Chapter 195 : The Hallmaster Wants to Get Married Off (11)

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Bu Jingyun was quick to express his disdain for the item in Shi Sheng’s hand, “Nine Provinces Academy is so poor.”

Shi Sheng gazed down at the object in her hand. It was roughly the size of a palm and round in shape. The black surface had many patterns carved into it that looked like spell formations.

Seeing Bu Jingyun’s contempt, Shi Sheng figured it wasn’t all that valuable, so she shoved it to him.

Bu Jingyun, “…” ‘Am I a place to dump all your rubbish? You toss all sorts of junk to me!’

While passing the stairs to the stage, Shi Sheng ran into Qin Langyue.

“Girl, you be careful up there.” Zhong Shiyi was currently giving Qin Langyue some reminders, “The people from Nine Silences Hall are usually despicable, so you have to guard against their underhanded attacks.”

“Bullshit.” Bu Jingyun interjected suddenly.

Zhong Shiyi and Qin Langyue turned to Bu Jingyun. Qin Langyue seethed with killing intent the moment her gaze landed on Shi Sheng.

Bu Jingyun shot her a glance, upon which the killing intent retreated and a hint of astonishment flashed in her eyes. However, it was soon replaced by doubt as she stared at Bu Jingyun thoughtfully.

“Miss Shen, how could you just bring random people into the Academy?” Zhong Shiyi scrutinised Bu Jingyun before speaking with a dark expression, “Even if you’re a talent that the Academy places a lot of importance on, you can’t just ignore Academy rules like this!”

Shi Sheng shrugged. “Well he’s already here. You wanna toss him out?”

‘If you dared to do that, his people will tear you to pieces.’

“Humph! I’ll deal with you after this, if you even manage to survive!” ‘I knew it! There isn’t a single good one amongst Ye Tiannan’s students!’

“En, don’t worry, I’ve always been a lucky bastard.” Shi Sheng nodded her head in approval.

Zhong Shiyi, “…” ‘How can this girl be so shameless?!’

Qin Langyue lowered her head to hide her expression , so no one could tell what she was thinking. .

Zhong Shiyi wasn’t as shameless as Shi Sheng; naturally, he was not her match in verbal sparring, so he could only harrumph and ignore her. ‘The chances of her stepping off this stage once she’s stepped on are miniscule anyways!’

“During my match, get them to go easy on their future Hallmistress and help me show off. How ‘bout it?” Shi Sheng began negotiating with Bu Jingyun.

Bu Jingyun shot her an aloof glance. “Who said you were the future Hallmistress?” ‘Shameless!’

“I did, duh!” Shi Sheng spoke with a matter-of-fact expression. “If you don’t get them to give in to me, I can only bring out my full strength. Either you watch them die, or get them to help me show-off. Choose.”

Bu Jingyun, “…”

‘This damned woman! Even if those idiots are a bit dumb, they’re still pretty loyal. It’d be a shame if they lost their lives here.’

Bu Jingyun pondered for a moment before lifting his head to look at the Sentinel.

The Sentinel reciprocated his stare before proceeding to communicate with his eyes. After they’d finished, the Sentinel gave Shi Sheng a strange look before turning to give the people beside him some orders.

Shi Sheng patted Bu Jingyun’s chest in satisfaction, “Good job!”


Shi Sheng, “…”

‘*flips table*! What happened to being a lunatic? How come you turned into a tsun1? Plot lied to me again!!!’


As the female lead, Qin Langyue was naturally scheduled to be the last participant to enter the stage. This way, her victory would be more tense and fraught with suspense, depicting her as a hero who prevailed against all the odds.

But since Shi Sheng was here… ‘Sorry, but I’ve(bbb) reserved this chance to show-off!’

The moment she entered the stage, the competitor from Nine Silences Hall gave an exaggerated tremble before turning around and jumping off the stage.

Other than those from Nine Silences Hall, everyone was completely stupefied. ‘What’s happening? How come Nine Silences Hall aren’t even attacking the moment Senior Yaoguang appeared?’

Of the following competitors, there were some who released a couple of attacks, but they were so fake that anyone who wasn’t blind could tell they contained no power.

There were some who simply admitted defeat.

‘I give this show-off attempt 101 points! Giving myself a bonus 1 point for good measure!’

Nine Silences Hall didn’t provide any explanations. Once all their competitors had entered the stage and admitted defeat, the Sentinel came onstage to give a ‘congrats, we concede defeat this year, let’s compete again next year’ speech before speeding off.

With only Shi Sheng left on the stage, a silence befell the crowd below.

‘This victory’s too suspicious…’

“Shen Yaoguang, you’re in cahoots with Nine Silences Hall!” Someone in the crowd shouted all of a sudden. This malicious remark pierced everyone’s ears in silence

Shi Sheng directed her gaze at the source and found it actually belonged to a member of the Shen Clan.

“In cahoots with Nine Silences Hall? No way… why would Senior Yaoguang collude with them?”

“Stop spouting bullshit! There’s no way Senior Yaoguang’s in cahoots with Nine Silences Hall. Our Academy definitely won this time!”

“Won? The moment Shen Yaoguang stepped onto the arena, Nine Silences Hall refused to make a move! What kind of victory is this?!”

“Why would Senior Yaoguang collude with Nine Silences Hall? Maybe it’s just that they couldn’t beat her? After all, Senior is pretty strong…”

Though the audience argued over the win, Shi Sheng didn’t display much of a reaction. Her calm, emotionless eyes swept over the crowd before settling on Jun Hanlin, who gave her a wicked look in return.

Shi Sheng’s lips lifted as she shot a beaming smile at Jun Hanlin. ‘ML-sama is actually attempting to use someone else for his own agenda. Is he planning on using this chance to deal with me? Or perhaps he’s planning to pressure the Shen Clan into isolating me?’

Jun Hanlin felt his hairs stand on end when Shi Sheng directed a smile at him. He went over everything in his head once more and made sure there were no flaws in his plan before calming down.

“Silence!” Zhong Shiyi’s voice reverberated throughout the chamber. “Shen Yaoguang, are you in cahoots with Nine Silences Hall?”

“So what if I am? And so what if I’m not?” Shi Sheng lifted a brow. “What, don’t tell me you guys actually thought you stood a chance of winning?”

‘These people loathe Nine Silences Hall, but the moment they actually appear, they don’t even dare to do shit. Not only that, they even treat them with the utmost hospitality!

This is a classic example of saying “No!” but acting contrary to that…’

“Shen Yaoguang, you’re a talent that the Academy has painstakingly nurtured! How dare you collude with Nine Silences Hall?! Just what are you planning?!” Someone finally couldn’t help but speak out.

“Did I admit I was colluding with Nine Silences Hall?” Shi Sheng looked at that person with a slightly mocking expression.

That person was stumped for words, but soon found his tongue again, “Then how come Nine Silences Hall’s people didn’t attack you? Why would they have let you win if you hadn’t been in cahoots with them?”

“Maybe it’s because they saw I was too beautiful, so they couldn’t bear to lay a finger on me? Hey, was I supposed to stop them from submitting to my looks?” Shi Sheng rubbed her face narcissistically and gave a dramatic sigh before continuing, “Is it my fault I’m too beautiful?”

The crowd went speechless. They’d seen narcissistic people before, but never to this extent.

“Senior Yaoguang’s right! How could you blame her for securing victory from Nine Silences Hall?”

Shen Yaoguang’s diehard fans began zealously expressing their loyalty.

“Senior Yaoguang, you’re the prettiest!”

“Don’t worry Senior Yaoguang, we believe you!”

Author’s note:

Shi Sheng is an unfeeling, cold-blooded, killer/arsonist who will almost always leave you to die. Not only that, she’s the unreasonable, yet flexible (read: shameless) type who won’t hesitate to rub salt in your wounds via any means possible. Also, she’s not good to her ML. Not good to her ML! Not good to her ML!!! (At least, in the beginning…)

Yep, that’s Shi Sheng in a nutshell. But please believe me when I say this is a novel is full of doting (showing off).

Without experiencing difficulties, or undergoing the test of time, how would two people be willing to share life and death, to share an unregretted love?

PS: If you have different opinions, please don’t use them to review how good or bad this novel is. (Please be a kind, cute, pretty and smart reader?)

For those who want to see a female main character who isn’t cold-blooded, please go next door, where all the “capturing MLs and/or other men” novels are. There’s all sorts of FLs for you to choose from there.

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: Man that author’s note was terrifyingly long when I was reading through it, but I think I mostly got the gist in my translation. Maybe.

Proofreader: I agree, I thought it was part of the story for a moment, and I was like what?? (」゜ロ゜)」

  1. In case you’re unaware, this is the first half of the term ‘tsundere’. Where ‘tsun’ is more like aloof or proud and ‘dere’ is loving. Opted to leave out the second half since… well he doesn’t seem too loving right now.


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