Chapter 236 : Petty Ghosts are Hard to Deal With (18)

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Feng Jin tore the ward off his body, reaching out to hold her as he snapped, “Are you crazy?!”

‘She could’ve been destroyed!’

Shi Sheng felt the burning sensation vanish as soon as she was in Feng Jin’s arms. It was instead replaced by a comfortable, cooling sensation.

Shi Sheng leaned against his chest, her hand still wrapped around his wrist as she continuously poured spirit energy into his body. The sense of familiarity she felt excited her to the point she felt like jumping.

But she was too exhausted to move, and could only weakly lean against him.

Feng Jin frowned as that sense of familiarity grew stronger. He subconsciously held on to her tighter. Anger burned in his heart.

‘Does she know how dangerous that was?! Fuck!’

“Let go.” Feng Jin could still feel energy pouring into his body from his wrist, but it wasn’t as much as before.

Despite his words, Shi Sheng’s grasp tightened to the point where he felt like his wrist was going to break. He shifted his posture so that he was hugging her with one hand, freeing the other to pry hers off his wrist.

“What?” Shi Sheng spoke grumpily, her voice a bit worn out from exhausting herself.

Feng Jin, “…”

‘This woman is simply unreasonable! Does she want to break my hand? Letting her touch me was a grave mistake…’

But Feng Jin didn’t wrest his hand away. “Don’t grasp so tightly. It hurts…”

“You’re a grown man, what’re you being such a wuss for?” Shi Sheng still sounded grumpy, but she loosened her grip and stopped pouring spirit energy into his body. She rested for a moment.

When she felt some of her energy return, she grabbed his arm, used the leverage to twist around, and kissed him.

Feng Jin’s mind went blank for a moment. His ears buzzed noiselessly as he looked at the magnified face directly in front of him with widened eyes.

‘W-w-what is she doing?!’

The soft and cool sensation on his lips made his heart race, and that strange feeling of familiarity battered like ocean waves against his mind.

He couldn’t define what that feeling was…but he didn’t hate it—he even felt an urge to get closer.

Shi Sheng didn’t linger long—she didn’t dare to deepen the kiss since she might accidentally steal some of his yang qi.

She retreated a step and leaned against the bookcase beside her for support before speaking in a solemn tone, “Feng Jin, from now on, I’ll protect you. If anyone dares to touch you, I’ll send them to the afterlife!”

Feng Jin, “…” ‘I’m still a bit confused, please give me some time to process what just happened…

Was I just molested?’

Not only was he just molested, now he also had “protection”.

“I want to rest.” Shi Sheng neared Feng Jin once more, but stopped a step away from him. “Forget it, I’ll go rest on my own.”

‘He doesn’t have his memories right now. It’d be troublesome if I scared him off… I’ll just screw you some other time then.’

After Shi Sheng happily made this one-sided decision, she floated out of the study and back to her room to refill her spirit energy reserves. She’d used too much energy just now, so she was feeling a bit weak.

Feng Jin was left standing alone in the now much quieter study, his mind still stuck on what had just happened. Only after a long time did Feng Jin heavily exhale a breath of stale air. He cast a complicated glance in the direction of Shi Sheng’s bedroom.


The next day, Shi Sheng found Feng Jin sitting in his study drawing talismans. She immediately went over and made to rub his face.

Feng Jin’s hand shook, causing him to mess up his work. He removed the ward on his body before Shi Sheng’s hands could reach him. He glanced at his now useless talisman before turning his head to show her a helpless expression. “Can’t you give me some warning before you attempt to touch me?”

‘If I hadn’t removed the ward in time, she’d have been burnt again.’

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes at him while continuing to rub his face. “Why should I give notice when I’m rubbing my own man? Oh right… why doesn’t it hurt anymore?”

Feng Jin, “…”

‘“My own man?!”

“My own man!”

“My own man!!!” Since when did I become your man?! Have some shame…’

But upon seeing Shi Sheng’s matter-of-fact expression, Feng Jin chose to silently swallow his words. He caught the hand that was rubbing him and glared at her with a poker face. “Enough already. I still have things I need to do.”

“Did you place something on yourself before?” Shi Sheng snatched his hand back as her expression suddenly darkened.

‘I didn’t feel anything when An Su touched me, but this fellow dared to say humans and ghosts can’t touch! Can’t touch your head ah!’

Feng Jin suddenly had a bad feeling. He wrested free from Shi Sheng’s grip, sat up straight and gave a very serious and official-sounding explanation, “All exorcists set up similar wards to protect themselves.”

“Oh really?”

“En.” Feng Jin nodded solemnly.

Shi Sheng’s gaze shifted. She didn’t question him any further, instead choosing to change the topic, “Where did you say you were going yesterday?”

Feng Jin’s brows furrowed. “You can’t come.”

“Why not? I don’t care! I’ll go wherever you go! Otherwise we can both just die together!”

‘I finally found you after so much difficulty! How could I allow you to leave my line of sight? What if you get plotted to death by someone?’

Feng Jin, “…”

He picked up the invitation on the table and opened it up to show Shi Sheng the contents. “I’m attending the Exorcist’s Gathering; I can’t take you with me.”

All the people attending were exorcists; he wasn’t sure if he had the ability to keep them from discovering her.

Keeping a ghost was already going against regulation. If they were discovered, not only would he be punished, she wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed either.

He didn’t know why, but ever since last night, he felt like he had an inexplicable connection with her that spanned across time.

That connection was very subtle. Whenever he saw her, his heart would pound, his heart would ache, and he couldn’t help but care for her.

“A bunch of pretentious clowns! Don’t be afraid, I’ll bring you to go beat them up!” Shi Sheng patted Feng Jin’s shoulder with a domineering expression. “Only the best for my man! You should have the fear and respect of the entire world!”

Feng Jin, “…” ‘I’m not planning on taking over the world…’

#My ghost is not only an insubordinate that molests her owner, she’s also in the late stages of chuunibyou #Waiting for a reply, pls help

Shi Sheng bugged Feng Jin until he had no choice but to agree to her demands.

But later that night, when Shi Sheng got up, she discovered Feng Jin was gone and the house was covered in talismans. These talismans were clearly meant to be used against her. She didn’t manage to leave the house even after a few tries.

Shi Sheng nearly demolished the apartment in her rage. ‘Very good ah, Feng Jin!’

She floated to the door. “FL… An Su, you there?”

‘Dunno if these talismans can block out sound or not… If they do, I can only…bomb the house!’

“…Ghost-jiejie?” An Su’s muffled voice could be heard from behind the door. “I’m here, I’m here!”

“Think of a way to get in.” ‘Feng Jin, don’t let me catch you!’

“Ah? H-how do I do that?” An Su was confused. ‘This is an anti-theft door…’

“Call the locksmith!” Shi Sheng reminded her.


Because it was night, the locksmith only arrived after a very long time.

An Su didn’t have any identification, so the locksmith wouldn’t open the door. He wanted the property owners to give them permission first.

Then his gaze landed on the purse in An Su’s hand.

He only agreed after An Su begrudgingly gave him all the money she had. The locksmith left right after opening the door with no intention of peeking inside. From the looks of it, he appeared to be an old hand.

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