Chapter 224 : Petty Ghosts are Hard to Deal With (6)

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Recently, Feng Jin discovered that his contracted ghost was disappearing quite often these past few days. To add to the mystery, he didn’t actually have a clue as to where she went or what she was getting up to.

What was Shi Sheng doing?

Why, obviously she was looking for a way to dissolve the ghost contract, or perhaps even reverse it.

Of course, reality proved the latter to be wishful thinking; she still hadn’t found any plausible methods to achieve a reversal of authority.

So the only choice she had was to dissolve the contract.

The moment Feng Jin exited his room, he was greeted with the sight of Shi Sheng floating around the living room. If it was night, and it had been someone else standing here, her white figure would be enough to cause anyone to piss their pants.

Seeing that Feng Jin had emerged from his room, Shi Sheng immediately floated over. “Help me burn a few clothes, ah! I wear the same old thing every day! So ugly!”

Feng Jin, “…” ‘She really doesn’t treat me as an outsider! …An outside ghost?’

“Come on, I represent you, right? How could you let me wear something so ugly, isn’t that the same as you losing face…” Shi Sheng continued on and on, to the point that Feng Jin was tempted to sew up her mouth just to shut her up.

‘Can’t you just be a quiet ghosty?’

Noticing that Feng Jin still wasn’t saying anything, and his expression was still as dark as ever, Shi Sheng decided to risk it and court some trouble by reaching out in another attempt to touch him.

The same recipe gave the same results.

Shi Sheng nursed her aching finger as she flew out the window. ‘I’m(bbb) going to be angered to death by him! No new clothes to wear, no meat to eat, and I(bbb) can’t even touch him! I’m(bbb) running away from home!’

As Feng Jin watched her pale white figure vanish into the night, a vein popped on his forehead as he made his way out of the apartment.

Once he’d descended the stairs to the ground floor, Feng Jin could see Shi Sheng and a red figure standing close to each other from afar. He hadn’t had time to thoroughly examine the latter before a sword appeared in the former’s hand and was violently brought down upon the latter.

Her speed was extremely quick; the red shadow hadn’t even had the time to resist before it disintegrated under Shi Sheng’s sword.

Seeing this, Feng Jin felt like he had underestimated his ghost’s strength once again. Although the red ghost hadn’t become a true wraith yet, he could see that it had already taken one step into that realm. Even so, she crushed it so easily… This was simply stealing the jobs of exorcists!

But… Feng Jin’s eyes narrowed. ‘Why did a wraith appear here of all places?’

Shi Sheng angrily stabbed her sword into the ground, her expression dark. ‘Sonuvabitch, wearing all red and wanting to eat me… why don’t you ascend the heavens while you’re at it?!’

She turned to walk away, and the first thing she saw was Feng Jin silently standing under a streetlamp. His expression was inscrutable as he stared at her, the dim lighting causing his figure to look even taller.

Seeing that she had finally noticed him, he walked over. “Follow me.”

“Where to?” ‘What’re you running around in the middle of the night for?’

Feng Jin just shot her a side glance and didn’t say a word.

Shi Sheng pouted as she drifted towards the parking lot with her sword trailing behind her. Feng Jin heaved a weary sigh. ‘That sword’s going to cause a disaster sooner or later.’

Once in the car, Shi Sheng fiddled around with her sword. Feng Jin was focused on driving, but his gaze would sweep over to her every so often.

A queer tune was playing on the radio, but since it sounded pretty nice, Shi Sheng didn’t mind.

“Does your sword have a name?” Feng Jin finally broke the silence. ‘Also, where did it come from? Not only can it slice through iron like mud, it also slices through ghosts just as easily.’

Shi Sheng turned to face him and revealed a sinister smile. “Ever heard of a legend?”

Feng Jin fell silent. ‘There are tons of legends, how am I supposed to know exactly which one you’re referring to?’

Shi Sheng didn’t wait for his reply as she had already started telling a story, “Once upon a time, there was an Emperor who wished to possess a weapon that would allow him to conquer the world. One day, someone gave him a sword as tribute and told him that if he offered up his own soul, he would be able to turn this sword into a soul sword. A soul sword that answered only to him, that no one else would ever be able use. It could help him conquer the world.”

Shi Sheng paused for a second as she scooted closer to Feng Jin and smiled wickedly. “Do you think he offered up his soul or not?”

“He didn’t.” Feng Jin’s thin lips moved as he spat out these two words.

Shi Sheng pouted at his quick response and sat up straight before continuing, “The person who gave him the sword told him that he didn’t have to use his own soul as an offering. Instead, he could use the souls of 99 infants. And so, the Emperor ordered his men to round up 99 infants and used them as an offering. That sword helped him become the emperor of the world. But on the day of his coronation, he died and the sword mysteriously disappeared. Years later, someone witnessed this sword killing monsters on its own, so everyone began calling it Demon-Slayer.”

Feng Jin, “…” ‘That Emperor she was talking about never existed in history! Same for that Demon-Slayer! She’s just spouting bull again…’

“Don’t believe it?” Shi Sheng looked at Feng Jin and smiled wickedly. “I don’t believe it either. Those infants were sacrificed, how could they have the power to exorcise demons? They were wreaking vengeance! So, you can call this sword Demon-Eater.”

Feng Jin, “…”

#My ghost seems to have a mental problem. #Waiting online for help, please hurry

[……] ‘Host’s sword keeps changing names. Madness.’


Feng Jin’s car stopped outside a mansion in the middle of nowhere.

The mansion was stark white, so it stood out in the dark night. Adding to the eeriness of the situation, it was surrounded by a forest, so every direction you looked towards led into the woods. With the trees rustling in the night breeze and the dark clouds hanging in the sky, the mansion looked exceptionally creepy.

Shi Sheng leaned against the window to look around. “Is there a ghost here?”

“Don’t know,” Feng Jin pushed the door open and gave Shi Sheng a look. She immediately floated out of the car through the open door on his side.

‘Why come here if you don’t even know?’

Just standing from outside, one could sense the sinister atmosphere that cloaked the entire mansion. Probably due to having felt a threat coming from something similar to herself, Shi Sheng could feel the sinister aura even clearer and her body couldn’t help but tremble a bit.

“Are we here to catch ghosts?”

Feng Jin didn’t seem like he had any compassion in him. After all, these past few days, she’d observed from up close just how dark his heart was. He could calmly look on as someone was being killed by ghosts right in front of him.

Though, she didn’t feel like there was anything wrong with this.

‘After all, they didn’t ask him to save them, nor did they give any money for him to do so.

But as an exorcist, isn’t catching ghosts their thing?’

“See how it goes.”

‘See how what goes?’

Feng Jin walked up to the mansion. Tonight, he was still wearing a long robe. With the colour of this one also being extremely dark, he almost blended into the night.

Shi Sheng looked up to the sky with melancholy in her eyes. ‘Just what’s up with him?’

At the gateway in frontthe mansion, an old man was waiting for their arrival. Half of his body was hidden in the shadows, rendering only his wrinkled face and the other half of his body visible, causing him to look quite sinister to onlookers.

“Mr. Feng?” The old man’s voice was hoarse and a bit grating on the ears. His tone carried a tinge of doubt, as if he could not believe that such a young man could possibly be an exorcist.

Feng Jin only gave him a slight nod, but no verbal response.

The old man didn’t say anything else. However, upon seeing a sword floating behind him all on its own, those muddled eyes of his lit up, and his attitude became much more respectful. “Mr Feng, please, come in.”

‘He can actually make a sword float up in the air? This young exorcist must have some ability, right? Perhaps the Sir can still be saved!’

Feng Jin probably knew what the old man was thinking, but he didn’t bother to correct him.

After all, he couldn’t very well say that it was actually a ghost holding the sword up, could he?

Having accidentally helped Feng Jin act cool, Shi Sheng was speechless. ‘These people can’t see me! Bad reviews!’

Shi Sheng flew around haphazardly with her sword, making it look like the sword had suddenly lost control.

The old man who was behind them was startled by the sword’s sudden outburst.

‘Why do I feel he suddenly became much less reliable?’

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