Chapter 210 : The Hallmaster Wants to Get Married Off (26)

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In the end, since she figured she couldn’t just blow them up, she ventured out and disturbed a snakes’ den and baited them over to the wolves’ lair.

The battle between the two species was quite a sight to behold.

Both types of magic beasts gathered together in groups, and both were carnivorous beasts. Their close proximity increased the likelihood that they’d fought over territory and food before.

This time, their battle was a spectacular scene. Both the Wolf King and Snake King weren’t too fond of each other. But the Snake King was slightly stronger than the Wolf King, so Snake King won the battle in the end.

The Wolf King didn’t want to die, so he offered Qin Langyue as a concession to the Snake King in exchange for sparing him.

Snakes were lustful creatures by nature, but they rarely had the opportunity to see female humans in Sunset Forest. As a result, when the Wolf King presented his proposal, the Snake King gave a brief show of pondering over it before ‘reluctantly’ accepting.

And thus, Qin Langyue was quickly traded to the Snake King.

Perhaps because Shi Sheng had altered the script so drastically and quickly, Qin Langyue’s cheats just couldn’t keep up. She didn’t even have a chance to resist before she was dragged back to Snake King’s den for a couple of rounds of doing the deed.

Shi Sheng was totally unaware of all this, as she had left as soon as she’d successfully lured the snakes over. ‘The FL won’t die anyways, no point in watching…’


The rare treasure that would soon ripen… er, mature was first discovered by the imperial clan faction.

Since they had some transmission jades on them, the news was circulated to all the major clans and powers almost instantly.

As every faction made a beeline to the treasure’s location, the already chaotic Sunset Forest developed into absolute pandemonium.

Shi Sheng followed the main group to the ‘place of interest’, where she discovered that not only were there many humans, there were also all sorts of magical beasts present.

The two sides were separated by a lake, each side staring at the other.

In the middle of the lake, there was a flower that resembled a lotus, except that its petals were seven-coloured.

Yep, that’s right, it was seven-coloured. Just like the Seven-coloured Flower of legend1.

‘I wonder if a petal can really grant a wish?’

Although this seven-coloured flower looked like it hadn’t bloomed yet, everyone present could feel that the spirit energy in the air was of a higher density.

Shi Sheng searched through Shen Yaoguang’s memories but didn’t find anything that matched, so she searched through the setting instead, and managed to find the name of this plant.

Rainbow Lotus.

It was still a lotus, only coloured differently. However, it’s grade was several hundred times higher than that of any normal lotus. Rainbow Lotuses bloomed once every thousand years and only bore fruit a thousand years after that.

It was said that the fruit itself held the power of resurrection.

Meanwhile, the petals were said to have the effect of increasing one’s cultivation. Just a single petal was enough for a Spirit Sage to breakthrough into the Spirit Saint realm.

The number of Spirit Saints in the Nine Provinces could be counted using both of one’s hands.

It was said that an expert of the Spirit Saint realm was able to turn a city into ash with a mere wave of their hand.

Basically, they were awesome.

If a Spirit Saint were to be born from a clan, that clan would almost immediately be elevated to the status of one of the most powerful powers in the Nine Provinces.

With this kind of temptation right in front of them, the number of people who wanted to obtain the Rainbow Lotus was enough to circle the entirety of the Nine Provinces several times over.

Shi Sheng simply found a good spot for spectating and sat down to wait for the inevitable catfight between humans and beasts.

While they were waiting for the Rainbow Lotus to bloom, the humans seemed to have formed an alliance with the imperial family and major great clans at the forefront. The rest of the powers that didn’t join them found their own alliances to join.

“Nine Silences Hall is here.”

“Nine Silences Hall… How come they’re here…”

Shi Sheng turned to look at where all the others were facing and just so happened to see the Sentinel leading Nine Silences Hall’s disciples over. Bu Jingyun was nowhere to be seen.

Not seeing Bu Jingyun amidst the crowd, Shi Sheng retracted her gaze. ‘His injuries probably haven’t healed yet. Makes sense he isn’t here.’

Nine Silences Hall very overbearingly took over the best spot by the lake.

‘Don’t like it? Come up and fight then! The strongest calls the shots!’

By the time night fell, Shi Sheng was already bored to the point where she was just idly swinging her legs in the air. ‘So many people guarding this one flower, yet it still stubbornly refuses to bloom…’

Shi Sheng wished she could just pry its petals apart.

But whilst she was secretly considering whether or not to actually do so, the branch behind her suddenly sank down.

Shi Sheng’s expression changed slightly and with a flip of her wrist, her sword appeared and she swept it behind her. Leaves rustled, but she found no one behind her.

Shi Sheng humphed once before putting her sword away. “Since you’ve already come, what’re you still hiding for, Bu Jingyun?”

A red shadow leapt down from above and landed nimbly in front of Shi Sheng. “Hmph!”

‘Don’t think that just because you knew it was me that I’ll be happy!’

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘This damned tsun!’

Shi Sheng’s grip on her sword tightened. Only after a long while did she finally loosen her grip and sit back down on her branch.

Bu Jingyun humphed grumpily. Seeing that Shi Sheng was ignoring him, he leapt onto the branch next to hers and sat down.

Shi Sheng simply continued ignoring him.

Bu Jingyun was beginning to feel anxious. He opened his lips, but didn’t manage to actually say anything.

‘Hmph! She’s not talking to me on purpose! Fine, I won’t talk to you either!’

But soon, Bu Jingyun was unable to sit still, fidgeting in place beside her.

Shi Sheng frowned in irritation. She shoved him off the tree without hesitation. ‘It’s all shrubbery down there anyways, he’ll live.’

The red-clothed man with peerless looks lay amidst the greenery as he stared dumbly at the person still firmly seated on the tree. His expression was probably best described as… at a loss.

Shi Sheng felt annoyed by the sight of those red clothes, so she jumped off the tree and reached out to strip him.

Bu Jingyun swiftly caught Shi Sheng’s hand. “What are you doing?”

“Stripping you.” Shi Sheng wrestled free from his grasp and reached out with her claws for his waist.

Bu Jingyun’s face was red from anger as he desperately protected his belt. “You can’t!”

Shi Sheng scoffed coldly. “Who told you to wear red in front of me? Move your hand, else I’m using violence.”

“Never going to, even if you use force!” Bu Jingyun humphed. ‘These are my clothes! Mine! How come this woman always wants to strip them off? Shameless!’

“Are you letting go or not?”

“No!” Bu Jingyun determinedly protected his clothes. “Shen Yaoguang, do you believe I’ll commit suicide if you continue?”

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Are you addicted to threatening me now? Fine, I won’t strip you today…’

Bu Jingyun’s eyes flashed as he suddenly hugged Shi Sheng’s neck and kissed her, pressing her body under his.

Brilliant red clothes spread out, entirely blocking her petite body from view. Bu Jingyun had completely trapped her in his arms as he kissed her. It was a kiss that contained a hint of longing.

Shi Sheng had been completely caught off guard by this kiss.

‘Oi, what the hell is it with you just kissing me whenever you damn feel like it, huh? Fuck!’

Shi Sheng tried to bite him again, but he’d learned his lesson from last time; he hurriedly drew his tongue back and simply kept his lips pressed against hers, still lightly rubbing.

He didn’t want to admit that he’d missed her scent. But damn it all if his body wasn’t being more honest than his brain was.

‘Hmph! It’s all because she seduced me!’

Thinking that, Bu Jingyun bit Shi Sheng’s lip. His tongue, whether intentionally or otherwise, brushed up against her lips right after, causing her to feel a tingling sensation.

Shi Sheng’s body trembled. It wasn’t from any pleasure from the kiss, no. It was from anger.

Her gaze immediately turned sinister. Having noticed this, Bu Jingyun quickly attempted to release her. ‘Better not mess around with her anymore. I’ve had my fill, time to leg it!’

Author’s note:

You lot mustn’t run after eating! Come on, serve up the votes~

  1. Even if it says legend here, I think the actual source was a children’s fairy-tale… do you want me to translate that fairy-tale?


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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