Chapter 202 : The Hallmaster Wants to Get Married Off (18)

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Bu Jingyun had already disappeared by the time Shi Sheng had left. Only after she’d looked for him for a while did she find him next to a pond.


‘What the hell is Qin Langyue doing here? Fuck! How’d these two bitches hook up?’

“Sir, many thanks for just now.” Qin Langyue was completely soaked through from head to toe. A breeze coincidentally blew past, causing her body to tremble slightly. Her voice began quivering as she spoke, “May I have the honor of knowing your name so that I may repay you in the future?”

A hint of impatience flashed by Bu Jingyun’s eyes and just as he attempted to leave, Qin Langyue unexpectedly staggered and began falling towards Bu Jingyun.

‘Hey! What the fuck?!’ Shi Sheng, who had been casually spectating, finally erupted. ‘FL-sama, you want to ascend the heavens?! Your ML-sama’s still waiting for you to bestow your favour upon him, why are you running all the way here to bother my villain-sama for?!’

Shi Sheng dashed forward and caught the soaking wet Qin Langyue, keeping her at arms-length from Bu Jingyun. “Qin Langyue, be mindful of propriety! What’re you throwing yourself into my future husband’s arms for?”

The “Future Husband” Bu Jingyun, “…”

‘Unwilling to admit I know her! I don’t know this shameless woman! Hmph!’

A flash of killing intent flickered in Qin Langyue’s eyes as she jerked her arm from Shi Sheng’s grasp. “I just lost my balance, that was all.”

‘You think I’d fall for this kind of useless fellow? All he has is a pretty face. Only Shen Yaoguang would be dumb enough to treat him like a treasure.’

Shi Sheng didn’t miss the glint of disdain and contempt in Qin Langyue’s eyes.

She patted her chest in an exaggerated manner. “Phew, I thought you were gonna fight me for him.”

Qin Langyue stared at Bu Jingyun somewhat regretfully before nodding politely. “Many thanks for your help just now, Sir.”

Bu Jingyun simply turned his head.

Qin Langyue’s brows furrowed, the disdain in her eyes quickly becoming more profound. “Senior Yaoguang, I’ll take my leave first.”

She didn’t bother to wait for Shi Sheng’s reply before taking off.

“Why’d she thank you just now?” Shi Sheng turned to gaze at Bu Jingyun and asked out of curiosity. ‘It didn’t seem like the FL took a liking to him…?’

“Hmph!” Bu Jingyun aloofly turned his head away.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘What’re you harrumphing at me for?’

Thanks to Shi Sheng’s unceasing efforts, she finally managed to pry it out of Bu Jingyun.

Apparently, Qin Langyue was being bullied when Bu Jingyun coincidentally showed up. Afraid of getting in trouble, the bullies escaped the scene the moment they saw him.

Shi Sheng was at a loss. ‘How the hell does that count as saving? What the hell is the FL thinking? And getting bullied? Her? You gotta be fucking with me!

Isn’t this FL supposed to be the ridiculously strong type that wins no matter what? You’re a fucking idiot if you think I could ever be so stupid as to believe, even for one second, that she wouldn’t be able to deal with a couple of small fries!’

“Where’s that piece of scrap I gave you last time?” Shi Sheng suddenly asked.

Bu Jingyun responded by staring at her in utter confusion. ‘What piece of scrap? The one you gave me at the Academy? Already discarded it ages ago. All it does is block one attack before losing its value. Simply pathetic…’

“The Medicine King’s Furnace.” Shi Sheng added.

Bu Jingyun, “…”

‘If the Medicine King’s Furnace is a piece of scrap, what position would that put all those people who’re currently smashing their heads open trying to get a hold of it? Their combined spit would be enough to drown you!’

“Brought it.” Bu Jingyun grunted.

“No wonder.” Shi Sheng rubbed her chin, her expression reflecting someone who unravelled a mystery.

‘FL was actually after the Medicine King’s Furnace. You want it eh? Well, you have to be alive first to get it!’

Shi Sheng revealed a sinister grin while harboring unscrupulous thoughts; however, Bu Jingyun caught this scene from the corner of his eye. He got the impression that the person standing beside him right now wasn’t a human but rather a demon. That enchantingly beautiful face of hers was really nothing but a scam.


As the host of the banquet, Fathen Shen had the duty to deliver a speech at its inception.

Opening speeches were akin to the bandages on an old grandma’s leg: long and stinky. Shi Sheng had yawned quite a few times, feeling very drowsy as she listened mindlessly.

“Today, I would like to take the opportunity to make an announcement.” Father Shen paused dramatically before continuing, “My daughter, Yaoguang, and the Third Prince shall be engaged in today’s gathering.”

‘Wait wha—?! Engagement? With that Third Prince? Are you out of your fucking mind?!’

Shi Sheng immediately started paying attention. She stared at Father Shen, who coincidentally glanced in her direction. He beckoned her over. “Yaoguang, come over.”

Third Prince was already on his feet and made his way over to Father Shen’s side, staring at her with a very warm expression.

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Mama, no! There’s poison in the script!’

Everyone’s gazes were directed towards Shi Sheng, eventually landing on the handsome man next to her. Half her body was leaning onto him while her arm entwined with his. With such an intimate posture, even an idiot could tell their relationship wasn’t simple.

The crowd’s gazes were quickly becoming unreadable. ‘There’s a good show coming up.’

Shi Sheng didn’t budge from her seat and spoke with a slight smile, “I never agreed to any engagement. Don’t look to me for marriage alliances.”

She’d been left completely in the dark about this subterfuge. Just from this, it can be concluded that the Shen Clan had no concern for her opinions. In their eyes, she was a tool they could use to gain more benefits.

‘Ha… looks like Shen Yaoguang had a pretty good reason to want this clan destroyed.

A clan like this might as bloody well be eradicated.’

The Third Prince was a scumbag who’d abandoned the female lead, then regretted it endlessly, and finally fell for the female lead to the point where he was willing to take a blow for her.

‘Aren’t you aware that anyone who fights the FL for her men will die very tragically?’

“Yaoguang,” Father Shen’s expression darkened, “What are you saying? Come over here.”

“You don’t understand my words? Welp, can’t help you there. I don’t sell any items that increase IQ.” Shi Sheng shrugged helplessly.

“Shen Yaoguang!”

“Yaoguang, you don’t like me?” Third Prince stopped Father Shen and inquired with a very sincere expression.

“Yep, don’t like you.” ‘What? You think you’re RMB? Think everyone’ll just like you? Idiot!’

Third Prince’s expression stiffened.

Her blunt reply had preempted his speech. He didn’t know how to continue.

‘I’m such a handsome and eloquent man, how can a woman who doesn’t like me possibly exist?

This Shen Yaoguang is simply too ignorant of what’s good for her! And hanging out with random men at such a young age… Had it not been for the fact that her looks are acceptable and the imperial family requires the Shen Clan’s backing, I would never have agreed to an engagement with her! Countless women can only dream of marrying me, yet she doesn’t even appreciate it!’

“Just as well though.” Shi Sheng stood up and strolled to the centre. “Since there are already so many people gathered here today, you guys can be my witnesses.”

The confused crowd, “…” ‘This development seems a bit off…’

“I, Shen Yaoguang, hereby renounce all ties with the Shen Clan. We shall never have anything to do with each other again.” Shi Sheng’s voice echoed throughout the great hall. At that moment, you could hear a pin drop.

“What did you just say?” Father Shen thought he was hearing things and couldn’t help but ask.

Shi Sheng very ‘considerately’ repeated herself once more, “I said: I, Shen Yaoguang, hereby renounce all ties with the Shen Clan. We shall never have anything to do with each other again.”

“You—” Father Shen was so furious that his hand was trembling as he pointed a finger at her. He didn’t manage to finish his sentence for he was overwhelmed with anger.

‘The clan has expended so many resources to nurture her, yet this ungrateful girl wants to wipe the slate clean by simply renouncing her ties?!’

He took a deep breath and hid all traces of his anger before adopting the spitting image of a doting father. “Yaoguang, enough nonsense already. There are a lot of guests present today. Even if you want to crack a joke, you should pick a better time. Do you not know your limits anymore because I’ve been too lenient with you?

Father Shen had phrased his words very nicely. First, he phrased her words as just cracking a joke. Then, he stated how he usually doted on her a lot, so that others would know just how well the Shen Clan’s Eldest Young Miss was treated.

Even at such an important gathering, he could tolerate her antics.

If she still wanted to sever her ties now, she’d be known as an ingrate.

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