Chapter 194 : The Hallmaster Wants to Get Married Off (10)

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The Sentinel exited the house and knocked this time before entering. He was greeted with the sight of his Hallmaster who’d been unbound by that barbaric woman. She’d even considerately covered him with a blanket.

Sentinel couldn’t help but look completely and utterly confused, “…”

‘I don’t really understand what the hell happened between Hallmaster and this… lady.’

Bu Jingyun leaned powerlessly against the headboard of the bed. The Sentinel had never had a higher place in his heart as of right now.

“Capture her alive!” Bu Jingyun gave the Sentinel a ‘domineering’ order, resulting in Sentinel’s lips twitching. ‘Lord Hallmaster, can you not see the sword in her hand? She can kill you without much effort, you know?

And as for capturing her alive… why, may I ask, is it capturing her?’

“Miss…” Sentinel took a deep breath as he inwardly warned himself to keep his cool. He couldn’t afford to provoke her while his Hallmaster was still in her grasp.

“If you have any demands, please state them. As long as you release our Hallmaster, everything’s negotiable.”

“Oh.” Shi Sheng kept her sword and shifted to the side a couple of paces. “Here, I’m returning him.”

Sentinel, “…” ‘That easy? She isn’t plotting something, is she?’

He carefully scanned his surroundings, but didn’t find anything that hinted at treachery.

The woman’s faint voice reached his ears, “I’ve already poisoned him anyways. He’ll die without my antidote, so if you’re not afraid of him croaking, by all means, take him back.”

The Sentinel quickly asked Bu Jingyun with his gaze, ‘Hallmaster, is she speaking the truth?’

Bu Jingyun turned his face away in a huff.

Sentinel, “…”

‘Hallmaster’s getting angry out of embarrassment? That means it’s true?!

Calm down!

Calm. Down.

Calm down your head!

Hallmaster’s been poisoned! This is such a disgrace! This woman must be killed!’

A dark yellow bolt of spirit energy shot out from the Sentinel’s palm as he seemed to shoot towards her. The powerful spirit energy pulses were like the waves in a sea threatening to overwhelm her, shattering the furniture on its way.

‘A peak-level Spirit Monarch? Sonovabitch, wasn’t taking on higher-level mobs the FL’s specialty? How come I(bbb) got this treatment too?’


Right as Shi Sheng was about to use cheats and beat the Sentinel into a bloody pulp not even his parents would recognise, Bu Jingyun suddenly shouted.

The Sentinel was clearly quite loyal to Bu Jingyun for he immediately halted upon receiving the order. The spirit energy that was running amok vanished.

“Hallmaster?” Sentinel looked at Bu Jingyun uncomprehendingly. ‘Why doesn’t the Hallmaster allow me to kill this woman?’

“Seize her.” Bu Jingyun spoke tersely. ‘How could I allow this woman to die so easily after she dared to treat me that way?’

Suspicion surfaced in Shi Sheng’s heart. ‘How come this Sentinel doesn’t seem very worried about Bu Jingyun having been poisoned?

And Bu Jingyun doesn’t seem to mind all that much either…’

[Side Quest: Bu Jingyun’s Past. Quest has been auto-accepted.]

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘What’re you issuing a side quest at this time for? What’s wrong with you?!’

Shi Sheng wished she could slap System to death.

Sentinel and Bu Jingyun exchanged gazes, communicating via their eyes. She didn’t know what was said, but Sentinel agreed to capture Shi Sheng.

‘Well fuck me! See, I was right to keep this fellow!

Else I’d be the one being ‘kept’!’

Shi Sheng swiftly took out one of those little balls of destruction and hurled it at the Sentinel.


The blast wasn’t as powerful as it had been before, but Shi Sheng took advantage of the distraction it provided to quickly get behind Bu Jingyun and grab him before escaping the scene.

“Go! Get the Hallmaster back!”

The enraged shouts of the Sentinel could be heard from behind.

Since Shi Sheng had her own method to fly, her speed was much faster than those who had to rely on running; she soon managed to shake off the pursuers from Nine Silences Hall.

They’d already left the city and landed in a small patch of woods.

Even if Bu Jingyun appeared very calm right now, his inner thoughts were akin to a raging volcano. He glared at Shi Sheng.

Indifferent to his anger, she smiled and spoke, “What’s wrong with me keeping you? I’ll give you whatever you want. It’s an honour that others wouldn’t be able to enjoy even if they’ve been accumulating good karma for several lifetimes!”

Bu Jingyun, “…” ‘Why do I feel like there’s something off about these words…?’

“I want to return to Nine Silences Hall.”

“Sure.” Shi Sheng nodded, causing Bu Jingyun’s gaze to darken as he looked at her in slight bafflement. ‘This girl continues to bewilder me…’

Shi Sheng shot him a slight smile. “But first, I gotta go kill those bitches.”

Bu Jingyun, “…”

Bu Jingyun decided to appease her for now. As a villain, he had to have a high tolerance threshold!

He’d already stopped counting on those buffoons.

‘It’s much better to just rely on myself! Wait till I get my cultivation back! See if I don’t beat her!’


Two days later, Shi Sheng brought Bu Jingyun back to the Academy. The disciples from Nine Silences Hall appeared very excited when they saw that Bu Jingyun was here and perfectly unharmed, but they didn’t come forward to so much as greet him.

Shi Sheng discovered that not only were the Nine Silences Hall’s side merely in a state of suppressed excitement, even the people from the Academy merely expressed their astonishment at his looks. None of them displayed an expression that one would expect when in the presence of the Hallmaster of Nine Silences Hall.

“Hey, how come they look like they don’t recognise you?” Shi Sheng poked Bu Jingyun, causing him to glare angrily at her before slowly speaking, “They’ve never seen me before. Naturally, they wouldn’t recognise me.”

“Eh?” ‘Never seen him before?’

Bu Jingyun humphed in disdain. “Even the one with the highest cultivation has yet to reach a century of age.”

Shi Sheng seemed to have understood something, “Oh, so it’s because you’re too old.”

It had been ages since Bu Jingyun had become famous, so most people had only heard of his name. Those that had seen him tended to have died already, so it was perfectly normal the people in the current era didn’t recognise him.

“Shen Yaoguang, call me old one more time, and I’ll kill myself!”

Shi Sheng, “…”

When Bu Jingyun saw he’d shut Shi Sheng up, he relished in satisfaction. ‘She seems to be afraid of me dying… as long as I threaten her with suicide, she’ll stop insulting me!’

Meanwhile, Shi Sheng was bursting with frustration. ‘System that bitch! Just randomly adding rules whenever it feels like it! Goddammit, it really pisses me(bbb) off!’

“Yaoguang, where’ve you been? I was beginning to think you’d panicked and ran off!” Hobo Uncle popped out of nowhere and grabbed Shi Sheng before starting to chatter away, “Eh? Where’d you kidnap this fair maiden from? Is she a student? How come I’ve never seen her before?”

‘“Panicked and ran off?!” Your grandpa! Do you even know how to use idioms?! Illiterate!’

Meanwhile, “Fair Maiden” Bu Jingyun was shooting icy daggers at Hobo Uncle with his eyes.

Hobo Uncle’s scalp numbed from that stare, causing him to shift closer to Shi Sheng and speak in what he thought was a quiet voice, “Yaoguang, this lady seems quite cold!”

Shi Sheng gave Hobo Uncle a pitying glance.

‘Wow, you even called him a lady! Do you really have a death wish? This guy’s very petty, you know?’

“It’s starting soon. Aren’t you going over?” Shi Sheng looked towards the stage and attempted to divert Ye Tiannan’s attention.

“Oh yeah! I had something to give you. Here. This is our Academy’s prized treasure. Remember Yaoguang, don’t try and act tough if you can’t beat them. Your life is most important.”

Hobo Uncle shoved a black object into Shi Sheng’s hand, before looking around furtively. “Don’t tell anyone I gave it to you. Okay, this is as far as I can help you.”

‘And how exactly did you get the Academy’s treasure? Did you steal it?

Don’t tell me he really did steal it…

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Are you on my side or not?! Are you sure this bozo’s not an undercover agent sent by the FL?!’

Author’s note:

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Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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