Chapter 209 : The Hallmaster Wants to Get Married Off (25)

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The tale of Scarlet Yearning was very melodramatic. Basically, it was a disaster instigated by a man.

Once upon a time, there was a married couple. One day, the husband cheated on his wife. Unfortunately, the wife couldn’t win him back and was nearly killed by her husband and his new lover.

With only vengeance on her mind, the wife devoted herself to research for many years and finally succeeded, creating a forbidden art.

That forbidden art was Scarlet Yearning.

Once cursed with this art, the man had to drink a woman’s blood to ease the immense pain the curse brought upon him.

And that woman had to be the woman who cast the art upon him in the first place; the blood of any other women was insufficient.

In the story, the husband drained his lover of her blood, but had still died in the end.

Scarlet Yearning had been passed down ever since then to deal with unfaithful men who’d let down their women.


‘How come Bu Jingyun was cursed with Scarlet Yearning? Who’d he offend?

And it doesn’t seem like he needs the blood of any particular woman… as long as it’s a woman, her blood can ease his pain.’

Shi Sheng felt like dog blood was being dumped on her by the basinful.

She silently put the book away. After searching endlessly, she’d only found this one book that was of any use, yet the most important part had been torn out. She felt like killing someone.


Because his new City Lord wasn’t exactly the most reliable person, Big Man couldn’t help but worry inside.

However, he soon discovered that his worries were unfounded; the people attacking the city’s defensive formation soon gave up…because they themselves were under attack.

Their exorbitant use of spirit energy had attracted the magic beasts of Sunset Forest, who eagerly charged towards what they perceived to be dinner.

They hadn’t even entered Sunset Forest yet and had already suffered so many casualties. The hatred they felt towards Four-Square City and Shen Yaoguang was now strong enough to cause their teeth to ache.

By the time all the different forces had assembled together and were ready to enter Sunset Forest, virtually everyone appeared like they had experienced some form of torment, aside from those that had arrived last.

During this period of time, Qin Langyue had already met Love Interest N, the young captain of a mercenary band, so she was better off than most.

Everyone entered Sunset Forest while split into smaller teams. Because they didn’t have the exact position of the treasure they were seeking, they naturally split up and went off into different directions.

Qin Langyue had originally been together with Love Interest N’s mercenary band, but was later split up from them when they encountered some wolves. Now, not even Jiang Mu was by her side.

The only person with her right now…was Shi Sheng.

Don’t ask Shi Sheng why she was in the same place as the female lead.

‘Female leads and villains are each other’s ‘true love’; they’ll be struck by lightning if they aren’t together!

Even though I already did my very best to avoid Qin Langyue at any cost, all sorts of accidental coincidences still brought us together!

Really, I have to give the all-mighty Plot-sama a ‘like’.’

Shi Sheng appeared much more leisurely compared to Qin Langyue, who was somewhat dishevelled. The two were separated by a stream that flowed off somewhere unknown.

Shi Sheng didn’t move, so Qin Langyue didn’t either. The latter eyed the former guardedly.

Shi Sheng felt her eyes starting to ache from the staring, so she turned them and suddenly retreated into the woods behind her.

Qin Langyue let out a sigh of relief upon seeing Shi Sheng’s figure slowly disappear into the underbrush.

Ever since she’d entered Sunset Forest, she’d almost always been on the run and hadn’t had the chance to take a rest. She hadn’t expected to meet Shen Yaoguang here of all places.

This Shen Yaoguang gave Qin Langyue a bad feeling, so her first reaction upon seeing her was to put up her guard.

Qin Langyue silently waited for a while, and only after she was sure Shi Sheng had left did she walk over to the banks of the stream to clean herself up.

The water in the stream was crystal clear. The sight of it reminded her that she hadn’t bathed for several days. She walked for a distance upstream and after making sure there was no one in the vicinity, she undressed herself and waded into the stream to enjoy a refreshing bath.

But just as she was starting to enjoy herself, a rustling sound came from the woods across from her.

It felt like a formless hand had gripped her heart. She quickly reached out to grab her cloak, but just as her hand touched the fabric, a wildwind wolf leapt out from the forest. It had a powerful body with a ferocious gaze and razor-sharp teeth.

After the first wildwind wolf appeared, it was soon followed by a second, and then a third…

Qin Langyue froze on the spot. She’d experienced the might of wildwind wolves first-hand before.

They congregated into packs and were very united. Their agility was nothing to scoff at either. They were a remarkably clever species of magic beast.

Since Qin Langyue didn’t move, the wolf pack didn’t either.

The wolf that had leapt out first was noticeably larger than the others, and they all seemed very respectful towards it. It was the King of this pack of wildwind wolves.

The Wolf King’s glowing green eyes moved, as if he couldn’t understand why the human he was just chasing had suddenly changed.

But upon remembering that all humans were shameless and deserved to die, a hint of ferocity flashed in his eyes as he gave a low roar, causing the surrounding wolves to pounce at Qin Langyue.

Qin Langyue was already beginning to panic, so upon seeing the wolf pack making a move to attack, she swiftly grabbed her cloak and used it to cover herself as she clambered onshore and escaped towards the distant woods.

The Wolf King roared angrily, causing the other wolves to chase after Qin Langyue like lightning.

There were practically no beaten paths in Sunset Forest, so Qin Langyue, being human, was at a natural disadvantage running in the woods. It didn’t take long before she was surrounded by the wolf pack.

Having nothing but a cloak to cover her, the coldness that the buffeting wind brought caused goosebumps to rise all over her body. Adding on the fact that she was being eyed by an entire wolf pack, she couldn’t help but tremble a bit. ‘Am I really going to fall here?’

Her contracted beast had fallen into a deep slumber in order to help her before. Now, no matter how much she called out to it, there was no response.

More and more wolves gathered around. Qin Langyue gritted her teeth, drawing her weapon to attack. ‘I can’t die here! If other people can live perfectly fine after transmigrating, why can’t I? I will not die here!

But Qin Langyue had underestimated the power of a pack of wildwind wolves. Even if she could kill every single one that came her way, the sheer number of enemies ensured she’d run out of strength long before they ran out of numbers.

Qin Langyue’s stamina slowly depleted. She had many pills for recovering spirit energy, but none for stamina.

When she finally started showing signs of fatigue, the Wolf King seized the opportunity to pounce on her and bite her neck.

Qin Langyue fell to the ground, the sudden movement causing the cloak covering her naked body to fall off and reveal her fair, delicate body.

The Wolf King fiercely bit into Qin Langyue, but before she could retaliate, she was knocked unconscious.

When Qin Langyue woke up, she found herself laying on a stone bed. The soreness coming from her lower body and the colorful bruises decorating the rest of her body caused her to feel like she’d been struck by lightning.

She’d been…raped?

And possibly by a wolf at that?

Qin Langyue couldn’t help but feel an urge to vomit rising up her throat. ‘I was…by a wolf…’

Qin Langyue felt like she was covered in filth, making her wish that she could just eliminate that despicable wolf king immediately.


After Shi Sheng had brought the wolves over, she trailed behind the pack to see what happened.

Naturally, she’d seen that the Wolf King had originally planned on killing Qin Langyue right then and there, but after her fair body was revealed, he had changed his mind and simply knocked Qin Langyue unconscious before dragging her back to his den.

Shi Sheng was agitated to the point where she felt like clawing at the tree she was standing on. ‘I wanted you to kill her, not make her your wife! Goddammit, why’d you bring her back?! You are a wolf! Even if you’re a wolf king that can take human form, that doesn’t change the fact you’re a wolf! Don’t you know it’s impossible for humans and animals to have a happily ever after?!’

Shi Sheng almost couldn’t restrain herself from tossing a lightning ball at the dumb wolves’ den.

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Translator’s Corner:

Editor: Orz… Wolf King, you big pervert!

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