Chapter 196 : The Hallmaster Wants to Get Married Off (12)

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Bu Jingyun had already built up some immunity to Shi Sheng’s shamelessness. ‘While I agree that her face can be considered stunning… My Nine Silences Hall definitely wouldn’t lose just because of looks! Do you really think my people are that shallow? Ha. Ha!’

All the gasps and exclamations from the crowd blended into one. Shi Sheng copied how celebrities acted and waved her hand at them, causing quite a few people to have the urge to charge up the stage and beat her up!

Bu Jingyun twisted his fingers while an eerie light appeared in his eyes. ‘If I wasn’t injured, I’d be the first to beat this woman to death! She’s so obnoxious!’

“Shen Yaoguang, stop beating around the bush! You better explain this matter clearly!” Zhong Shiyi wouldn’t let Shi Sheng off.

“You damn old fogey! Asking for a beating eh?!” Hobo Uncle, who had been silent this whole time, jumped out. “Our Yaoguang’s already said it was Nine Silences Hall who gave in! What’s it gotta do with her? Go question Nine Silences Hall if you’ve got the balls! What’re you interrogating Yaoguang for?”

Zhong Shiyi’s expression twisted. “If she’s innocent, why won’t she clarify?”

“Yaoguang’s already clarified! I think it’s just you trying to stir up trouble for her, am I right?” Hobo Uncle rolled up his sleeves, his expression becoming fierce. “I knew you weren’t anything good! Come at me if you wanna settle scores, y’hear?!”

Right as the two were about to start a brawl, the Principal, who had been in the background all this time, finally stepped out.

The Principal could be described with one adjective: round.

If this was the modern world, stores wouldn’t have a clothing size that would fit him.

His face was astonishingly round but smooth, so it didn’t make one feel disgusted. However, his eyes were exceptionally small. When he smiled, they would disappear under his folds of fat.

“There are students present! What kind of example are you setting for them, acting like this?” The Principal scolded them.

Zhong Shiyi seemed as if he wanted to retort, but kept his silence in the end.

On the other hand, Hobo Uncle still seemed eager to have a go at Zhong Shiyi. The Principal placed himself between the two and glared at Hobo Uncle with those tiny eyes of his, “Ye Tiannan, you still want to cause trouble?”

Only then did Hobo Uncle take a step back.

Once he’d dealt with that problem, he turned to look at the other with a heavy heart.

‘Just why did I give such a good seedling to Ye Tiannan? Was my brain clogged up with shit or something? A perfectly fine lady was raised to become… this!’

“Shen Yaoguang, would you kindly explain what happened?” The Principal’s tone was much better than Zhong Shiyi’s. After all, she was the Eldest Young Miss of the Shen Clan and one of the Academy’s precious geniuses.

“Exactly what it looks like.” Shi Sheng shrugged while emitting arrogance. “Would you reject something someone begged you to accept ?”

Bu Jingyun’s fingertips were already red from how hard he was gripping his hands, and killing intent was slowly surfacing in his eyes. ‘Begging?! Weren’t you the one who threatened me?! Where’d you get the face to spew this nonsense?!’

The Principal’s moustache nearly stuck up in anger. “Shen Yaoguang, speak properly!”

“I didn’t speak properly?” Shi Sheng blinked. “Well then, which word did you not understand, Principal? I can explain it to you for free!”

Principal, “…” ‘Just why did I have to try and mediate?’

He turned to glare at Hobo Uncle. ‘What did you teach her?! What happened to the principle of respecting elders?! Did she eat it?!’

Hobo Uncle adopted a confused expression. ‘What’re you glaring at me for?’

“If I really had been in cahoots with Nine Silences Hall, do you people really think you’d still be standing here unharmed right now?” Shi Sheng spoke up all of a sudden, “At the very least, I brought honour to the Academy and yet, not only do you people not thank me, you’re even trying to frame me? Really makes a person upset.”

She paused before continuing, “Since you all feel that way, then call Nine Silences Hall back for a rematch. After all, it won’t be me losing face.”

Her words caused the crowd to grow restless. ‘She’s right… no matter how you look at it, our Academy won this time. Even if the means used were a bit… strange, the outcome is still good! And if Shen Yaoguang really was in cahoots with Nine Silences Hall, why would she have convinced them to let us win?’

Shi Sheng jumped off the stage and walked over to Bu Jingyun. Everyone held their breath as their gazes swept over to the beautiful ‘lady,’ Bu Jingyun, who easily stood out in the crowd.

“Call your men back. Have ‘em raise hell.” Shi Sheng had lowered her voice to a volume only the two of them could hear.

Bu Jingyun’s expression remained aloof. “Why should I?”

“Because I’m your future wife!” Shi Sheng propped up her smiling face, “Are you really just going to let them bully me?”

‘Just who’s bullying whom?! Look at those people! Which one seems capable of bullying you?!’ Bu Jingyun had been pushed to the point he could feel his innards aching as he repeatedly clenched and released his hands.

“Come on, pleeeease?” Shi Sheng suddenly started acting cute, her entire image changing in a heartbeat and catching Bu Jingyun off-guard.

‘Look how flexible I am! Not only can I act cute, I can even sell my services! But not my body! That’s a matter of principle!’

All of a sudden, Bu Jingyun’s ears turned red. He was not going to admit he’d just found her cute! Definitely not!

“Hmph!” He quickly shifted his gaze.

Though he humphed, his hand reached into his sleeve and pulled out a piece of polished jade. He lightly pressed on it, but the jade showed no reaction.

He tried again, but got the same result.

Once more, Bu Jingyun’s ears turned red. He gave Shi Sheng a side glance before passing her the jade and speaking reservedly, “Crush it.”

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘So you were just unable to crush it? You’re telling me that wasn’t a special communication method? Well, what were you trying to show-off for then?! 1/10.’

Shi Sheng received the jade and injected her spirit energy inside, causing it to snap in half with a crunch.

“Shen Yaoguang, what are you doing?!”

A furious roar accompanied the sound of jade shattering.

Shi Sheng tossed the broken piece of jade away before turning to answer Zhong Shiyi with a smile, “Didn’t you guys want a rematch? I helped you call them back!”

“And you said you weren’t in cahoots with Nine Silences Hall!” Zhong Shiyi flew into a rage, “If you weren’t in cahoots with them, why would you have a way to contact them?!”

“Eh, you can say what you like. Whatever floats your boat, dude.” Shi Sheng shrugged indifferently.

“Shen Yaoguang!”

“What’re you yelling for? I’m not deaf.” Shi Sheng picked at her ear. “Do you believe I’d get Nine Silences Hall to exterminate you guys if you continue yelling?”

Zhong Shiyi’s face was like a painter’s palette. Green one moment, and white the next. It somehow managed to look rather pretty.

Shocked by Shi Sheng’s words, everyone retreated several steps to clear an area around her

“Is Senior Yaoguang really in cahoots with Nine Silences Hall?”

“If she wasn’t, she wouldn’t have said those things! And just now, that jade she crushed was a transmission jade. She couldn’t have really called Nine Silences Hall back, could she?”


The low volumes of discussion occasionally made their way into Bu Jingyun’s ears. He turned his face slightly to glance at the girl standing next to him. She was looking towards the stage with only a slight smile, as if she was completely unaffected by the discussions around her.

She looked like she was in another world entirely, separated from them by an invisible barrier. It made her unable to fit in, yet at the same time, it made her stand out.

Author’s note:

900 recommendations for more chapters! Ah, my MC’s show-off skills are maxed out! Even I’m scared!

Though that suddenly makes me think… there probably isn’t another novel like this!

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: You mean another novel where the FL should really be called the ML and vice versa? If “General On Top, Me Below” had a FL that was better at showing off, I reckon it’d make a strong contender!

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