Chapter 219 : Petty Ghosts are Hard to Deal With (1)

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When Shi Sheng returned to the system space, she appeared to be rather out of sorts. For a long time, she simply stood, motionless, without saying a single word.

During this period of time, System felt like it should break the silence, but in the end, it didn’t dare to. ‘I don’t think it would be a good decision to bother Host right now…’

After who knows how long, Shi Sheng slowly walked over to the screen. Her head was slightly lowered so her expression was hidden, but the oppressive pressure surrounding her at that moment was a pretty good indication that she was anything but pleased.

Just when the System was beginning to feel a bit anxious, Shi Sheng suddenly slapped her hand down onto the screen.

“Shouldn’t you be giving me an explanation?” The grinding force behind the words indicated that she was speaking through clenched teeth.

[Host…] ‘I’m just a System! Please don’t take your anger out on me!’

Shi Sheng’s fingertip lightly traced the screen. With the faint light emanating from the screen adding onto the eeriness of her expression, Shi Sheng’s face looked extremely horrifying to the System currently facing the brunt of her interrogation.. “Can’t explain? Then I’ll dismantle you!”

[Host!] ‘You can’t dismantle me!’


If the System was human, right now it would have been trembling in its boots. Only after a long while did it gather enough courage to speak, [Host, I can only tell you that Feng Ci will appear in your missions. I can’t tell you anything else.]

This was the System’s bottom line.

“Will he be in every mission?” Shi Sheng’s eyes flashed.

[…I am unable to tell you that.]

“Huh…” Shi Sheng took her hand back from the screen. “What’s the person behind you planning? En?”

[……] ‘Host, are you suffering from paranoia? Forget it, I’ll just keep my mouth shut.’

Shi Sheng stared expressionlessly at the stats that appeared on the screen.

Name: Shi Sheng

Morality Points: -125,000

Life Points: 20

Contribution Points: 13,500

Mission Rank: C

Mission Points: 76

Hidden Quest: Not completed

Hidden Quest Reward: 0 Contribution Points

Side Quest : Not completed

Side Quest Reward: 0 Contribution Points

Item List: “Queen’s Crown”

‘Morality points went down by 3k, even life points got deducted by 10!’ Shi Sheng could barely suppress the urge to dismantle System, but upon thinking that she might be able to meet Feng Ci again in these missions, she held back.

“Why did Bu Jingyun suffer from Scarlet Yearning?”

[Do you wish to know the hidden plot?]


Although the clan Bu Jingyun had been born into was not a very prestigious clan, it had still been somewhat reputable. However, the year Bu Jingyun was born, his father disappeared, starting the series of unfortunate events that would shape his life.

His uncle had coveted his mother for her beautiful looks. As Mother Bu was merely a weak woman with no way of protecting either herself or Bu Jingyun, she could only marry his uncle for her son’s sake.

But Uncle Bu was already married, and even had a kid of his own. Ever since the day Mother Bu married Uncle Bu, his original wife opposed Mother Bu at every chance.

But the more she did so, the more Uncle Bu doted on Mother Bu.

With her heart twisted by jealousy, the original wife secretly obtained the method to cast Scarlet Yearning from a wandering cultivator and attempted to use it on Uncle Bu.

Unfortunately, the wife hadn’t expected that not only did Uncle Bu dote heavily on Mother Bu, he also treated Bu Jingyun like his own son. As a result, Bu Jingyun had been the one to drink the chicken soup she placed the catalyst for Scarlet Yearning in.

But since she didn’t fully complete the forbidden art, the Scarlet Yearning in Bu Jingyun was only half-complete. This was the reason why he didn’t have to drink the blood of a specific woman.

A half-completed Scarlet Yearning wouldn’t act up as swiftly. Only when Bu Jingyun was 16 did he suffer an attack.

Once his uncle’s wife found out, she immediately began spreading rumours that he was a monster.

By then, she was the decision-maker in the Bu Clan. Even if Uncle Bu wanted to help, he couldn’t. In the end, Bu Jingyun’s mother died for the sake of protecting him.

Soon after, Bu Jingyun escaped in the night.

After that, he quietly hid and endured and cultivated until finally, when he was 25 years of age, he crushed the entire Bu Clan with his own power and became famous.

Basically, he was like the classic male main character in Xuanhuan novels targeted at male readers. Of course, that was if he hadn’t turned bad later on.

‘Feng Ci… Since you’ve come to me, stay behind!’

[……] ‘I keep feeling like Host is turning even darker. *sobs* Master, Host is scary, please protect me!’

[Do you wish to enter the next mission?]

[Initialising transfer…]


When she woke up, Shi Sheng discovered that she was floating. That’s right, floating…

She was also wearing a long white robe with long dark hair nearly covering her eyes; she was the spitting image of Sadako[1].

Shi Sheng was confused for quite a while. ‘There’s definitely something wrong with this appearance!’

“What? O-okay, I’ll be right there!” A voice could be heard from behind a wall. It was soon followed by the sounds of some frantic banging before a woman wearing a sleeping gown rushed into the room.

She frantically changed her clothes before rushing back out and slamming the door shut.

Shi Sheng was stupefied the entire time. ‘Can she not see me?’

She lowered her head and tugged on the white robes on her body. ‘I’m… a ghost? Is this a paranormal novel?’

This sudden realisation caused Shi Sheng to sweat on the inside. Figuring that the woman from just now, who was most likely the female lead, wouldn’t return for quite a while, Shi Sheng found a more concealed corner to go through the plot.

This was a story about the paranormal.

The main character was An Su, the female lead. She was an ordinary university student. When exploring a haunted house with her fellow schoolmates, she had a one-night stand with a ghost king.

En, paranormal novels have sex in them now.

After been fucked by a ghost king, An Su gained the ability to see ghosts. And so began the story of various paranormal activities unfolding around her.

The story from then on was just the leads teaming up to solve peculiar cases and unveil the mysteries behind both their pasts, with the villains jumping out every now and then to cause trouble for the leads.

After completely defeating the villains, the male lead returned to the land of the living, and from then on, the two lived happily ever after.

The original host was Ning Ying, a ghost with no memories. She didn’t remember how she had died. The only thing she could remember was her name.

She was a ghost that was being raised by the villain of this novel, Feng Jin. She’d been sent to the male lead’s side to act as an undercover agent, but had fallen for the male lead.

The male lead got Ning Ying to scare the female lead so that he’d have a chance to heroically ‘rescue’ her.

At first, Ning Ying co-operated, but after several instances, she found out that the male lead had fallen for the female lead.

How could she just watch as the ghost she loved fell for someone else?

And so, Ning Ying began doing all sorts of things to oppose the female lead. For example, making her nearly get hit by a car, or dropping flower pots when she was just standing below a multi-storeyed building. Basically, she created all sorts of ‘accidents’.

During a period when the leads were having a spat, the male lead purposely appeared intimate with Ning Ying in order to make the female lead misunderstand and get jealous.

In the end, when all the misunderstandings had been resolved and the leads got back together, Ning Ying was utterly stupefied as her fantasy was shattered. And so, she fell even further into the darkness; she nearly claimed the female lead’s life several times.

When the male lead found out that Ning Ying was behind the attempts on the female lead’s life, he nearly dispersed her soul. Fortunately, she was saved when Feng Jin recalled her back to his side at the very last moment.

From then on, Ning Ying operated on a code that most supporting female leads end up operating on: If I can’t have you, I’ll destroy you!

And so, she had started helping Feng Jin with his plans to deal with the male lead, but she’d chicken out at the most crucial moment every time.

Feng Jin didn’t like to speak, but he was extremely cruel. Every time the plan failed because Ning Ying couldn’t act, he didn’t punish her. Instead, he simply brought her to watch from the shadows as the leads acted lovey-dovey with each other.

There was probably nothing worse than being forced to watch as the man you loved had intimate contact with another woman. This was the cruellest form of punishment that could be inflicted on Ning Ying.

In the final showdown, Feng Jin took the female lead as a hostage to threaten the male lead. Ning Ying was put in charge of keeping an eye on the female lead and making sure she didn’t escape.

When the male lead came to rescue the female lead and fell into a trap, by some trick of fate, Ning Ying ended up rescuing the female lead.

But the male lead had thought she wanted to hurt the female lead instead.

Seeing that the ghost she loved so deeply filled with murderous intent towards her, Ning Ying suddenly regretted her choices.

Naturally, Ning Ying was killed by the male lead in the end.

Ning Ying had two wishes.

Firstly, to let the male lead have a taste of what it feels like to have an unreciprocated love.

Secondly, to reincarnate.

[1] Horror movie reference. I don’t watch horror movies.

Author’s note:

Daily begging for votes~

Translator’s Corner:

Editor: See~ It is a 1v1!

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