Chapter 233 : Petty Ghosts are Hard to Deal With (15)

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“Impossible… Qi Mo’s not that kind of person.” Su Yun shook her head in disbelief. ‘How could my Qi Mo be a scumbag who plays with women’s feelings? And then just watch from the side as Su Xin kills them… Not possible… Impossible…’

“Humans change.” Shi Sheng looked at Su Yun. “After you died, Qi Mo changed as well.”

Qi Mo truly did love Su Yun. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have put up a portrait to remember her by. But this love that spanned across the realms of the living and the dead was too heavy for one person. He had no way to confide in anyone. Over time, the pressure of living under such guilt built-up and caused his heart to grow twisted.

But as to why Qi Mo ended up the way he did, Shi Sheng couldn’t make a guess. The only plausible explanation was that since Su Yun had already died, Qi Mo felt like he wasn’t too far off either and no longer cared for the people around him.

Qi Mo quit struggling. His head went limp and he stopped breathing.

“Hahaha dead… dead… all dead… Su Yun… come. Join us. You’re one of us. You should be with us.” The hate spirit suddenly changed its target to Su Yun.

“No—I’m not.” Su Yun shook her head, but her expression was still dazed. It seemed like she still hadn’t processed what had happened just yet.

“But you are… And your daughter is waiting for you. Come…and you’ll be able to meet your daughter again…”

“Nian-Nian?” Su Yun’s empty gaze suddenly lit up. “Where’s Nian-Nian? My Nian-Nian…”

“She’s here, waiting for you… Come, Su Yun…”

“You killed Qi Nian…” An Su suddenly spoke up, her expression enraged, “She didn’t do anything wrong, why did you kill her?!”

Shi Sheng facepalmed. ‘This dummy… just see who’ll protect you when the hate spirit really gets angry.’

The hate spirit suddenly turned, agitated as it spoke with layered voices, “Then did we do anything wrong? The child pays for the father’s debts, what’s wrong with that? She deserved it for being Qi Mo’s daughter… daughter… ter…”

“You killed Nian-Nian?!” Su Yun screamed as she finally came to her senses. “You killed Nian-Nian!!!”

“She deserved it… Who told her to find someone to exorcise us?!” The hate spirit screeched.

They didn’t want to kill Qi Nian at first, but during her last visit, she said she wanted to find an expert to get rid of them. They still had yet to get revenge, so how could they allow themselves to be exorcised?

The hate spirit suddenly lunged towards Su Yun. “Come, Su Yun. Be with us and you can see your daughter again.”

The red light surrounding Su Yun’s body glowed brighter.

The hate spirit wanted to devour Su Yun. Su Yun wanted to avenge Qi Nian. One of them had to lose.

Su Yun had been trapped in this place for many years. Her strength wasn’t at the same level as a hate spirit that had killed quite a few people; it didn’t take long for her to fall into a disadvantageous position.

Shi Sheng wasn’t happy at all. That was her food!

She was already being generous by giving them a chance to exact revenge, but now they wanted to snatch her food? Simply unacceptable!

Shi Sheng charged over and slashed wildly at the hate spirit with her sword.

The hate spirit had already experienced the might of that sword before, so it quickly dodged backwards, not daring to face it head-on. After dodging the sword, it suddenly charged towards An Su. “What a delicious spirit physique…”

An Su was startled into rapidly backpedaling, but her legs gave out in fear and she fell to the ground. Feng Jin happened to be standing beside her, but he merely watched on coldly. Shi Sheng was too far away to help.

At the critical moment, Nalan Ying suddenly appeared and shot the hate spirit a cold gaze. Sensing his killing intent, it quaked as it tried to flee.

A cold light shot through the black fog. The hate spirit didn’t even have time to scream before it quickly crumbled to dust and dispersed into the air.

Nalan Ying helped An Su up, but An Su’s face when looking at him was a bit uneasy. She wrestled free from his grasp and walked a few steps in Feng Jin’s direction.

Nalan Ying looked towards Feng Jin, who was looking at Shi Sheng. Suddenly, a talisman appeared in Feng Jin’s hand and he tossed it out. It was stretched out paper-thin as it shot at Su Yun like a sharp blade. The moment it touched her, the talisman glowed with a faint red light and melted into Su Yun’s body.

He walked over to Su Yun and looked down at her. “Do you want to do it yourself, or should I…?”

At this moment, Su Yun’s expression appeared both happy and angry. Upon hearing Feng Jin’s words, she lifted her head to look at him.

Only after a full three seconds did she look back at the floating Shi Sheng, a smile of release on her face. “All these years… I guess I’ve become tired. Everyone’s dead now… there’s nothing holding me here anymore.”

After a slight pause, she continued, “Let me do it.”

Their exchange was confusing for the others present. An Su couldn’t understand. Nalan Ying understood only after he saw what Su Yun became after she finished speaking.

Before their eyes, Su Yun turned into several bolts of red light that slowly approached Shi Sheng.

Without any warning, Nalan Ying attacked the red lights, intending to disperse them before they could reach their target. Feng Jin didn’t even lift his head as several paper charms appeared and blocked Nalan Ying’s attack.

“Feng Jin!” Nalan Ying ground his teeth. ‘This man’s gotten stronger again! And that Ning Ying! That night she actually dared to… And she’s a spy sent by Feng Jin too!’

Feng Jin turned to look at Shi Sheng and gave her a reassuring gaze. “Don’t worry. Just focus on absorbing her strength.”

Shi Sheng didn’t reject his suggestion. She began to focus on converting Su Yun’s strength into her own.

The sounds of fighting would get louder when the fighting neared Shi Sheng every now and then, but Feng Jin protected her well. Nalan Ying could not even get close to her.

By the time she finished off the last of Su Yun’s energy, Nalan Ying was still fighting. The energy in her body had been rather weak before, but after absorbing and converting Su Yun’s energy, she was fully energized. Shi Sheng immediately charged over with her sword and placed herself in front of Feng Jin.

“Nalan Ying, are you seeking death?” Shi Sheng smiled frostily. “And here I thought you weren’t coming.”

“Ning Ying!” ‘How come I never realised just how despicable this woman was before?’

“Even if you call my name, I still won’t be merciful,” Shi Sheng humphed and started attacking.

Nalan Ying had exhausted himself in the fight against Feng Jin, while Shi Sheng was in peak condition and completely willing to take advantage of his weakness. Of course, she wasn’t planning on stopping till she took at least an arm off.

Shi Sheng had discovered that as long as she didn’t aim to kill the leads, she wouldn’t be restricted.

After all, they were just having a very normal duel. And weapons didn’t have eyes, so any injuries her sword inflicted weren’t her fault.

Nalan Ying’s movements had slowed down from fatigue. He eventually took a hit from Shi Sheng’s sword and his arm was cut. Nalan Ying had witnessed this sword injurethe hate spirit just before, but the bone-piercing pain he now experienced for himself…

His mind whirled, searching for an escape. Seeing a window from the corner of his eye, Nalan Ying swiftly retreated to the corner where An Su was huddled in, took her into his arms, and then leaped outside.

“Feng Jin! Ning Ying! Just you wait!”

“What, we have to wait just ‘cos you said so? Who do you think you are?” Shi Sheng sharply retorted, but she didn’t know if Nalan Ying had been able to hear her or not.

The room was now an absolute mess. All the destructible items in the room were completely destroyed. Even the supposedly indestructible items were also pretty much ruined.

With all members of the Qi family now dead , only the Butler and the other old servant who had stayed behind were left in the mansion.

Blocking Shi Sheng out, Feng Jin had a private talk with the Butler. When he left, he was carrying a box.

“What’s this?” Shi Sheng looked at the box in his hand and asked curiously.

Feng Jin stuck some wards on the box before staring at her with a dark expression. “No touching this without my permission.”

“As if I wanted to.” Shi Sheng dragged her sword as she got into the car. “Hurry up! I want that change of clothes!”

Feng Jin sighed.

Author’s note:

Update. Aren’t you guys going to vote…?


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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