Chapter 20 : Rich Family’s Young Miss (End)

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In the past year, she had been busy making money so she hadn’t had time to come to school. Naturally she wasn’t able to stay in the dorms and so wasn’t too clear what her other two roommates’ situations were, since she hadn’t gone out of her way to pay attention to them. She only remembered the last time she had gone to the dorm room to pack up her things, she heard An’an speaking to someone on the phone. Her words were very ambiguous while her clothes and accessories seemed to have risen in quality.

An’an glared at Shi Sheng as she hugged Young Master Lin’s arm, wordlessly conveying her claim.

“I wonder when Ms Xu will be free? I wish to invite you out to have lunch together.”

“Young Master Lin…” An’an called out in disbelief. She had finally managed to get a rich young master to take a liking to her after much effort yet he wanted to invite Xu Chengyue out for lunch. “Xu Chengyue, I’m Young Master Lin’s girlfriend! Just how shameless are you to try to seduce someone the moment you see them?”

‘This person has a hole in her brain!’ After Shi Sheng had finished her evaluation, she retrieved her gaze. “I think we should leave that for after the contract has been signed!”

Young Master Lin hadn’t reacted to his new girlfriend’s words when a Porsche pulled up, Shi Sheng got on it and left. All this had happened in but a few seconds. When the car had completely disappeared from Young Master Lin’s line of sight, he flung An’an off him before rebuking in a low voice, “What is wrong with you?! You actually dared to speak to her like that?!”

‘Had she been upset just now, this project would be done for!’

“What did I say wrong?” An’an hadn’t thought Young Master Lin would suddenly roar at her as her face changed suddenly. “Did you take a liking to her?!”

Young Master Lin gave a cold laugh. “I want to but she wouldn’t be interested. Do you know who she is?! The daughter of the biggest shareholder of the Yunshang Group! Her net worth exceeds a billion, if she took a liking to me, even if I gave myself for free I’d be content!”

Young Master Lin didn’t wait for her reaction as he left. He didn’t wish for the project to fly away all because of a woman; His dad would kill him.

An’an had been in this circle for a time now so she had naturally heard of Yunshang Group’s Young Miss Xu. But she hadn’t thought that the Young Miss Xu was actually her roommate. ‘The Young Miss Xu is Xu Chengyue?! How is this possible?!’

An’an went online and typed Xu Chengyue in the search engine. A lot of news reports popped up but there weren’t any pictures. However, from the details, she could draw the conclusion that Young Miss Xu was the Xu Chengyue that she knew. Thinking about her words before, she wished she could just commit suicide by running headfirst into a wall.

She was the Young Miss of the Yunshang Group, so why would she go and become someone’s mistress? There were so many clues that pointed out she wasn’t a normal person so why hadn’t she discovered it? ‘That’s right… Su Yiyi, it was her who kept implying that Xu Chengyue was someone’s mistress.’ Thinking of Su Yiyi, An’an’s face turned green.


In three years, Shi Sheng had managed to get her net worth to equal a tenth of Chu Tang’s. At least this time, Chu Tang kept his word and proposed to Shi Sheng with her parents as the witnesses. From the engagement to the actual marriage, everything went smoothly.

Their relationship was very stable. Chu Tang didn’t have any other women aside from Shi Sheng. No matter what events he went to, he always brought her and they always left together. Chu Tang’s considerate actions towards Shi Sheng caused envy in countless onlookers. However, only people who were close to them knew that their interactions were filled with the scent of gunpowder, as if they might start fighting any time.

Xu Chengyue’s parents lived in bliss in their twilight years. Their only regret was that they never got to see any grandchildren. Only after Chu Tang died did Shi Sheng manage to leave and return to the System space.

Having regained her youthful looks, Shi Sheng was very happy and hopped around in the space for a while before calming down. She sat cross-legged in front of the half-person tall book.

[Congratulations to the Host for returning. How is the Host feeling?] System’s icy-cold voice rang out.

‘Feeling? What feeling?’ Shi Sheng gazed uncomprehendingly at the screen.


Shi Sheng propped up her jaw as she changed the topic. “I don’t think the hidden quest was completed, right?”

Chu Tang wasn’t in love with her. She could feel that. Chu Tang had never touched {not literally, it means he never made any advances} her. Perhaps later on he had treated her like a family member but he had never felt any romantic love for her. It was pure familial love through and through.

[Affirmative. The Hidden Quest was not completed.]

The monitor flickered before showing her stats:


Name: Shi Sheng

Morality Points: -99,000

Mission Rank: F

Mission Points: 75

Contribution Points: 1,000

Hidden Quest: Incomplete


[The progress on the Hidden Quest reached 60% hence the Host shall not be terminated. However, 500 Contribution Points will be deducted as punishment.] As System spoke, the number next to ‘Contribution Points’ reduced to 500.

Shi Sheng “…”

[Conditions for System Shop have been reached. Do you wish to open it?]

‘System Shop? Hey it really exists! Open it, open it!!’

The screen in front of Shi Sheng changed to reveal an inventory catalogue. Inventory… ‘The hell are all these?’

From small items like rice, oil and salt as well as dolls to large items like a space warship with cloaking abilities. There were even items listed as ‘Identity Creator’1 and ‘Lock-Opener’… There was pretty much everything you could think of. Shi Sheng looked at the image for the space warship. The contribution points needed… there were too many 0s, she couldn’t count them all. Shi Sheng shut the shop, it was too expensive for her to afford it.

[Host, due to the appearance of a BUG during this mission, I need to conduct a scan. Please do not resist.]

‘BUG… It should be referring to my hacking abilities as well as those two grenades. This dumb System!’ Shi Sheng rolled her eyes, ‘No way in hell your scan will ever be able to detect anything!’

In the end, System obviously didn’t manage to detect anything in the scan. The data received was exactly the same as in the beginning. It didn’t show anywhere that the Host had any hacker skills. The System was confused. ‘That’s not right…’

[Do you wish to enter the next mission?]

[Initialising transfer…]

‘Hey, hey, I haven’t said anything though? You’re definitely taking revenge on me for calling you dumb!’



Just as Shi Sheng was coming to, she was slapped in the face. Her body swayed and she fell.

“Cut! Who told you to sit down?! What are you sitting down for?!? Do you think you’re Lin Daiyu2? This is already the nth run and you still haven’t got it right!”

Shi Sheng was slightly stunned from the roar that came from a loudspeaker. She shook her head before managing to see where she was. It was a very ancient looking room and in front of her stood a beauty that would fit the tastes of the ancients. Of course, if said beauty hadn’t been looking at her with such disdain and contempt, she would have been able to appreciate her more.

Shi Sheng took in the surroundings as the confusion in her eyes was swept clean.

Filmmaking, entertainment industry, celebrities.

These words appeared in Shi Sheng’s head.

She took a deep breath and got up. She swept a gaze at the woman in front of her, ‘She was the one who hit me just now. With the strength she used, she was clearly making things difficult for me on purpose.’

Shi Sheng didn’t know what enmity this body had with the person in front of her so she could only temporarily set her matter aside as she bowed towards the director. “Sorry director, I’ll definitely pass next time.”

The director was a fat man. Although he was still angry, Shi Sheng was a young lady and she was apologising to him nicely so the director couldn’t very well make things difficult for her. He waved his hand in irritation, “Go and rest, we’re continuing in a bit.”

On the director’s words, the filming crew immediately dispersed. And the woman in front of Shi Sheng gave her a cold humph before, with her head held high, she lifted her skirt which was dragging on the floor and left, looking like an arrogant queen.

Shi Sheng rubbed her stinging face as her turbid gaze fixed onto the woman’s departing back.



Author’s note:


The opening story wasn’t very long, please be understanding. Chu Tang is the male lead but the male lead won’t easily fall for our protagonist and vice versa. Rest assured though, there is no tragedy in their relationship, only doting. Also, every story here has the background of a ‘broken’ story so the characters that show up won’t be normal most of the time so don’t be surprised.

If you have any opinions, do raise them but please don’t scold me. Be little angels full of love.

Love you guysヾ(^▽^*)))

Final call for votes~

This is the second story, it’s about the entertainment industry.



Translator’s Corner:

And that’s the final chapter for this arc. First chapter of the next arc will be out next Monday.


  1. I’m guessing it allows you to create identification papers in a modern world setting.
  2. Lin Daiyu is one of the principal characters of the Chinese novel ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’. I haven’t actually read the book so I don’t understand the reference. But from what I gathered, I think she was like what Cersei was in Game of Thrones?

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