Chapter 222 : Petty Ghosts are Hard to Deal With (4)

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In the end, Shi Sheng got to eat some meat. Well, she at least got to smell it…

As Feng Jin watched her white figure float here and there in a futile attempt to pick up the meat, he couldn’t help but feel the urge to facepalm a bit. ‘Not only has her personality drastically changed, even her IQ has dropped?’

Shi Sheng wished to express that her IQ hadn’t dropped. She just wasn’t used to being a ghost yet. ‘Can’t eat meat? Bad reviews! Being a ghost is no fun at all…’

Shi Sheng drifted over to Feng Jin. “Do you know a way for me to come back to life?”

‘If the ML could do it, I can too.’

Feng Jin lifted his head to look at her, his dark eyes appearing even gloomier than before. The surrounding temperature seemed to drop a few degrees and the air felt like it was pressing down on her.

Shi Sheng frowned and was about to speak up but suddenly found herself unable to move, as if there were invisible ropes binding her limbs; she couldn’t move a single muscle.

‘Fuck, what’s going on?!’

Feng Jin stood up and pinched Shi Sheng’s chin with those pale fingers of his. He tilted her head upwards slightly and forced her to look at him.

The moment Feng Jin touched her, Shi Sheng felt like her chin was being dissolved by sulfuric acid. That feeling simply made one want to die.

“Ning Ying, what benefits did Nalan Ying give you in exchange for coming back here and testing me, eh?”

‘Fuck! Who’s testing you?! Are you ill in the head or something?!’

Shi Sheng was under immense pain from Feng Jin’s touch, so it wasn’t long before she summoned her sword and slashed it towards Feng Jin. ‘Think I’m a goddamn vegetarian?!’

The moment she pulled out the sword, Feng Jin’s brows furrowed. ‘This sword…’

But Shi Sheng’s sword didn’t allow Feng Jin much time to ponder over things, for it was rapidly closing in on his head. To avoid being slashed to death by the sword, Feng Jin had to quickly release Shi Sheng.

The sword immediately pulled back when it missed its target and flew to Shi Sheng’s side, cutting the invisible ropes tying her in place. Once her bindings were off, Shi Sheng immediately clutched her chin. The piercing pain caused Shi Sheng to yell at Feng Jin, “Feng Jin, what the hell?!”

‘My precious chin… Sonuvabitch, it’s fucking crippled now, innit?’

Feng Jin stood facing the sofa as he settled a dark stare on her… sword. Only after a long while had passed did Shi Sheng feel the burning sensation ease up somewhat. But the moment she lifted her head, she saw that Feng Jin was still closely scrutinising her sword.

“What did Nalan Ying want you to find out about me?” Feng Jin shifted his gaze away from the sword, his tone much warier than before.

‘I didn’t see her for a month, and somehow she obtained this sword from who-knows-where. Not only that, she betrayed me…’ Thinking of this, Feng Jin felt a violent rage bubbling up. ‘Everyone who betrays me should die!’

There seemed to be a tempest rampaging in his eyes that wanted to tear Shi Sheng to pieces.

“Hey, hey now! Don’t go turning black[1] on me!” Noticing there was something off about Feng Jin’s expression, Shi Sheng hurriedly spoke up, “I got nothing to do with Nalan Ying! Why the hell would I take a liking to that horny ghost—What’re you looking at me like that for? Still don’t believe me? Well, I got nothin’ then.”

Shi Sheng simply spread her hands out in front of her with an expression that said ‘believe it or not, I told you the truth’.

‘Really now, blackening at the slightest provocation… So not cute, he definitely can’t be my Feng Ci!’

Shi Sheng firmly gripped her sword as she estimated the gap between their strengths. In the end, she gave up on attacking him.

She really wanted him to let her touch him just a little bit. If he wasn’t Feng Ci, she’d immediately hack him to death. But since she still wasn’t sure if he was or not, she didn’t dare to attack.

Feng Jin stared at her, his thoughts a mystery.

Soon, the room turned silent. Ghosts didn’t need to breathe, but Shi Sheng almost couldn’t even hear Feng Jin’s breathing. If his chest hadn’t been moving up and down, she would have started to suspect this fellow was a ghost too.

“Prove it. Tonight.”

Feng Jin entered his study after saying his piece.

‘Prove it? How?! For fuck’s sakes! I’m(bbb) gonna be angered to a second death!’

In her rage, Shi Sheng fiercely poked Feng Jin’s sofa with her sword. After poking a hole through the sofa, she’d found that it wasn’t enough to vent her anger, so she raised her sword and hacked the innocent sofa into pieces.


Half an hour before midnight, Feng Jin emerged from his room once again and found his house in shambles and spent a while stunned and speechless.

He turned to the white-clothed ghost who was currently sitting on a pile of scrapped furniture. She was sitting with an unsightly posture, one hand supporting her head while she hummed a tune he didn’t recognise.

If not for the ghost contract he had with her, he would have really begun to suspect the person in front of him was an impostor.

Although Ning Ying had a few character flaws before, she was still obedient; she wouldn’t have dared to act this wild in front of him. But now? Hell, she’d nearly taken his entire house apart.

Feng Jin’s fingers were beginning to emit cracking sounds from clenching them too hard. ‘I feel like throttling her…’

Shi Sheng brought her sword along with her as she floated over to face Feng Jin and waved her hand in a domineering manner. “Lead the way!”

‘Yep, definitely feel like throttling her even more now.’

The lighting in the room was a bit dim. Feng Jin’s features were hidden in the shadows, so Shi Sheng couldn’t make out his expression, but she could see his eyes shining coldly in the dark room.

Shi Sheng slowly floated backwards guardedly. “I might’ve sold off my body, but I’m not selling my skills! Even if I’m just a ghost you’re keeping, I’m not just going to accept it if you suddenly want a relationship that crosses the boundaries of life and death!”

‘Not selling her skills? Bed skills?’

Feng Jin barely resisted the urge to throttle Shi Sheng as he swiftly opened the door and left. Before she had a chance to follow, he slammed the door shut.

Shi Sheng was startled into stopping, her expression turning very colourful. ‘Hey… wait a second… I can pass through walls! The hell did I stop for?’

Shi Sheng carried her sword with her as she attempted to pass through the door. Her figure passed through easily, but her sword could not.

After all, it was a real physical object. Naturally, it wouldn’t be able to pass through the door like her.

Feng Jin silently watched from the side as she made a fool of herself.

And the result…

His door was sacrificed honourably and died with no burial… by being cleanly cut in half!

Feng Jin: “…” ‘This violent maniac!’

Shi Sheng contentedly dragged her sword with her through the broken doorway. ‘As if that kind of minuscule issue would be enough to trouble me!

I can’t put my sword away! This fella Feng Jin has killing intent towards me! Safety first…’

“Put it away.” Feng Jin’s gaze shifted from the anti-theft door that had loyally performed its duties bravely unto death to Shi Sheng.

She quickly hid her sword behind her. “Heads can roll, blood can flow, but weapons can never be lost! This is the weapon I created from a piece of my very soul! Not putting it away!”

Feng Jin: “…” ‘Where’d this chuuni come from?’

He took a deep breath before speaking, “The sword can’t be hidden from view. It’ll attract too much attention.”

“You gotta be kidding me. What kind of person would be suicidal enough to wander about at this hour? Aren’t they afraid of meeting ghosts?”

Shi Sheng’s attitude was very clear: I’m not putting it away. What can you do to me, huh?

Feng Jin looked at the broken anti-theft door once more before silently turning to walk to the lift. Although he lived in a normal apartment building, no one else stayed on the same floor as him. Besides, even if someone really did come to this floor, they wouldn’t be able to enter his room, so there was no problem with just leaving the door open.

Shi Sheng quickly caught up with him and didn’t give up on trying to touch him. Feng Jin didn’t even spare her a second glance as he just continued on his way.

Shi Sheng only properly behaved herself once they got in the car.

‘I’ve gotta find a way to suppress this ghost contract with Feng Jin… Otherwise, if I end up pissing him off one day and he wants to kill me, I probably won’t be able to escape.’

Contracts were very binding things. For example, the contract between Feng Jin and her was a master-servant contract. As long as Feng Jin wanted her dead, she had pretty much no way of resisting.

So for the sake of her little life, Shi Sheng decided…on not teasing Feng Jin for now. She’d wait till she found a way to either suppress or get rid of this contract before teasing him thoroughly.

[1] I was hoping to have found a proper translation for this term by now, but alas. This means he got taken over by his negative emotions.

Author’s note:

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