Chapter 231 : Petty Ghosts are Hard to Deal With (13)

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Feng Jin had learned about Su Yun from the old Butler. He had also thought that it was Su Yun trying to harm Su Xin, but now, it was clear that wasn’t the case; there was still something else hidden in the shadows.

“Not even Su Yun knew what those things were. Do you think my strength will shoot up like a rocket if I eat them?” Shi Sheng said this with an excited expression.

‘You don’t even know what it is and yet you want to eat it? What if you get indigestion?’ Feng Jin felt like the willpower he’d painstakingly gathered for all these years was going to crumble under her hands.

He glared at Shi Sheng. “You’re not allowed to leave my sight.”

“Why?” ‘Think you’re so hot because of the contract?’

“Am I supposed to follow you to the toilet when you feel the urge to go? I’m fine with it, so if it doesn’t bother you—”

“Shut up!” Feng Jin roared angrily at her. ‘Just thinking about her entering the gents…’

“What’re you blowing your top at me for? You don’t think I’ll kill you?” Shi Sheng sprung off the bed and spoke domineeringly, “Be more polite! I’m capable of anything if you push me far enough!”

Feng Jin, “…” ‘So angry that my stomach hurts, my lungs hurt, everywhere hurts.’

He took several deep breaths to suppress his rage before giving her a warning, “Don’t get any more ideas about eating that thing.”

“Then let me rub you for a bit.” Shi Sheng immediately seized the opportunity to raise conditions.

Feng Jin’s expression was dark as he turned around, ignoring her.

“Do you have to be that way? All I want to do is rub you a bit, not screw you. Is there a need to be so guarded? Will you die if I rub you a bit? Will you get pregnant?”

Feng Jin’s face darkened further as violence filled his gloomy eyes. ‘This ghost I’m keeping is truly arrogant. Really want to…strangle her.’


Knock knock!

A sudden knock on the door of their room interrupted Shi Sheng’s dissatisfied ranting.

Feng Jin felt like he had received a pardon as he went to answer it.

“Mr Feng…” An Su was standing outside, her face a bit pale and her body trembling slightly. “Is Ghost-jiejie here?”

Feng Jin frowned. “Why are you looking for her?”

“I…” An Su glanced around furtively. “I’m not really sure what I saw, so I wanted to come and ask you and Ghost-jiejie.”

“With that much trembling, are you sure it’s not because you’re afraid?” Shi Sheng’s mocking voice came from behind Feng Jin.

A hint of pink crept onto An Su’s pale face. She shot a pleading gaze at Shi Sheng, simultaneously clasping her hands together. “Ghost-jiejie, please just let me in! This place is too scary.”

She was just a normal university student who had only been able to see ghosts for a month at most; it was normal for her to be afraid. Ever since coming to this mansion, she’d experienced getting almost strangled to death by a ghost as well as a kidnapping… She was already quite proud of herself for not collapsing into a sobbing wreck.

“I’m a ghost. Aren’t you afraid I’ll eat you?” Shi Sheng floated to the doorway and made blood leak from her orifices.

As Shi Sheng anticipated, An Su retreated fearfully and took a few panicked breaths. Only three seconds later did she speak with a pale face, “Y-You won’t eat me.”

‘If she wanted to eat me, she wouldn’t have saved me back in the basement. This Ghost-jiejie is just a hard-faced softie!’

Shi Sheng reverted her face back to normal before floating over to her previous position on the bed. Feng Jin opened the door wider. An Su bowed to him in gratitude before running inside and placing her back against the wall. All the strength seemed to drain from her body, leaving her to suck in a few deep breaths.

Once she’d calmed down, she examined the room. Shi Sheng was lying down on the bed and using a phone. Feng Jin was similarly reclined on a sofa, looking at a photograph in his hand.

An Su was rather afraid of this strangely dressed man with a dark aura. Whenever he looked at someone, the darkness in his gaze made people wish they could kill themselves. As a result, she subconsciously chose to draw closer to Shi Sheng.


“What?” ‘FL-sama’s planning on hugging my big thigh? Although she’s a bit dumb, at least she’s not broken. If she praises me(bbb) a few more times, I’ll(bbb) just let her hug it.’

An Su squatted down next to the bed. When her gaze swept over the phone screen, the scenes that entered her eyes caused her face to burn. She subconsciously looked at Feng Jin. ‘How could he let Ghost-jiejie look at these kinds of things?’

Probably having noticed An Su’s gaze, Feng Jin lifted his head to look over. Seeing that her expression was a bit off, his eyes drifted to the phone in Shi Sheng’s hands.

His gaze darkened as he walked over to the bed and took back his phone. He felt very unwell upon seeing the… explicit scenes on the screen.

“If you look at these kinds of things again, you can forget about those clothes.”

“Ah?” ‘Mental sustenance or clothes… so hard to choose! Can I have both?’

Feng Jin glared at her before turning off the internet on his phone. He opened up the Matching Pairs app and handed it back to her.

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Who wants to play that game for idiots? How come this guy’s got this dumb game downloaded on his phone?’

5 minutes later…

There were two idiots playing Matching Pairs.

“What did you say you saw just now?” Shi Sheng tapped wildly on the screen while asking An Su.

An Su finally remembered what she had come looking for Shi Sheng for and hurriedly shifted her gaze away from the screen. “When I went to the ground floor just now, I heard some noises coming from the storeroom. I thought it was just a servant, so I didn’t take much note of it. But when I was on my way back, I saw a black ball of… something squeezing in through the crack under the storeroom door. It looked like… like… fog.”


“It’s a hate spirit,” Feng Jin answered before warning Shi Sheng, “It’s not edible!”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Do I look like I lack that much common sense? Hate spirits absorb a bunch of hate to make themselves stronger. Even if they’re a bit weak in the beginning, they’re fucking invincible in the late stages.

Besides, just looking at it spoils my appetite. I’m not eating something that disgusting!’

“How did Su Xin get a hate spirit to chase after her?” An Su shuddered after hearing their words. “Besides, she’s already dead… why hasn’t it left yet?”

Ever since she started to see ghosts, she’d begun to read up on this type of thing, so she knew a little bit.

“There’s still plenty of food here, why would it leave? If it was me, I wouldn’t leave,” Shi Sheng didn’t even lift her head as she spoke.

“Oh shit, time’s up! Dead!”

“Ah? Then will it…” ‘…come here?’

An Su scanned the surroundings anxiously. ‘This room isn’t safe! …I won’t end up dying instead of helping, will I?’

“Do you think vil- Feng Jin is just here to be a flower vase?” Shi Sheng rolled her eyes at An Su.

“Have some backbone!”

‘You’re the FL, okay?! Even if the ML’s the one with all the cheats in the early stages, you don’t have to be such a coward!’

“Ghost-jiejie…” An Su was nearly in tears. “You’re a ghost—of course you’re not scared! But I’m a human ah!”

“Then why’d you come here in the first place?”

An Su made a crying face. “Probably… because I agreed to Qi Nian’s request in a moment of impulse.”

‘It’s already too late for me to regret it ah!’

Shi Sheng fell silent. ‘Yeah, that sounds about right. Many FLs agree in a moment of impulse, but somehow always manage to end up in a sorry state and implicate others along with them. A classic example of harming others without benefiting oneself.

Without making sure I have the ability to help first, I’d never make a decision that quickly.’

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    [[ “Ghost-jiejie…”

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