Li Suo Dashen deleted his character?]

[1] She called him “萌主”, which is sort of like “cutie” but without the romantic connotation. And bunnies are cute (when they’re not gnawing your fingers off)… so, Mr. Bunny. He’s supposed to be “Alliance Head”/ “盟主”, which is pronounced the same pronunciation as “萌主” so it’s easy to mis-type.

[2] Meaning she doesn’t hide what she thinks or feels behind pretty words. Her words are basically what she’s thinking/feeling.

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