Chapter 230 : Petty Ghosts are Hard to Deal With (12)

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After locking Madam Qi in the basement, An Su calmed herself down for a bit before going out to call people for help.

The basement was located behind the mansion’s fake mountain, and the entrance was hidden by some plants, so it was easy for normal people to miss it. This was the reason why no one had managed to find this place during the search earlier.

The old Butler looked surprised upon seeing the secret entrance, as if he was completely unaware that there had actually been a basement here.

As this was happening, Shi Sheng was silently standing in the shadows. When Feng Jin turned to look at her, she just lifted her chin with an arrogant, somewhat provocative expression, before disappearing.

When the Butler entered the secret basement, he found Madam Qi already dead, as well as the two hounds An Su had seen previously currently feeding on Madam Qi’s mutilated corpse.

‘Only dogs that have been regularly fed human meat would eat a human…’

His own train of thought shocked the old Butler. ‘It’s not possible! How could the Madam have killed people?’

Only after much effort on the servants’ part did they manage to subdue the two hounds. To their horror, they found several human skeletons in the basement. One of them belonged to the recently dismissed servant whom the Butler had mentioned before. She had already died, but her body was still warm; it hadn’t been long since her death.


Shi Sheng left the chaotic scene at the basement and floated to the fourth floor of the mansion. While the mansion’s second floor was where the owner’s family lived and the third floor was for entertainment, the fourth floor, however, was sealed shut.

Shi Sheng easily passed through the floors and entered the fourth floor;there was only one room on the entire floor, and it was very spacious.

The moment she entered, she felt a cold presence in the surroundings. However, it was not the same as the one she felt upon entering the mansion.

Adding to the sullen atmosphere of the room, black curtains hung from all the windows, blocking out all light.

She explored the area but found only one thing—an enshrined portrait of a deceased woman, a woman who looked exactly like Madam Qi.

No—there was some difference.

“Don’t we look alike?” A voice came out from behind her all of a sudden.

Shi Sheng turned around to look. At some point, a red-clothed woman had appeared, quietly standing next to the black-coloured curtains. Her features were exactly the same as the woman in the portrait.

Two figures, one red and one white, contrasting each other greatly in the dimly lit room.

The woman smiled at Shi Sheng. “How’d you die?”

“Don’t remember.”

“I guess that could be considered lucky. You don’t have to worry about always thinking of your time alive. Less troublesome.”

Shi Sheng stared at her expressionlessly while inwardly considering the best way to hack the woman to death.

The woman had already started speaking though. “When I died, it just so happened to be my 25th birthday. I’d just given birth to Nian-Nian, but I hadn’t even gotten the chance to watch her grow up before I died…”


The deceased woman’s name was Su Yun. She and Qi Mo were lovers ever since graduating from University. Both their families had been long-time friends, so their marriage was inevitable.

After their marriage, their feelings only grew stronger. Their careers also thrived under their hard work. Furthermore, Su Yun later gave birth to a healthy daughter. They should’ve led a perfectly happy life.

But then, Su Yun was murdered the year she turned 25.

And her murderer was none other than her younger twin sister, Su Xin.

Perhaps because of the strange connection that twins had, Su Xin fell for Qi Mo too. Seeing Su Yun become happier and happier, the intense jealousy building in Su Xin’s heart caused her mind to grow twisted and finally led her to plot the murder of her own sister, Su Yun.

Su Yun hadn’t known it was Su Xin who killed her at first. The only reason she hadn’t entered the cycle of reincarnation yet was because she couldn’t put down her worry for Qi Mo and Qi Nian.

After her death, she witnessed Su Xin tenderly caring for Qi Mo while plotting many ways to climb into his bed.

Qi Mo was still dazed from Su Yun’s sudden death, so upon seeing Su Xin’s face, which was exactly like her sister’s, he couldn’t tell who he was truly with.

Although Su Yun had felt anger at Su Xin’s actions, she could still accept it after she got over her heartbreak. After all, she was already dead and couldn’t take care of Qi Mo and Nian-Nian anymore. Even if Qi Mo wasn’t with Su Xin, he’d still find someone else to be together with.

But one day, she’d accidentally overheard Su Xin talking on the phone with someone. From Su Xin’s twisted, almost insane, ranting, Su Yun learned that her own death was actually Su Xin’s doing.

For the sake of obtaining Qi Mo—her own brother-in-law—she was crazy enough to kill her own twin sister.

Su Yun’s rage was ignited, and she turned into a vengeful wraith to haunt Su Xin.

That period of haunting was terrifying for Su Xin. Soon though, she found a Taoist to trap Su Yun in this mansion, and Su Xin never saw Su Yun since then.

A month prior, when Su Xin brought Qi Mo back to this mansion, Su Yun had pieced together what happened from their conversations.

She wanted to get close to Su Xin, but the latter had a protection talisman given by the Taoist, so she didn’t dare to get too close.

“So you mean to say you’ve never been able to get close to Su Xin?” Shi Sheng raised a brow.

Su Yun shook her head, “Never. I feel an extreme discomfort the moment I get within 10 meters of her.”

Her behaviour was very calm, so if it wasn’t for her red clothes, Shi Sheng wouldn’t have suspected that she was a wraith at all.

“Then who scared her?”

Su Yun only shook her head.

Just as Shi Sheng was about to continue questioning her, the sounds of footsteps came from the direction of the door connecting the room to the lower floor.

Su Yun disappeared from sight as soon as the door was opened. Feng Jin and An Su appeared in the doorway.

‘Bunch of incompetents!’ Shi Sheng gave the both of them an indiscriminate eyeroll before vanishing as well.

Feng Jin, “…” ‘What now?’

An Su, “…” ‘I feel like I’m being disdained by Ghost-jiejie again…’

Feng Jin returned to his room to find Shi Sheng lying on the bed. He swiftly shut the door behind him before walking over to the bed to look down at her.

“What’re you doing?”

Shi Sheng reached out a hand so that it was level with his eyes. She spoke in an almost indistinct voice, “Too weak.”

‘Too weak? What is she talking about?’ Feng Jin suddenly found himself lacking in comprehension abilities, because what other reason could explain his inability to understand her words?

Shi Sheng flipped her body to sit up and propped her jaw up with her hands. “I wanted to devour Su Yun to increase my strength.”

‘I’m too weak right now; can’t even touch a hair on Feng Jin’s head! Simply a disgrace!’

Feng Jin was speechless for a while. Only after a long while had passed did his eyes move and he spoke drily, “Who taught you how?”

He had never told her about increasing her strength by absorbing the powers of wraiths before.

“Why would I need someone to tell me about something so simple?” Shi Sheng rolled her eyes at him. “It’s always like this in novels.”

Feng Jin, “…” ‘I’m afraid you’ve gone stupid from reading too many novels…’

He took a deep breath before speaking with a stern expression, “Don’t be so reckless. If you want to increase your strength this way, I’ll have to help. If you try to absorb it on your own, you won’t be able to take it.”

Shi Sheng blinked. “Okay then! Go catch Su Yun for me right now! This damn body is shit…”

Shi Sheng had quietly muttered that last part, so Feng Jin couldn’t hear it clearly because he was too agitated by the first part of her speech. ‘Do you think I can catch it just because you told me to? You think a fully fledged wraith is a chicken that’ll just sit and let you pick it up?!’

#The ghost I’m raising is getting more and more out of hand. She’s simply going to ascend the heavens at this rate!#

Author’s note:

Voooootes lalalala~

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