Chapter 235 : Petty Ghosts are Hard to Deal With (17)

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After Shi Sheng ran away from home, she floated around streets where she’d sometimes encounter other ghosts.

Worlds that were too filthy were filled with innumerable, wrongful deaths. And as a result, more people would linger among the living instead of passing on after their deaths.

Obsession, non-acceptance, hatred, longing… No matter which one, it would cause people to remain behind in this world.

Shi Sheng’s expression was mocking as she made her way through the crowds of well-dressed people. ‘Even if these people wear fancy suits and pretty dresses, their hearts are already rotten beyond redemption.’

No matter how much perfume or makeup they used, it was unable to cover up the stench that came from their bones.

The evil that was born of darkness ate away at their minds, and wouldn’t stop until it had consumed them entirely.

Shi Sheng floated and floated. She even didn’t know where she was anymore. The buildings around her were shorter than before.

She floated to the roof of a random building, leaned back, and pillowed her head on her hands as she looked up at the starless sky above. As a breeze brushed past, her navy-blue dress fluttered slightly and her dark hair flew freely behind her.

Time passed like flowing water till the city fell asleep.

Shi Sheng cracked her neck before jumping down from the balcony. She landed in an old alleyway and slowly started to amble forward without a destination in mind.


“Go away! Don’t come over! Aaaah—!”

Shi Sheng’s movements paused as she turned to look at the small alley that branched off from the one she was passing through.

In the dim yellow glow cast by the streetlamps, she could see several aggressive-looking shadows surrounding a girl. They looked very twisted.

Shi Sheng stared for about a minute. She watched as the shadows pressed the girl to the ground. She watched as the girl screamed in despair.

And she sighed.


Shi Sheng pulled her sword out and charged over. With only a sweep of her blade, the shadows were quickly disposed of.

Once the cold and sticky feeling vanished, An Su’s almost collapsed mental state slowly recovered.

She saw the expressionless young woman in a navy-blue dress holding a sword, whose gaze was that of someone who had lived beyond their years and experienced many things; it was calm to the point of terrifying others.

It was like the woman was standing above the clouds. One could only respect her; no one could tarnish her.

But the moment she spoke, her style changed completely.

“I really don’t know how you’re supposed to survive till the end with your current ability,” Shi Sheng ridiculed as she poked her sword into the ground in front of An Su.

There were still tears on An Su’s face. ‘Ghost-jiejie, can you not be so harsh?’

She clambered up from the ground and wiped away the traces of tears on her face. “Ghost-jiejie, why are you here?”

‘For some reason, as long as Ghost-jiejie is here, I feel very safe.’

“None of your business.” Shi Sheng put away her sword.

An Su, “…” ‘Okay… I won’t ask.’

“Ghost-jiejie, thank you for helping me just now! This is the third time you’ve saved me!” An Su changed the topic.

“Third time? Since when? Did I save you another time while I was dreaming or something?” ‘How come I only remember two at the most? Could I have saved her in my sleep or something?’

An Su started counting with her fingers. “The first time was in the basement. The second time was in Qi Mo’s room. The third time was just now. I don’t have any other way to repay you, so why don’t I just repay you with my body?”

‘Wut? Repay me with your body? I’m(bbb) not the ML! What’re you paying me(bbb) with your body for?! I’m(bbb) not a lesbian!


“Nalan Ying saved you the second time. That had nothing to do with me.”

An Su’s face paled as she attempted to force her logic. “But you were the one that killed the hate spirit in the end.”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Simply unreasonable.’

Shi Sheng turned to leave. Seeing this, An Su hurriedly followed her. “Ghost-jiejie, are you living together with Mr Feng?”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘How’s it any of your business who I live with?’

“Ghost-jiejie, can I follow you? Ghost-jiejie… don’t fly so quickly…”

Not long after they left, Nalan Ying appeared out of nowhere. He frowned as he scanned the surroundings before vanishing once more.


Shi Sheng couldn’t shake off the female lead in the end. ‘This person’s a fucking magnet for evil spirits. Everywhere we go, they find us.’

Once they’d reached Feng Jin’s apartment, An Su was stunned by the bare interior upon taking a step in. ‘Did Mr Feng just move in? It’s so clean…’

“Who let you just pick up a random person?” Feng Jin’s face turned black, uncaring as to whether or not An Su saw his expression. ‘And you just had to pick up Nalan Ying’s woman of all people!’

“I didn’t pick anyone up,” Shi Sheng replied with an honest expression.

“Then why did she follow you back?” Feng Jin’s expression turned even darker. ‘I don’t believe that woman could find her way here by herself.’

“Dunno, perhaps she’s coveting my beauty,” Shi Sheng started spouting bullshit. “You know beauties like me attract everyone regardless of age or gender…”

Feng Jin, “…” ‘Feel like I’m going to explode.’

An Su couldn’t bring herself to curse at Shi Sheng’s narcissism right now. She retreated behind Shi Sheng out of fear. “Ghost-jiejie, Mr Feng looks very angry…”

‘He won’t chase me out, will he?’

Reality proved that An Su wasn’t just thinking too much; Feng Jin really did chase her out. ‘What do you take my house for? Think you’re allowed to come in whenever you want? Think it’s that easy?’

Shi Sheng could only give An Su an ‘I can’t help you’ expression. She was currently living under someone else’s roof right now and had no intention of being chased out. So, for the sake keeping her place in this house, Shi Sheng acquiesced and left An Su outside in the corridor.

“She has a natural spirit physique; evil ghosts are easily attracted to her. Don’t hang around with her too much.” Feng Jin glared at Shi Sheng. “And can’t you just cool it?”

“I am a silent beauty,” Shi Sheng replied without any shame.

Feng Jin, “…”

He walked over and sat down next to Shi Sheng. His expression contained some hints of helplessness and a faint tinge of anxiety. “Cool it for a bit. I’m leaving for a while.”

“En? Where to?”

Feng Jin looked at her for a moment before lowering his gaze. He leaned forward slightly and placed his interlocked hands against his forehead.

“Wait for me at home,” was all he said in the end as he turned to enter the study.

Shi Sheng frowned as she stared at the books. She rolled around the sofa before rolling off to get up. She floated straight through the door and into the study.

Feng Jin was standing next to the window in the study. The only thing illuminating the room were the neon lights outside. That light elongated his shadow, making him appear bleak and lonely.

Shi Sheng rubbed her hands. ‘If it fails again, I’m(bbb) not playing anymore!’

Feng Jin was feeling stiff from standing in front of the window for so long. He worked his neck before turning… and was pounced on with no warning.

The window behind him wasn’t shut, so half his body ended up outside. Feng Jin dropped any thoughts of attacking his assailant the moment he recognised that familiar cold touch. His wrists were grabbed by a pair of much smaller, colder hands and a force that couldn’t be called gentle poured into his body.

That force barged all around inside of him, but it didn’t hurt. On the contrary, he experienced a very strange feeling.

Familiarity, mixed with something that made his heart pound…

Since his body was still a bit stiff, Feng Jin’s movements to support the person in his arms were somewhat restricted.

Yet, when he saw her bearing with the pain in the dark, he didn’t know why but he felt his heart hurt.

Author’s note:

Begging for votes.


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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