Chapter 213 : The Hallmaster Wants to Get Married Off (29)

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Once the man who was tasked with crippling Qin Langyue finished the job, someone immediately shouted at Shi Sheng, “Alright Shen Yaoguang, we’ve crippled her, so hand over the Rainbow Lotus now!”

After Qin Langyue’s cultivation had been crippled, these people who lusted after the Rainbow Lotus immediately became excited. Their eyes nearly spewed flames as they stared at Shi Sheng.

‘Spirit Saint ah! What a tantalising prospect!’

Shi Sheng raised her lips in a mocking smile before speaking in a ridiculing tone, “I don’t have any rainbow lotuses on me.”

‘I never admitted that I had that piece of junk! Have your brains been eaten by pigs? They instantly believed Qin Langyue’s story just because she said so! Idiots!’

“Shen Yaoguang, what’s the meaning of this? Hurry up and hand over the Rainbow Lotus!”

“Don’t try to stall for time! We have countless people on our side! You better have the strength to beat all of us if you decide not to uphold your end of the bargain!”

“Did you not understand me the first time? I said: I. Don’t. Have. The. Rainbow. Lotus!” Shi Sheng slowed down her speech so that everyone could hear her words clearly.

“Shen Yaoguang, we’ve already fulfilled your demands, so don’t even think about going back on your word! Hand over the Rainbow Lotus. Otherwise, her fate will become your fate!” A tall man pointed at Qin Langyue and spoke with a ferocious expression.

“Shen Yaoguang, don’t test our patience! Hurry up and hand the Rainbow Lotus over!”

“Hurry up and hand it over…”

“Hurry up…”

Everyone started clamouring over each other.

Shi Sheng simply ignored their shouts and proceeded towards Qin Langyue, causing the crowd to tense up and fix their gazes on her.

Shi Sheng didn’t mind the stares. She squatted down and pinched Qin Langyue’s wrist.

“Shen… Yaoguang…” Qin Langyue struggled to lift her head. Her eyes were filled with streaks of blood, making her look somewhat eerie. Combined with her ferocious expression, she looked like a malicious spirit.

‘She really crippled my cultivation! She really…

I want to kill her!’

“En?” Shi Sheng was currently feeling around Qin Langyue’s wrist, but turned to look at her upon hearing her own name.

“I… won’t… forget… this!” Qin Langyue spoke through gritted teeth.

“Oh.” Shi Sheng simply retracted her gaze before her fingers tightened, causing Qin Langyue’s expression to change.

“You— Sh-Shen Yaoguang, y-y-you…what’re…you doing?!” Qin Langyue desperately struggled to free herself, but her current strength was no match for Shi Sheng’s.

“Collecting a bit of interest.” ‘Dared to frame me… do you think I’m a saint that’ll forgive you just like that?’

“No!” A hint of terror finally surfaced in Qin Langyue’s eyes.

‘She’s feeling around my wrist…? She’s clearly looking for my spatial storage bracelet! How did she find out about it? I’ve never used it in front of others, nor have I ever mentioned it to anyone, so how did she know?!’

“Shen Yaoguang, what’re you playing at? Hurry up and hand over the Rainbow Lotus!” The people surrounding them were beginning to get impatient.

Shi Sheng didn’t answer him. Her fingers were currently pinching an invisible object that she was simultaneously injecting her spirit energy into.

Qin Langyue had just been grievously injured, so she was currently very weak. It was a simple matter for Shi Sheng to break the bond between a crippled Qin Langyue and the bracelet.

As expected, a very antique bracelet soon appeared on Qin Langyue’s wrist.


Shi Sheng immediately slipped the bracelet off Qin Langyue’s wrist.

The setting for this world was that of an ownerless space that could be accessed by anyone.

Once Shi Sheng found the Rainbow Lotus, she returned the bracelet to Qin Langyue.

Qin Langyue had already found a box for the Rainbow Lotus, so Shi Sheng didn’t have to bother with finding something to preserve it.

The moment she’d secured the Rainbow Lotus, Shi Sheng fled the scene immediately. Because her actions had been too fast, the others weren’t able to react on time.

“Shen Yaoguang!”

A group of people soon chased after her, shouting her name. However, as they furiously ran after her, they didn’t notice that the direction she ran towards had brought them over to the magic beasts.

By the time they’d discovered this, it was already too late.

Magic beasts didn’t have any friendly feelings towards humans, thus, their sudden intrusion into the magic beasts’ territory was seen as an act of aggression. Naturally, the magic beasts wouldn’t stand for this.


Once Shi Sheng had shook those annoyances off her tail, she made a detour back to where Bu Jingyun was. Currently, he was standing together with the people from Nine Silences Hall, who immediately put up their guard upon seeing her.

Shi Sheng tossed the box containing the Rainbow Lotus to Bu Jingyun before speaking with a contemptuous expression, “Here. Really dunno what you want this Mary Sue1 for though.”

As Bu Jingyun held the box in his hands, he could only feel his lips twitch. ‘She really managed to snatch it from so many people? That scornful expression will really anger those people to insanity… And what’s a Mary Sue? It sounds impressive.’


The only reason he’d gotten his men to fight for the Rainbow Lotus was because he’d seen her sitting here and staring at it. Thinking she wanted it, he’d planned to secure it to give to her as a gift..

But as it turned out, she wasn’t here for the Rainbow Lotus at all. Now that she’s already stolen it herself, how was he supposed to give it to her?

Thus, Bu Jingyun could only silently accept it.

The Sentinel was a bit befuddled at this moment as well. ‘This witch… doesn’t treat Hallmaster as bad I thought. She actually snatched this kind of thing to gift to Hallmaster.’

“Where are we going to now?” Bu Jingyun handed the Rainbow Lotus over to the Sentinel for safekeeping, before turning to ask Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng smoothed out her slightly crinkled dress before calmly directing her gaze towards the depths of the forest.

“Going to pick some fights.”

Bu Jingyun, “…”

‘Do you not know how to do anything besides picking fights?

You’re so fierce, no wonder nobody wants you and you have to resort to forcing a marriage! Hmph!

Only I could be kind enough to allow you to force a marriage! Had it been anyone else, they’d have beaten you to death already!’

Shi Sheng just casually left after causing so much trouble, and calmly started heading towards the depths of the forest.

Bu Jingyun only brought the Sentinel, leaving the rest of his forces behind.

The deeper they ventured, the higher the level of the magic beasts were.

Because of this, the Sentinel was starting to worry. “Hallmaster, it’s not safe to continue any further.”

‘All that woman’s been doing these last few days is aimlessly wander ahead. Even if I don’t have to act whenever we meet magic beasts, from the encounters today, the magic beasts from here on aren’t going to be as easy to deal with…’

He didn’t know why his Hallmaster insisted on following her.

“She won’t let anything happen to me.” Bu Jingyun’s lips curved ever so slightly as he l gazed at the petite figure ahead.

Had that sentence been spoken by a young lady, there wouldn’t have been any problem2. But it was actually spoken by a fully grown man, and his most powerful Hallmaster at that!

The Sentinel could almost hear his impression of his all-powerful Hallmaster shattering like glass in his mind. ‘Hallmaster, your reaction isn’t quite right ah!’

“You return first.”

“Ah?” ‘Were we talking about this now?’

“That won’t do!” Once he’d reacted, the Sentinel immediately shook his head. “I have to be by your side.”

‘As your Sentinel, my job is to protect you, Hallmaster!’

Bu Jingyun gave him a frosty look before speaking in an aloof tone, “I don’t wish to say it thrice. Return.”

The Sentinel, “…” ‘How can I possibly rest assured when I’m handing you over to that witch?’

Bu Jingyun’s stare turned even colder as time passed, so the Sentinel eventually caved in. He could only sullenly respond, “…Yes.”

Only when he’d gotten the answer he wanted did Bu Jingyun start to hurriedly jog to keep up with Shi Sheng. The two slowly disappeared into the tall grasses.

The Sentinel scratched his head. ‘What’ll I do about Hallmaster’s safety? Argh, god dammit!

In the end, the Sentinel decided to quietly trail them from afar. After all, he wasn’t reassured in leaving his Hallmaster in the hands of ‘that witch’. ‘Shen Yaoguang only knows how to bully my Hallmaster!’

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  1. In so far as I can tell, Mary Sues = rainbows/OP FLs

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  2. Fun fact: In Chinese, he/she/it all sound the same when spoken. They’re written differently, but there’s really no way to tell when it’s spoken unless you know beforehand. So, “She won’t let anything happen to me.” could just as easily have sounded like “He won’t let anything happen to me.”


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