Chapter 193 : The Hallmaster Wants to Get Married Off (9)

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Shi Sheng shoved the Medicine King’s Furnace at Bu Jingyun, “For you.”

Bu Jingyun’s pupils shrunk as he laid eyes on the blackened furnace. He received it from Shi Sheng and examined it for awhile before asking, “Is this… the Medicine King’s Furnace?”

“Yep. Like it?” Shi Sheng shifted her posture as a charmingly cocky smirk graced her face.

“It’s a divine instrument.”

‘Don’t even try and tell me she doesn’t know what it is! For her to offer it to me so easily… it couldn’t be fake, could it?’

‘As if I don’t know that’s a divine instrument! Like you had to say it! Idiot!’

Shi Sheng inhaled deeply before voicing a classic prodigal line, “Take it if you like it. You can just throw it away if you don’t.”

Bu Jingyun, “…”

‘You’re discarding a divine instrument just like that?! Does your family know how wasteful you are???’

Shi Sheng slid off the bed to return to the divan. She was a bit ticked off since Bu Jingyun’s gaze was glued to her, “What’re you looking at? I’ll gouge your eyes out if you continue staring at me!”

Bu Jingyun, “…” ‘So unladylike… No wonder she had to resort to abducting men!’

He turned his back to her. ‘Who’d want to look at you?! Humph!’

The cold furnace in his hands had been warmed up slightly by his body temperature.

Bu Jingyun couldn’t recall when he’d fallen asleep, but by the time he’d woken up, the room was pitch-black. He subconsciously rolled his body to look at the divan.

It was empty.

He immediately woke up and jumped out of bed. Even when he tried, he couldn’t sense anyone in his immediate surroundings. ‘Where’d that woman disappear to?’


The sound of a heavy object falling faintly echoed from beyond the door leading to the yard before the surroundings regained their former silence.

Bu Jingyun opened the door and left the room. The first thing he perceived was a dark shadow standing in the yard. She was wielding a sword that appeared to be covered in a dark, sticky substance.

Several bodies lay strewn around her feet, and a bloody stench assaulted his nostrils.

She slowly turned her head with a strange expression on her face. It resembled the cold heartlessness of death, and yet, simultaneously, it was filled with the excitement of murder and bloodshed.

In the next moment however, her expression softened. It was as if a clear spring had been poured into a pond of still water, generating mesmerising ripples.

“You came just in time! Come help me clean up these corpses!”

‘I was just thinking it’d be troublesome to get rid of them and the waste collector turns up! Villain-sama is a must-have for murder and theft, after all!’

Bu Jingyun, “…”

‘Do I look like I clean up bodies to you?!’

He slammed the door shut in anger. ‘I’m not cleaning up bodies! Especially not for that woman! Hmph!’

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Such a short temper?’

She felt conflicted as she gazed at the bodies on the ground. ‘Ahhh, so troublesome! Forget it! I’ll just leave them here for now!’

And so, the moment he opened the door the next morning, Bu Jingyun was greeted by the sight of the corpses from last night right where they’d fallen . His hand on the door tightened as his expression contorted several times in succession. ‘This woman! She just left the bodies there!’

Bu Jingyun slammed the door shut. ‘Why haven’t those idiots found me yet?! Going to die of anger at this rate!’

At that time, Shi Sheng just so happened to have been returning with breakfast. Hence, she was understandably confused at witnessing Bu Jingyun slam the door shut with an unsightly expression.

‘What temper’s gotten into Mr. Nutjob this morning?’

Yet right at this moment, the door to the room was opened once more and Bu Jingyun’s eyes met Shi Sheng’s. He froze in place for a few seconds before slamming the door shut in her face again.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Oi, what’s wrong with you?’

Avoiding the corpses that were blocking her path, Shi Sheng pushed open the door and noticed Bu Jingyun sitting on the bed. Upon hearing her open the door, he raised his head to glare fiercely at her.

“Time to eat,” Shi Sheng placed breakfast on the table,“Don’t glare at me like that. You won’t be able to kill me with just your eyes anyway. Besides, I haven’t even complained about your age, are you gonna start complaining about my exceptional beauty?”

‘My age… she’s calling me old?! S-simply outrageous!’

Bu Jingyun suddenly started coughing and collapsed on the bed with minor convulsions.

Shi Sheng glanced at him in confusion before making her way over quickly, but she stopped beside the bed, peering down at Bu Jingyun from above.

“Poison shouldn’t have acted up this quickly…”

Bu Jingyun gritted his teeth in anger. ‘It’s not the damn poison!’

He suddenly seemed to have drawn strength from somewhere as he suddenly grabbed Shi Sheng’s hand and pulled her towards the bed. Switching their positions to press down on her, he bit down on her neck in one fell swoop.

Shi Sheng hissed in pain before slapping Bu Jingyun in the face and kicking him away. Holding onto her neck, she rolled further inward.

However, Bu Jingyun didn’t relent and lunged at Shi Sheng again. His eyes emitted a ferocious, red glow, similar to a wild beast’s.

‘WTF! This setting is fucking poison! He drinks blood! Human blood!’

Shi Sheng managed to easily hold Bu Jingyun back. She grabbed his hand and pressed him against the headboard before tying him up on the bed with practiced movements with a rope she’d gotten from who-knows-where.

The posture she restrained him in was… ambiguous to put it tactfully.

“Sonovabitch fuckin’ bit me!” Shi Sheng clutched at her neck as she slid off the bed. She could feel wetness at her fingertips. ‘Is this fucker a dog or something?! One damn bite drew blood! Why I(bbb) oughtta…’

Shi Sheng carelessly bandaged the wound and stood next to the bed, sword in hand with a menacing gaze.

Bu Jingyun appeared to have lost his reason, as he merely stared at her with bloody-red eyes.

Shi Sheng could feel her blood boiling. ‘What’re you looking at?!’


The red in Bu Jingyun’s eyes only faded when the curtain of night fell, and he turned back to normal.

He wriggled around uncomfortably against the bindings on his wrist, and his face darkened upon a quick glance at his body. He was tied up again!

And in such a…humiliating posture!

That woman was sitting next to him, her jaw propped on one hand as she stared at him.

“Release me!” Bu Jingyun’s voice was still a bit hoarse. ‘Just you wait till my wounds heal! I am going to tie you up and let you have a taste of death by a thousand cuts! Hmph! Even that would be letting you off too easily!’

“Release you? What if you bite me again?” Shi Sheng showed him the wound on her neck that had already coagulated, “Look! You bit off such a large chunk. It’s going to ruin my looks, you know?”

Bu Jingyun, “…”

‘It was just on the neck! How would that ruin your face?’

He was still be able to taste blood in his mouth, causing his stomach to churn as he started retching.

“Fuck, you still dare to vomit!” Shi Sheng held Bu Jingyun’s jaw in a pincer grip and lifted his head up, “Are you gonna clean up the mess?”

As a result, the scene that greeted the Nine Silences Hall disciples who broke in was very much…like a certain someone was forcing herself on their Hallmaster.

“Hallmaster!” Sentinel couldn’t help but exclaim in disbelief. ‘Hallmaster was treated like this…’

Shi Sheng frowned as she surveyed the intruders who had broken down her door. She flared up at them, “Don’t you guys have manners? Haven’t your parents ever taught you to knock before you enter?”

Sentinel, “…” ‘Girl… are you retarded? You’re talking manners to a villain?’

Though Sentinel caved the next moment.

“Get out. Knock the door this time,” Shi Sheng gripped Bu Jingyun’s neck, “Else I’ll kill him.”

Bu Jingyun, “…” ‘This lunatic! I want to return to Nine Silences Hall and never come out! The outside world is too scary!’

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