Chapter 203 : The Hallmaster Wants to Get Married Off (19)

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“You can call me ungrateful or unfilial, I don’t give a shit. I don’t plan on returning here anyways, so don’t try to drag me into your affairs.” Shi Sheng shrugged nonchalantly.

“Men! Escort this disobedient girl to her room!” Father Shen’s face was turning an unsightly green as he gave the order. ‘This damn girl’s acting like she’s been possessed today! Seems like I’ve been far too lenient with her; she needs to know who’s the one calling the shots around here!’

Several Shen Clan members emerged from the crowd.

“Eldest Young Miss, please forgive our transgression.” Shen Jin displayed a look of remorse before respectfully saluting Shi Sheng.

“It’s not gonna be pretty if we go all out.” Shi Sheng gave Father Shen a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes. “Are you sure you want to humiliate yourself at such an important gathering?”

Father Shen’s eyes were practically spewing flames at this point. ‘You still know this is an important gathering?! You’re aware it’s humiliating?!’

“Take her away!” ‘I’ll deal with this rebellious girl later.’

Shen Jin reacted as soon as the order was given. He had yet to even touch the edge of her clothes when a sharp pain emanated from the back of his hand. He swiftly jerked his hand back, only to discover that his hand was unbelievably swollen.

The smiling girl had pulled out a sword at one point, but by the time Shen Jin had taken a glimpse, the cold blade was already swinging at him.

“Shen Yaoguang!” Father Shen’s enraged shout reverberated throughout the great hall.

Shi Sheng didn’t hesitate in the slightest as her sword cut through the air at speeds the naked eye could barely follow.

However, just before her sword could reach its target, a sharp wind charged from behind Shi Sheng. She frowned before forcefully switching the sword’s direction to sweep behind her.

The ambusher was a member of the Shen Clan; however, with a short swipe of her sword, the man died instantly.

The moment the man had died, the crowd suddenly realised that this father and daughter pair were playing for keeps.

Father Shen’s blinding rage caused his breathing to turn heavy as he ordered his men to take the guests back to their lodgings. Though the guests wanted to remain and spectate, they clearly didn’t have any say in the matter, so they could only leave reluctantly.

Soon, only Shi Sheng and the other Shen Clan members were left in the great hall.

“Shen Yaoguang! The Shen Clan has raised and nurtured you for so many years, providing for your every need and giving you utmost glory, yet this is how you repay us?!” Father Shen’s face was extremely dark, disappointment and killing intent apparent in his eyes. ‘A disobedient daughter might as well be a dead one!’

“Do you have anything else left to say?” Shi Sheng had a slight smile gracing her face, yet it didn’t reach her eyes. Her pitch-black eyes were like twin pools of deathly still water; one couldn’t help but feel a shiver down their spine just by peering into her eyes.

She was akin to a demon that had crawled out from the deepest, darkest depths of the abyss.

Father Shen’s heart thumped wildly. ‘This person is not my daughter! My daughter doesn’t possess such a demonic smile!’

“Who are you?! What have you done to Yaoguang?!” Father Shen suddenly started yelling, causing the surrounding clansmen to turn confused.

‘Isn’t this our Eldest Young Miss…? Has Clan Head lost his marbles by becoming overwhelmed with rage?’

“I’m whoever you think I am.” Shi Sheng continued provoking him, heedless of his threats.

Father Shen nearly vomited blood. ‘You’re whoever I think you are?! How the hell would I know who you are?!’

“Seize her! Seize her right now!” ‘No matter who she is, she’s not going to leave here with her life intact!’

The Shen Clan’s disciples simply exchanged glances with each other.

“Well? What are you just standing there for?! Seize her!”

Only now did they gain the courage to charge forward and attempt to capture Shi Sheng.

But how could these disciples of the younger generation possibly be Shi Sheng’s match?

They only exchanged a few blows before Shi Sheng was the only one left standing.

The smarter ones laid on the ground and faked death, while the not-so-smart ones ‘bravely’ picked themselves up and died for real.

Shi Sheng’s wanton massacre bolstered the flames in Father Shen’s eyes, close to the point of wanting to ignite her. Seeing his men dying one by one, his gaze happened to land on a certain figure.

In the blink of an eye, Father Shen flashed over to Bu Jingyun. “Shen Yaoguang, stay your hand! Else I’ll kill him!”

Shi Sheng’s gaze swept over, her expression changing at the sight that greeted her.

Father Shen knew from her expression that he had made the right gamble. ‘Looks like this little white-face is important to her after all.’

But contrary to Father Shen’s expectations, Shi Sheng didn’t stop. Her blade continued its macabre dance, and blood continued to flow as the people around her collapsed.

Time seemed to freeze as silence befell the great hall like a curtain. Shi Sheng calmly turned to look at him and spoke, “You’re threatening me?”

“If you don’t want him to die, surrender without a fight! Otherwise, I’ll kill him!” Father Shen pressed his dagger against Bu Jingyun’s neck.

“Alright! Go ahead!” Shi Sheng suddenly kept her sword. “Are you sure you dare to kill him though?”

“He’s just your pet, why wouldn’t I? I don’t believe you really don’t care about him.” ‘This demoness definitely cares about him. If not, why would she bring him here despite him not possessing a shred of cultivation!’

“My…pet? Pfft—!” Shi Sheng suddenly broke out in laughter. That smile blooming on her face breathed some life into her expression. Although her eyes were still as calm as ever, they no longer emanated such a sinister feeling. “Bu Jingyun, see? Even they say you’re my pet!”

“Hmph!” ‘I refuse to be kept by her! As a man with dignity, that is absolutely out of the question!’

Bu Jingyun haughtily turned his head away, causing the edge of the blade to press even harder against his neck, causing a line of blood to appear on his neck. .

Shi Sheng’s eyes narrowed as she gave Father Shen a heads-up, “If you don’t let him go, the Shen Clan’s gonna be destroyed.”

“You plan to destroy the Shen Clan on your own?” Father Shen laughed coldly. “What do you take my Shen Clan for?”

“Who said I’d be alone?” Shi Sheng looked at Father Shen with a mocking gaze, as if she were looking at an idiot. “Didn’t you hear what I just called him?”

“What?” Father Shen still hadn’t caught on quite yet. ‘What did she call him? Bu…Bu Jingyun?!’

Father Shen’s expression quickly changed. There was no one in the Nine Provinces who didn’t know who Bu Jingyun was.

He took a closer look at the weak man he was holding hostage before looking back at the smirking Shi Sheng.

‘No, wait… How could Bu Jingyun possibly be this young? And what’s more, completely without cultivation? Bu Jingyun’s already been famous for a century. Even if he is extraordinarily powerful, there’s no way he could preserve his youth to this degree! This is definitely not Bu Jingyun! This woman must be lying to me!’

“The Clan Head of the Shen Clan actually threatens a weak woman by holding an innocent man hostage. If others knew about this, it’d be enough for them to laugh for several years.”

‘A weak woman…

With that level of destructive ability, she still has the face to use that phrase to describe herself?!’

“Enough nonsense! Lower your weapon!” Father Shen was thoroughly convinced that Shi Sheng was lying to him. He pressed the dagger even harder against Bu Jingyun’s neck.

Bu Jingyun could smell blood. His nose twitched, and he could feel his stomach roil a bit.

Shi Sheng frowned, her figure suddenly disappearing. Having lost visual track of her, Father Shen panicked slightly as he desperately surveyed his surroundings.

A dark shadow flashed past his field of vision. Before he could understand what was happening a sharp pain cut into his arm and his wrist was roughly shoved away by a cold, hard object. He was violently kicked in the chest, forcing him to retreat from Bu Jingyun.

Shi Sheng dragged Bu Jingyun to her side. The smell of his own blood and the blood of the fallen mixed together, making him want to puke.

Immediately right after, he felt something shoved into his mouth. That refreshing object brought forth a sweet fragrance that melted in his mouth, dispersing the smell of blood.

He lifted his head to look at the girl beside him. There was an inexplicable coldness on her smooth face as she tore a strip of cloth from her clothes to use as a makeshift bandage for stopping the blood flowing down his neck.

‘This pretentious woman! Her indifference just now was all an act! See, she cares about me a lot! Hmph!’

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Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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