Chapter 19 : Rich Family’s Young Miss (19)

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One year was not a long amount of time, but it wasn’t a short one either. Ling Hao’s parents were brought in while the company was inherited by Ling Hao’s eldest paternal uncle. Ling Hao himself was chased out.

Ling Hao’s leg had been injured in the explosion and due to the lack of funds to completely treat it, he had some problems walking. At first, he had looked for Su Yiyi but Nangong Jing wouldn’t let him see her. Once his funds got lower and lower, he finally realised that he wasn’t the rich young master of the past and he stopped being in the mood to look for Su Yiyi. In the end, Ling Hao disappeared somewhere.

And Nangong Jing’s battle with his illegitimate brother had entered its white-hot phase. With him around, Nangong Jing wasn’t doing well. In the original storyline, that illegitimate child turned up later than he did. By that time, Nangong Jing already had the company in his hands. The bastard had some ability as he managed to last quite a while before being ‘taken care of’ by Nangong Jing.

However, now that the bastard had shown up earlier when Nangong Jing didn’t have as much influence, with Nangong Zheng’s help, the final victor might not be Nangong Jing this time.

Of course, the bastard showing up earlier than he did in the story was due to Shi Sheng. His supporters in the company were also won over by Shi Sheng for him using blackmail. They had been forced to help him. Otherwise, why should they just help this person who just suddenly showed up and who they knew nothing about? As to whether he could control them later on, that was none of Shi Sheng’s business any more.

As Nangong Jing got even more stressed by his situation at the company, when he returned to the apartment, Su Yiyi would have to endure scoldings and beatings. When it got really serious, he would even torture her. At first, Nangong Jing would still apologise afterwards but when Su Yiyi tried to leave him, he was enraged and locked her up in the villa.

Su Yiyi had never expected herself to be treated as a sex slave. She only had one room to move around in all day. Nangong Jing had specially constructed this room for this and had placed many ‘implements’ inside.

Where she used to long for him to come home, now she was terrified whenever he did. Every time she heard the sound of the door opening, she wished she could just hide somewhere he couldn’t find her.

With a click, the specially crafted door which would only open upon Nangong Jing’s fingerprints opened. Light poured into the room, chasing away the darkness. Su Yiyi curled up in a corner and stared in fear at that demonic man who was pressing in on her. There was a familiar smile on that face, but it only caused her fear to deepen.

“Yiyi, we’re going to play something fun today.” Nangong Jing looked down on Su Yiyi from above.

Su Yiyi desperately tried to retreat further as she begged in a sobbing voice, “No- Nangong Jing just let me off! Spare me, I’m begging you!”

“Spare you?” Nangong Jing muttered before roaring, “Even if I spare you, who’s going to come spare me? That bastard is getting more power in the company, would he spare me? Su Yiyi, are you planning on leaving me? I’m telling you I won’t allow it! You’re mine, you’re not allowed to leave me… You’ll be mine forever!!”

Nangong Jing picked Su Yiyi up and tossed her on the bed before pressing down on her and thrusting in roughly, without any gentleness. “You’re mine… Yiyi don’t leave me. You said you loved me… I only have you now, you can’t leave me…”

“Say you love me! Say it, hurry up and say it!”

“Yiyi, say that you love me!”

Su Yiyi felt waves of pain surge from her lower body. She struggled to push Nangong Jing off but she didn’t have any more strength after having been tortured inhumanely by Nangong Jing.

By the time Nangong Jing was finished, Su Yiyi’s lower body was leaking red blood. The white sheets were stained red, looking like a blossoming red plum flower. She held her abdomen as she whimpered. Hatred festered in her heart, ‘Nangong Jing this demon destroyed my life and now he’s even killed my child…’

“Yiyi?” Nangong Jing, upon hearing her whimpers, looked somewhat confused. When his gaze met the blood under her body, his mind went blank.

Only after a while did he hurriedly go over to carry Su Yiyi. “Yiyi, don’t be scared, don’t be scared, I’ll take you to see a doctor.”

He made to carry Su Yiyi out the door. Su Yiyi watched as the door to freedom got closer and closer… But just as he was about to step out of the door, he suddenly halted and muttered, “No, you can’t go out. If you go out you’ll leave me. You can’t leave me, you’re mine, mine…”

Nangong Jing carried Su Yiyi back to the bed and placed her down on an area that wasn’t stained by blood as he gently spoke, “Yiyi wait for me. I’ll go get a doctor. I’ll be back quick.”

The room door shut once again. Su Yiyi lay on the bed motionless for quite a while as the bedding under her was stained a startling red. The awful smell of blood filled the room.

Only after a long while did Su Yiyi suddenly move. She crawled to the other side of the bed and opened a drawer in the bedside table. From inside, she took out a sharp iron skewer. Her eyes were blank, like a soulless puppet’s. The sharp end pressed against her wrist. As long as the slightest pressure was applied she would be able to open up her wrist.

One minute passed…

Then two…

Su Yiyi maintained this position for five minutes before keeping the iron skewer and lay back in bed with empty eyes.


Shi Sheng heard the news of Su Yiyi’s death on the day she graduated. She had committed suicide after stabbing Nangong Jing. Nangong Jing’s lifeforce was resilient and he managed to be saved. However, he wasn’t quite right in the head afterwards. Apparently, he had been sent to a mental asylum. That Nangong Jing and Su Yiyi would come to this point was nearly out of Shi Sheng’s expectations.

Back then she had been planning on taking revenge on Su Yiyi but she discovered Su Yiyi had always been staying in Nangong Jing’s villa. She had thought Nangong Jing had done it to protect her yet it turned out it was for the sake of imprisoning her.

‘This is called when love runs too deep it’ll turn dark!’

Once she had finished taking her graduation pictures, Shi Sheng lifted her head only to find Chu Tang not far off. He appeared as she first saw him; With a white blouse and black trousers and both his hands in his pockets. A wicked aura surrounded him yet it only made him more eye-catching.

“Weren’t there a few more days till you returned from overseas?” Amidst the surprised, startled, envious and jealous gazes of the surrounding onlookers, Shi Sheng walked over to Chu Tang.

Chu Tang smiled, “As someone who is trying to court me, you haven’t sent me any messages or calls for five days. I thought something happened to you so I came back especially to check on you.”

Shi Sheng sweated. She had been very busy with graduation and managing her business. Right now she hated that she couldn’t split herself up into three!

“Now you’ve seen me. I’m still alive and kicking.” Shi Sheng was as nasty as ever to him. She walked towards the school gates. ‘This damned pervert is only taking me for an interesting pastime.’

“Auntie and Uncle called me home to have dinner.” Chu Tang easily caught up to Shi Sheng with his long legs.

Shi Sheng was speechless. ‘Guys, just who is your kid?!’

Ever since half a year ago, Chu Tang had moved into the Xu family with the excuse that it would be easier for Shi Sheng to court him like that. Her parents had immediately gone over to his side. ‘Now it’s as if I was just picked up from the side of the road while this pervert is their biological child.’

When they reached the gates, Chu Tang went to get the car while Shi Sheng waited at the entrance for him.

“Ms Xu, you finally turned up at school. Meeting you is harder than ascending the heavens.” A youth hugged a girl as he came out. Upon seeing Shi Sheng, was pleased and surprised as he greeted her.

“Young Master Lin, we only met not three days ago.” Shi Sheng had seen this Young Master Lin a few times since the current project she was working on required her to work in conjunction with his family. This Young Master Lin was being brought along by the one responsible for collaborating with her in order to widen his horizons.

Shi Sheng’s gaze swept over the girl Young Master Lin was hugging. The girl stared at her defensively as if afraid she would try to snatch her man. It was An’an, that dormmate of hers.



Author’s note:

One more chapter and this arc is done~ En, please vote!



Translator’s Corner:

Lol “when love runs too deep it’ll turn dark” The definition of yandere-ism right there. Yanderes are scary.

I wish I knew how to vote but I don’t. If I did I definitely would have.

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