Chapter 245 : Petty Ghosts are Hard to Deal With (27)

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“So what if it’s against the rules?” Shi Sheng stepped forward, blocking Feng Jin behind her. “Don’t like it? Come and fight! Winner gets to say whatever they like!”

Xiao Bai was so terrified by Shi Sheng’s imposing aura that he began to tremble. He shifted to the side…

An Su moved behind Feng Jin. ‘The atmosphere isn’t quite right… It’ll be safer behind Mr Feng.’

The stunned exorcists, “…”

‘This ghost is very arrogant! We won’t be able to call ourselves exorcists if we don’t fight her!’

“One at a time, or all of you together?” Shi Sheng calmly and slowly drew her sword.

Her domineering posture and attitude really made them wish they could pummel her into a crack in the earth.

‘What a waste of such a pretty face…’

“I’ll go first.” The dark shorty from before stepped up. He also held a sword, but it was made of peach wood[1]. He walked towards Shi Sheng and pointed it at her.

“Evil creature, today I shall enact justice on behalf of the heavens…”

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes before speeding over to Dark Shorty, cutting down his peach wood sword in an instant. Unsurprisingly, it was sliced in half and fell to the ground with a loud smack.

A strange silence fell. Dark Shorty’s expression was very colourful. He hadn’t even finished speaking, yet she attacked him!

‘Don’t you know the rules?!’

“You cheated!” Dark Shorty spat.

“How so?” Shi Sheng raised her brow and looked at him mockingly.

“I didn’t yell start yet! What is this if not cheating?”

Shi Sheng’s expression was filled with ridicule as she scoffed, “Don’t you know what I am?”

‘I’m(bbb) a ghost! A ghost, got it? Why do I have to wait for you to yell ‘start’? The fight already started the moment you stepped forward, but you just had to rattle off a bunch of nonsense. Was I(bbb) supposed to wait for you to finish? Idiot!’

Dark Shorty had just barely reacted before he was sent flying from Shi Sheng’s kick.

“Shameless! Despicable…” Dark Shorty vehemently cursed Shi Sheng as he was helped off the ground by his comrades.

“Thanks for the compliments,” Shi Sheng calmly replied once he’d finished his long string of insults.

‘Pfft— This ghost wants to ascend the heavens ah?! Her face is as thick as the corners of a city wall! And it’s the type that can’t be broken either!’

“Who else?” Shi Sheng arrogantly swept her sword towards the group of exorcists. “It’s too troublesome for you lot to come one by one; so just come at me together!”

Feng Jin was facepalming. ‘Just how violent is this ghost of mine? She used to just break doors, but now she’s even starting to break people?’

“Feng Jin, are you really going to allow her to do whatever she wants?!” Someone suddenly pulled the crowd’s focus back to Feng Jin.

This was their real goal. They absolutely refused to acknowledge Feng Jin as a grandmaster.

“As an exorcist, you are consorting with these types of evil creatures! What face do you have to see your ancestors?!”

“You have to give us a satisfactory explanation!”

Shi Sheng stabbed the ground in irritation as all sorts of bloody scenarios played out in her head.

“Feng Jin, as long as you personally end this ghost, we can let you off this time. Otherwise, we can only strip you of your status as an exorcist…”

Shi Sheng looked at Feng Jin. His expression right now was like when they first met—emotionless and unreadable, and she was unable to decipher what he was feeling or thinking.

He lifted his head slightly and their gazes met. The dark clouds in his eyes dispersed as his lips slowly lifted. The sun slowly rose in the sky and sunlight fell on him, making him appear as if he was glowing.

It was a stunning scene.

Even the exorcists couldn’t help but admit that this brat from the Feng Clan was very good-looking.

When he smiled, they felt like their souls would get sucked out of their bodies.

“I’m willing to let her do what she wants.” Feng Jin’s gaze skipped over the crowd, his voice neither light nor heavy.

“Feng Jin, are you planning on making enemies with all exorcists?! Even if you’re a member of the Feng Clan, they can’t protect you on this matter!”

It was strictly taboo for an exorcist to keep a ghost, as it would greatly affect the stability of the profession.

“It’s enough if he has me. What does he need that Feng Clan for?” Shi Sheng arrogantly replied to the speaker. She didn’t need anyone to help her protect her man.

“Don’t speak so brashly, you evil creature! You really think you’re that powerful? All you did was use cheap tactics!” Dark Shorty yelled angrily.

“Cheap tactics?” ‘Well, fuck you! Since when did I(bbb) use cheap tactics?’

Shi Sheng got angry and she spoke in a sinister tone, “Okay then! Since you’re saying that, wouldn’t I be disappointing you if I didn’t prove you right? You lot are acknowledging this grandmaster today whether you like it or not!”

“Pei— AH!” Dark Shorty’s words suddenly changed to a shrill shriek as he doubled over and collapsed to the ground, prostrated as if he were kowtowing.

No one knew what was going on. They looked at each other nervously, but none dared to go forward to help Dark Shorty up. However, that didn’t stop the people behind him from collapsing to the ground too.

Those standing further back retreated swiftly as they scanned their surroundings in alarm. ‘Feng Jin and that ghost are standing right there, so what could be ambushing us? Is there another ghost present?’


Though they had raised their alertness to the maximum, people behind continued to collapse.

Even when everyone was face down on the floor, they still didn’t understand why they had fallen to the ground in the first place. They couldn’t even attempt to get up—their knees didn’t seem to be working.

Shi Sheng’s body was a bit unsteady, but she forcibly stood straight and proud by leaning on her sword. “Since everyone is being so respectful, we have to commemorate this! An Su, go take pictures of them. From every angle.”

“Ah?” An Su’s endearingly dumb expression as she looked at Shi Sheng seemed to be asking ‘why take pictures?’

Shi Sheng coldly swept her gaze over An Su, who immediately pulled out her phone from her pocket and began taking pictures. Not only did she take group photos, but she took individual shots too.

While An Su was taking pictures, Feng Jin went forward to support Shi Sheng. “It’s just a title. I don’t care about it. You don’t have to…”

“I already said you should have the best,” Shi Sheng interrupted him, though she relaxed against his body. She then explained further, “I just slightly overused my spirit energy; it’s nothing serious. I won’t joke around with my life.”

The hand that held her shoulder gripped Shi Sheng tighter. Feng Jin lowered his head to look at the woman in his arms, a hint of gentleness appearing in his eyes. ‘This… isn’t so bad.’

“Ghost-jiejie, I’m done!” An Su brought the phone back.

Shi Sheng nodded. “From today onwards, if anyone dares to disrespect Feng Jin… well, I wonder where these pictures are gonna end up.”

After a pause, Shi Sheng continued, “Oh right. Before I release these, I’ll be sure to photoshop them a bit. As to whether or not the pics are going to just be all of you naked—or in a sex scene—that’ll depend on my mood. If you guys don’t like it, you’re welcome to challenge me any time.”

“You’ll die a terrible death, foul creature!”

Shi Sheng shrugged, completely unperturbed. “I’m already dead.”

“Pfft—” An Su couldn’t help herself, resulting in countless sharp gazes landing on her. She held her mouth shut.

“Oh, and I think I’ll let you guys experience the police-station deluxe package.”

The crowd hadn’t processed what she meant before Feng Jin and An Su disappeared before their eyes, followed by the sounds of explosions coming from within the mansion.

The ancient mansion collapsed into rubble before their very eyes…

‘This is an important cultural protection zone[2]… zone… zone…’

[1] Peach wood is a wood commonly known to ward off evil spirits, hence why Taoists use wooden swords made of peach wood.

[2] Like what it sounds like, that area was designated for protection due to its history and cultural importance. I would not suggest blowing one up to see what happens…

Author’s note:

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Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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