Chapter 220 : Petty Ghosts are Hard to Deal With (2)

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Shi Sheng had arrived during the part of the story where the male lead had just ordered Ning Ying to scare the female lead.

Last night, she’d scared the female lead once already. And because she was planning to do the same again tonight, she was currently still in the apartment of the female lead.

Tonight, she’d have to scare the female lead once again so that the male lead could play the hero… and have some fun in the sheets with the female lead while he was at it.

Shi Sheng couldn’t help but feel some disbelief. ‘Is this ML a horny ghost[1] or what? All he can think about is sex! He feels like fucking when the FL eats. He feels like fucking when she drinks milk. This is a paranormal novel where sex can happen everywhere and anywhere!

The title should be something like: Ghost Husband-sama, Don’t Stop!’

This novel’s male lead was horny to no end.

‘Which other ML have you seen spend all day long thinking about sex? He even gets ghosts to scare the FL for sex! This ML is really quite hard working when it comes to screwing the FL…’

At one point in the story, he had even acted intimately with Ning Ying to make the female lead jealous, and in the process, making Ning Ying misunderstand his intentions. Yet, he was the one who gave her the fatal blow when she was at her happiest, resulting in her miserable fate at the end.

‘Wait a second… If Ning Ying’s soul was dispersed, how would she have had the chance to feel regret? System, there’s a bug here!’

[……] ‘Master said I can’t answer her questions, otherwise I’ll reveal flaws. Let’s just pretend I didn’t hear her then. I’m not saying anything.’

The worst thing about being a ghost was that she couldn’t go outside when the sun was shining too brightly.

Shi Sheng looked at the rays of sunlight streaming through the window. Even from where she stood, she could feel the scorching heat.

Since she couldn’t even go outside, she just decided to start exploring the rest of the apartment and found a little ghost squatting in the living room, who was currently staring straight at her.

Actually, when ghosts have their normal appearances on, they weren’t that scary; they looked just like normal people. Little ghosts in particular were even cuter than normal human kids.

“You’re a ghost too?” Shi Sheng was bored so she floated over to talk to him. “You look young. How’d you die?”

The little ghost didn’t make a peep. When Shi Sheng finally turned to look at him, he immediately began bleeding from all seven of his facial orifices and his eyeballs sunk so deep into their sockets that they disappeared. His flesh decayed before her eyes, with white maggots seemingly crawling through the decomposing flesh.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Changing your face so quickly? As if I(bbb) don’t know how to do that!’

Shi Sheng recalled how Ning Ying had scared the female lead and immediately displayed an even scarier appearance.

The little ghost instantly burst into tears as he restored his former normal appearance and began to huddle into a corner to sob pitifully. ‘Mama, this ghost is too scary!’

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes. ‘Brat!’

Shi Sheng simply ignored the sobbing little ghost and ran off to play with her newfound ability to pass through walls.

Once the blazing sun had set, Shi Sheng immediately floated out of the apartment. The neighbourhood outside looked pretty old. After exploring the neighbourhood, she floated to the apartment gates and arrived just in time to see An Su returning.

She was wearing a comfortable sports outfit that could keep her cool as she exercised. Her looks could only be described as sweet; when she smiled, dimples would appear, making her appear even sweeter. However, her current smile was a bit forced, clearly showing that she wasn’t feeling too well right now.

Nalan Ying was following her closely, but it didn’t seem like she could see him. She greeted her neighbors out of habit before heading upstairs.

Nalan Ying didn’t follow An Su, instead floating over to Shi Sheng and giving her an order with a cold expression, “Continue scaring her today.”

He possessed an immense amount of ghost qi[2], so when he came near her, Shi Sheng felt cold despite being physically incapable of feeling differences in temperature.

“Oh,” Shi Sheng nonchalantly answered.

Nalan Ying arrogantly raised his chin before heading to where An Su was.

Shi Sheng rubbed her chin as she watched Nalan Ying’s departing figure. ‘The FL’s pretty pitiful for meeting such a horny ghost.’

When night fell, Shi Sheng went inside An Su’s apartment. Coincidentally, the latter was currently having a shower.

Shi Sheng cut the electricity.

An Su had been beset with all sorts of strange happenings as of late. So when the electricity suddenly cut off, she couldn’t stop her fear from rising. She dallied in the washroom for quite a while before finally taking out her phone and using it to light up the dark apartment.

The cellphone’s weak light swept through the apartment. Only when An Su was sure there was nothing abnormal lurking around did she leave the bathroom covered in nothing but a towel. Only after her eyes adjusted to the darkness did she finally gain some degree of visibility to carefully scan her surroundings.

“Bzzt…bzzt…” Suddenly, crackling sounds could be heard.

“Ah!” An Su yelped in surprise and quickly covered her ears before retreating to a wall.

“Ah— Ah, en. En, ah…” Her ears picked up a familiar, yet somewhat distorted noise.

She cautiously took her hands off her ears, clearing out the garbled noises. She turned to look at her television.

On the television screen, two buck naked people were currently getting it on.

She didn’t recognise the woman, but she’d recognise that man even if he turned to ash. It was the ghost who had taken her virginity and even used force last night…

The scene got more and more explicit, causing An Su to flush furiously. ‘He forcefully took me—that, I can intentionally disregard,, but now he’s actually showing me something so shameless!’

“Nalan Ying! Get the fuck out here!” An Su shouted suddenly with a livid expression on her face. The moment her words fell, the television turned off and the room returned to its former darkness.

Shi Sheng swiftly floated out of the room. Nalan Ying was more powerful than her right now, so Shi Sheng didn’t dare to eavesdrop in on his business. After all, the result wouldn’t be very fun for her if she was discovered.

Shi Sheng floated out of the little neighbourhood. The streets were crowded and there were bright lights everywhere, but she kept having this frustrating feeling of not fitting in.

‘En, who told me to be a ghost? What can ghosts do? Normal ones can only scare people, play some porn or cause a couple of accidents. Their strength is so low it’s scary. A ghost almost never becomes strong enough to cause any real damage. Well, unless I become a wraith…’

But if she became a wraith, she wouldn’t be able to reincarnate and Ning Ying’s wish would become impossible to fulfil.


‘If Feng Ci really does appear in these worlds, I want to find him. My man has to stay by my side at all times. But identifying him is a little troublesome, I have to use spirit energy. And this world… En?’

Shi Sheng focused her senses and found that this world actually had some spirit energy. Although it wasn’t much, cultivating shouldn’t be a problem.

Shi Sheng reckoned the spells of this world required spirit energy too, but the spirit energy here was relatively thin, so there weren’t many who could actually cultivate.

It was like how you’d pick a piece of clothing in a size that fits you. If the size was too big, it’d feel very loose and empty. But if it was too small, you’d have trouble putting it on, or might even tear it trying to do so.

Now that she knew that there was actually spirit energy present, things became much easier. All she had to do now was follow the training methods of ghost cultivators from cultivation worlds to cultivate.

Shi Sheng found an area with slightly denser spirit energy and began to absorb it, beginning her cultivation.

This cultivation period lasted ten days. Fortunately, she’d chosen a spot far away from civilisation.

Only when Shi Sheng felt like she had enough spirit energy stored up for her to show off did she leisurely float back to the city.

She first went to An Su’s apartment to take a look around. The latter was probably at school, because her apartment was empty.

And so, Shi Sheng decided to float in the direction of An Su’s school.

But the moment she started floating downstairs, she was stopped by someone… some ghost[3]. It was the little ghost she’d seen before.

“Don’t go out! There’s a baddie out there…” The little ghost spoke timidly from his hiding spot behind a large tree.

“Baddie? What baddie?” ‘I didn’t notice anything off when I came back!’

The little ghost was probably struggling to structure his sentences in his head, for he only stammered out a few sentences after a while, “He’s good-looking… but so fierce! The two ghosts next door were exorcised by him! He’s really scary…”

[1] I think the original might be closer to incubus, but at the same time, it’s not exactly an incubus as in something that survives off of sex with women… So I’ll just leave it as is.

[2] Just think of this as a ghostliness factor. The more you have, the colder and darker you are. I didn’t know if to call this aura or energy, so I left it in pinyin.

[3] I’m not sure if I’ve explained this before, but the character for human is also the character for person. In other words human = person. Not human = not person. Hence the differentiation.

Author’s note:

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Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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