Chapter 181: Server Enemy No.1 (29)

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[World] Snowfall Undermoon : [so windy bro really likes sang yu’s not late~ ah, i’m so heartbroken!]

[World] [email protected] : [calm down Foggy. just what happened? can you clarify?]

If one belonged to the losing Camp in the Camp War, regardless of whether or not you participated in it, you’d receive a penalty. Hence, it wasn’t strange that there were quite a few Deity Camp players who wanted to know what happened.

[World] Windsong Undermoon : [tycoon, hurry up and drag your waifu back to take his medicine]

[World] Godly Tycoon : [We’ve run out of medicine. I’ll take him out to buy more.]

[World] Snowfall Undermoon : [i’m not sick! i ain’t gonna take any meds!]

[World] Music For Miles : [usually, people who’re crazy won’t admit it. lil princess snowfall, i think your illness runs quite deep!]

[World] Just Watching Shows : [oi undermoons, stop changing the topic. Ink Seeker Dashen, can you please drag your wife back and keep a proper leash on her?]

‘These people are still causing trouble at such an important time! Have they no awareness of their identity as part of the Deity Camp?!’

System Announcement: Player Music For Miles has placed a bounty of 100g on Just Watching Shows. Limited to 24 hours.

[World] Music For Miles : [pls think before you speak]

‘The hell do you mean by “leash” me?! Think I’m a dog? Fuck you!’

[World] Just Watching Shows : [……]

‘You didn’t get angry before though!!!’

[World] Foggy Unclear : [Sang Yu’s Not Late only returned just before the Camp War started. We’d already prepared everything but then she said to listen to her, and all our plans went into the bin. She’s the Alliance Head, we can’t do the Camp War without her, and she’d led before, so everyone sort of trusted her and listened to her orders. The few of us who’ve been here since the beginning tried to oppose her decisions, but she suppressed us.]

[World] Foggy Unclear : [And the result? We lost the Camp War! Yet look at how she behaves! She pushes all the blame to us! She said we didn’t stop it from happening though we knew it’d happen! What a joke! I DIDN’T stop it?! What, did you want me to threaten you with a knife?!?]

[World] ClearRoad : [It’s not that I’m deliberately making her look bad, but I thought Sang Yu’s Not Late was quite a good and generous gal. But ever since she got together with guildmaster, she changed completely.]

[World] Music For Miles : [women are fickle]

[World] Green Flower On Sauerkraut : [are you referring to yourself?]

[World] Music For Miles : [oh green flower, you want a taste of the ‘get chased by others’ deluxe set too?]

[World] Just Watching Shows : [green flower, you really aren’t learning… just look at what happened to me…]

‘This girl sets bounties at the slightest disagreement ah! If you went a bit further, she’d progress to Kill Orders! Rich people sure are direct…’

[World] Foggy Unclear : [Sang Yu, don’t play dead! Come clean on world chat if you got the guts! I’m counting on everyone to act as witnesses for when guildmaster returns!]

[World] Wind-walking The World : [Foggy, do you have to make such a scene?]

[World] Foggy Unclear : [Wind, it’s not that I want to make a scene. But you saw it too! You saw what she said! Forget it. It’s useless talking to you.]

[World] Breaking News : [how come it’s all drunkflower den’s ppl? where are the world alliance ppl? come out and explain ah!]

[World] Countless Generations : [And here I thought it was because 4Seas and Li Suo weren’t as good as they were made out to be… Didn’t expect it to be because there was a woman messing things up. Look, we won’t screw you guys over for the Camp War today. Let’s have a rematch next round.]

[World] Ink Seeker : [Idiot.]

[World] Countless Generations : [idiot your head! ink seeker, just you wait!]

[World] 4Seas8Lands : [We did our best.]

Although the people in World Alliance were just as bitter about losing the Camp War, no one made a scene on world chat. You could tell how good 4Seas was at managing the people under his control.

[World] Enjoying Wind : [Ink Seeker Dashen’s picked up a bad habit from music! he’s on the road to being a real spendthrift!]

[World] Music For Miles : [i’m innocent ok? pls don’t toss the blame on me, not shouldering it]

The topic derailed from there. Other than the occasional complaint, there wasn’t any more discussion about the Camp War on world chat.

‘Probably went to a more private chat to discuss it… After all, it isn’t exactly something you’d want to boast about.’

Shi Sheng stealthily went and logged on to her Idle Chess account to peek at Sang Yu’s Not Late’s location. Apparently, she was at Langya Ridge.

[PM] Idle Chess : [I just logged on. Are you okay?]

[PM] Sang Yu’s Not Late : [I’m fine.]

Shi Sheng didn’t say anything else. After roughly a minute, Sang Yu’s Not Late sent another message.

[PM] Sang Yu’s Not Late : [Do you think I’m the reason we lost the Camp War too?]

[PM] Idle Chess : [I believe in you.]

[PM] Sang Yu’s Not Late : [Thanks.]

[PM] Idle Chess : [I’ll bring you dungeon-clearing… It’ll be better to get away from all this.]

Though Sang Yu hesitated a bit, she still agreed in the end.

Shi Sheng brought Sang Yu to go dungeon-clearing, multi-tasking between killing mobs using Idle Chess and splitting loot with Ink Seeker using her other character.

Though the reward for conquering the tower was only a title, they had gotten plenty of loot along the way, so the two called Profiteer over.

[Party] Call Me Profiteer : [Ink Seeker Dashen, Music Dashen… your luck is simply incredible! All these are top tier loot!]

[Party] Music For Miles : [quit the chatter, just gimme the cash]

[Party] Call Me Profiteer : [……]

‘Even more to-the-point than Ink Seeker Dashen…’

[Party] Call Me Profiteer : [I don’t have that much on me right now. Please wait a moment while I transfer some funds from my alternate account.]

Shi Sheng felt bored by the time Profiteer finished, so she asked a random question.

[Party] Music For Miles : [hey profiteer, what were you collecting heavenly mystery crystals for?]

‘He’s been collecting those things ever since I came here! And he’s still collecting them! Though I guess not as much as before…’

[Party] Call Me Profiteer : [I suppose I can give you this information as a gift: Heavenly Mystery Crystals are going to be very important once the level cap has been raised to 150.]

[Party] Music For Miles : [how’d you know? ur sleepin with the game company’s ceo?]

[Party] Call Me Profiteer : […I have my ways, so please don’t ask any more Dashen. This item will have a very great use in the future. I’m telling you guys this: In the future, you might not be able to buy it even if you wanted to.]

‘Can’t buy it even if you had money? That awesome?’

The drop rate of Heavenly Mystery Crystals wasn’t high, and since it didn’t have any known use, many players would dispose the crystals when they dropped. There probably weren’t more than a thousand Heavenly Mystery Crystals circulating in the game.

[Party] Music For Miles : [aren’t you afraid i’ll steal business from you if you tell me like this?]

[Party] Call Me Profiteer : [Music Dashen sure knows how to crack a joke! Why, you deal with four-digit figures on a regular basis, would you really covet this bit of small change?]

The reason why he dared to tell her was exactly because he knew she wasn’t that keen on money. Just now when she was selling stuff to him, it had been him who set the price. Had Ink Seeker not been there too, he would’ve earned some hefty profit.

[Party] Music For Miles : [didn’t you say you wanted three lifetimes before? still want it?]

[Party] Call Me Profiteer : [?]

Profiteer was puzzled, to say the least. ‘Wasn’t she unwilling to sell it to me no matter what? How come she’s willing now?’

Profiteer looked over the chat log and thought back to what he’d said when he had offended her before. To his exasperation, he realized that all he’d needed to do to get on her good side was praise her…

Author’s note:

100 monthly votes for another update! 150 if you want the next too!


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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