Chapter 223 : Petty Ghosts are Hard to Deal With (5)

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Feng Jin brought Shi Sheng to the little neighbourhood where An Su was staying. Shi Sheng wanted to simply pass through the car door, but upon remembering that her sword would be unable to follow her through, she could only leave from Feng Jin’s side.

‘Open the door myself? Sorry, ghosts need to use mana to touch physical objects. How could I waste mine for something so trivial? I gotta save it for fighting later!’

Feng Jin had parked his car on a road outside the neighbourhood. The surroundings were very quiet, save for the occasional passing car.

Shi Sheng dragged her sword behind her and floated after him. Had someone else been present, they would have seen a sword flying by itself.

Since it was an old neighbourhood, the safety installations weren’t in good condition, so Feng Jin entered easily by climbing over the wall. Lights would occasionally flicker on in some units of the squat apartment buildings, acting as beacons amidst the darkness of night.

Feng Jin halted outside the building of An Su’s apartment. He lifted his head to observe for a bit before turning to look at Shi Sheng and speaking in a soft, unhurried voice, “Lure Nalan Ying out.”

Shi Sheng pointed at herself. “Just me?”

“Didn’t you want me to believe you? Then prove it by bringing him here,” Feng Jin spoke very slowly, as if he wanted Shi Sheng to hear him loud and clear.

“How do you know he’s here?” ‘Is Feng Jin really so certain that Nalan Ying’s here? I mean, even if he loves screwing the FL, he has to rest some time, right?’

“Don’t want to go?” Feng Jin’s tone turned sinister.

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘I’ll go, okay?! As if I’d be scared of him! Just watch as I(bbb) use him as a punching bag! Don’t get too scared of me!’

She floated upstairs with her sword.

Feng Jin really wanted to remind her that the sword was too conspicuous, but upon thinking that she had used it to wreck his house, he shifted his gaze, not caring any further.


Shi Sheng floated up to An Su’s apartment window. It had one of those old-fashioned flap designs and was currently wide open. The curtains flailed wildly in the wind, casting ominous shadows on the floor.

Shi Sheng floated in through the window. She could hear some muffled sounds coming from the bedroom…some very suggestive moaning, in fact. Shi Sheng floated in through the doorway towards the bedroom. Tightening the grip on her sword, she took a deep breath and swung.

“Nalan Ying, you asshole[1]! You’re fucking around with someone else here!” Shi Sheng roared before bringing her sword down onto the two figures lying on the bed.

“Ah!” Surprised by the sudden shout, An Su shrieked in terror.

Nalan Ying pulled An Su with him as he rolled off the bed. Both of them were completely naked, their intimate spots still joined together.

Shi Sheng didn’t give Nalan Ying time to react before she brought her sword down once again. “You scumbag! You played with my(ln) feelings, and now you’re fucking someone else! Are you scamming another little lady? You’re harming them by absorbing their yang qi[2]! How could you be so disgusting? I(ln) was really blind back then!”

An Su couldn’t spot Shi Sheng, only seeing a sword attacking them constantly. However, she could still hear that melodious, yet angry voice.

Concluding that this was probably enough, Shi Sheng immediately put her sword away and floated out. Nalan Ying released An Su—whereupon clothes appeared on his body—got up, and chased after Shi Sheng. ‘Dared to interrupt me just now?! Seeking death!’

He was much faster than Shi Sheng anticipated. She hadn’t managed to leave the building before being intercepted by Nalan Ying, whose frosty glare fixated on her.

As he suddenly raised his hand, Shi Sheng felt something pulling her towards him.

The aged lightbulbs that lit the corridor crackled and flickered, causing both their figures to appear ominous.

‘Fuck! Are you a black hole?!’

Shi Sheng stabbed her sword into the nearby wall to anchor herself. Her gaze swept to the unblocked window beside the exit. She scooted over, gritted her teeth, and lunged out, at which point the attractive force disappeared.

However, Nalan Ying soon chased after her. The two landed on the green field outside the little neighbourhood. Nalan Ying then repeated his action from before.

‘Oh for fuck’s sake, are we not done with this?!’

Shi Sheng swiftly pulled out a lightning ball. ‘With this little ball in my hand, I can rule the world! Even God’ll have to bow to me, let alone this ML!’

Shi Sheng tossed a lightning ball at him. Nalan Ying seemed to sense the danger, for he hurriedly dodged. However, he was inevitably caught by the resulting blast.

The sound of the explosion was deafening, waking the residents in the nearby apartments as their lights flickered on. Shi Sheng ran out of the neighbourhood with her sword in tow.

The only thing the residents could see was the giant crater that had appeared in the field. And inside the crater, lightning flickered, lending an ominous vibe to the night.


Shi Sheng dragged her sword along as she left the neighbourhood and floated over to Feng Jin’s car. He hadn’t returned yet.

Only after a short wait did Feng Jin slowly emerge. He gave Shi Sheng a slightly odd look before opening the door, after which she floated in. Feng Jin paused before entering the car as well.

Feng Jin didn’t start the engine right away. The lights in the car were off, so it was very dim. Shi Sheng couldn’t see what expression he wore.

“That thing you just tossed…” ‘How come the ghost I’m keeping seems to have activated cheat-mode after not seeing her for just a month?’

“Not selling it.” Shi Sheng leaned backwards, on guard. Feng Jin fell silent for a few seconds as he started the car.

“Don’t blow up my house.”

“It’d be a waste.” She gave him a side glance before continuing brazenly, “I can wreck your damned place anytime I like.”

Feng Jin stomped on the brakes, and Shi Sheng was nearly pasted onto the windscreen.

Feng Jin seemed to believe that she and Nalan Ying had nothing between them, but he didn’t raise the matter of returning to life again.

The next day, Shi Sheng saw very explosive news headlines on the internet.

A Mysterious Crater Appears In A Certain Neighbourhood. Lightning That Doesn’t Disappear… Could It Be Aliens?

These headlines spread like wildfire throughout all the major websites. An Su’s neighbourhood became famous as many teams of researchers and reporters swarmed it.

Shi Sheng breathed in the smell of meat as she muttered, “Think aliens are so easy to find? Quit daydreaming!”

Feng Jin lifted his head to look at her before dragging the laptop towards himself and closing it.

“What’re you doing?” Shi Sheng glared at him.

“Don’t talk during mealtimes, don’t speak during bedtime[3].”

“I’m not even eating!” ‘I’m(bbb) smelling, okay? My taste buds are crying to eat something! Smelling it only makes me hungrier!’

“How come ghosts can’t eat? Ghosts in novels get to eat and drink all they want, don’t they?” Shi Sheng propped up her jaw and stared at Feng Jin bitterly. ‘It’s not good to be a ghost at all!’

Feng Jin seemed to not have heard her, for he finished his milk with an elegant motion before getting up. He brought the dishes to the kitchen and washed them clean.

‘Hey, now you’re not even listening to me(bbb)! Look at this temper!’

Shi Sheng floated behind him and reached out to touch him, but the burning pain came once again. She could only retrieve her finger in melancholy.

“What do I have to do to touch you?” ‘At this rate, how am I(bbb) ever going to find out if he’s Feng Ci or not?’

Feng Jin wiped the plate dry before placing it on the rack. He turned to look at her. “Bear with it.”

“En?” ‘Bear with what?’

Feng Jin looked her in the eyes. “Bear with the pain.”

Shi Sheng, “…”

[1] She used a term that’s more suitable for a guy who played with the speaker’s feelings…

[2] This is something like vitality but not quite. It’s like life essence? Because Yang is all things bright, active, and therefore living, I’m not really sure how to translate this. Just remember that Yin is dark and gloomy, Yang is bright and warm. (Or something along those lines)

[3] The raws were “食不言寝不语”, which is generally used to reference how polite people act: No talking during eating. Don’t make noise when it’s time to sleep. So I guess he’s saying something like “Manners.”

Author’s note:

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