Chapter 246 : Petty Ghosts are Hard to Deal With (28)

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Shi Sheng had used normal explosives, so anyone could see the plume of smoke from afar.

As Feng Jin sat on Shi Sheng’s sword and gazed down upon the rubble, his eyes flashed.

Xiao Bai had entered the mansion at some point during the confrontation with the exorcists and had been in the process of pulling his Master out. Shi Sheng had deliberately avoided them, and even the other two exorcists still in there, when she threw the bombs. Still, it was impossible for them not to be affected by the blasts, so they couldn’t avoid injuries.

“G-Ghost-jiejie…” An Su had been dragged up into the sky by Shi Sheng, and was now curled up and trembling as she stuttered, “I-I-I’m afraid of heights!”

‘How can this sword fly and change sizes like in fairy tales? This is against the laws of physics!!!’


She heard that all the people present that night had been brought to the police station. The police officers had been rather stunned to find a bunch of people, dressed in a myriad of outfits, collapsed on the ground. ‘Did we interrupt a cult meeting?’

The exorcists talked themselves hoarse and finally managed to convince the police that they weren’t a cult. But there was still the destruction of a cultural heritage building to consider.

The explosion at the mansion had destroyed any surveillance cameras and security footage of what happened, so all the police officers saw was a bunch of people collapsed on the ground for no apparent reason. There was no way the exorcists could wash off the suspicion of their involvement in the mansion’s destruction.

They couldn’t exactly say a ghost had done it, otherwise they’d all probably be sent to a mental asylum. As a result, they really did end up taking the entire blame for the situation.

Although some people had connections with certain high-ranking officials and attempted to use them, there still had to be some level of punishment imposed, so the group ended up having to pay compensation.

Shi Sheng heard that some of the exorcists went bankrupt to pay back the astronomical sum.

The luckiest ones were the three that had still been in the mansion. They didn’t have their pictures taken, nor did they get caught and locked up by the police. They only had to pay some compensation in the end.

Xiao Bai saw the police at the scene as soon as he dragged his Master out of the rubble. He had been terrified of the police ever since he was little, so his first reaction was to drag his Master back into the remains of the mansion and hide.

His Master had woken up at this time. The two of them worked together to drag the other two people out.

They thought they had avoided trouble, but the other exorcists clearly believed in the righteous tradition of sharing woes together and exposed them.

With three more people, the average amount they each had to pay was less, wasn’t it?

Ever since then, an irreparable rift appeared between Mt Tiandu and the other great exorcist clans.

Reality proved that sharing difficulties together wasn’t the best solution.


Shi Sheng recovered after several days of rest. School had started for An Su, so only Shi Sheng and Feng Jin were left at home.

When Shi Sheng floated over to Feng Jin’s room, she found him reading a yellowed letter. Noticing her entry, he panicked for some reason and stuffed the letter under his blanket.

He got up and pulled the curtains shut, causing the room to fall into darkness. Only then did Shi Sheng float over to his bedside.

“What’re you looking at?”

Feng Jin looked at her hesitantly. After some internal struggle, he pulled the letter out from under the blanket and handed it to her.

“The events after your death are recorded here.”

Shi Sheng took the letter from him. The paper was very rough, and it appeared quite old.

It revealed that the reason the mysterious man had agreed to Ning Xian’s request was because his clan had been facing a crisis. He was in urgent need of a large sum of cash.

That was why he had taken the risk when Ning Xian offered him that job. But after he brought Ning Ying away, he didn’t follow Ning Xian’s instructions to erase her soul from existence and left her sealed away instead.

After the Feng Clan had averted its crisis, because he felt guilty, the man took on the task of providing for Ning Ying. Before his death, he instructed his descendants to take good care of Ning Ying and her seal.

The man’s name was Feng Xin, and he was Feng Jin’s great grandfather.

At the time, it shouldn’t have been Feng Jin’s job. But when some problems began appearing with Ning Ying’s seal, the other members of the Feng Clan hadn’t been willing to go check on it. So the responsibility landed on Feng Jin’s shoulders.

Because the seal had been in place for so long, it was extremely weak and had already lost most of its effectiveness. Feng Jin arrived just in time to see Ning Ying struggling free from the seal that had held her for so long. Her actions resulted in a heavy injury which had led to the loss of her memories.


“Why did you bring me back with you?” Shi Sheng folded the letter.

Feng Jin’s face suddenly turned red and he tried to avert his gaze, refusing to meet her eyes. “…At that time… you weren’t wearing anything. I saw your body, so I had to… take responsibility.”

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘That was Ning Ying, not me!!! If I didn’t come over, doesn’t that mean he would have taken responsibility for Ning Ying?’

This thought caused her to feel rather unhappy. She glared at Feng Jin before floating out of the room.

Feng Jin, who had been completely confused by her sudden change of attitude, “…”

‘What did I do now?’

Shi Sheng ignored him for several days. Even An Su could feel something was off with the mood at home whenever she returned from school.

Er, An Su’s position was that of a… free housekeeper?

“Mr Feng…” An Su carefully walked over to Feng Jin. “What’s up with Ghost-jiejie?”

‘Her expression was really scary just now…’

Feng Jin felt like a cat had been clawing at his heart from Shi Sheng’s silent treatment. An Su’s question finally gave him the push he needed to get up and stride over to Shi Sheng’s room.

An Su looked at the ceiling innocently.

In the room, Shi Sheng was sitting cross-legged on the bed and was watching a certain type of film on her tablet that would typically cause one to blush. Well, not her though—she appeared rather disdainful in fact.

When Feng Jin opened the door, he was greeted by those strange noises. He hurriedly entered and shut the door.

Shi Sheng lifted her head to look at him. Feng Jin stood there with his back against the door. For a time, it felt a bit awkward, as the strange noises continued being emitted from the tablet.

After quite a while, Feng Jin went forward to close the webpage on the tablet with a dark face.

‘Just how does she find these websites…’

Feng Jin tossed the tablet to the side, and from there he suddenly didn’t know what he was supposed to do. He squatted down and lifted his head slightly to look up at Shi Sheng. “I…”

Shi Sheng propped up her chin. “What’s with you?”

Feng Jin took a deep breath, and continued, “I-I’ll take responsibility.”

“Humans and ghosts can’t be together.” Shi Sheng jumped off the bed and tilted her head to the side as she looked down at him. “Didn’t you say that?”

‘This fellow said it so righteously back then too!’

Feng Jin, “…”

“I can help you return to life.” Feng jin grasped Shi Sheng’s hands and earnestly looked at her.

‘Return to life? I wasn’t serious back then! I can’t return to life; I need to reincarnate!’

“I can’t.”

Feng Jin’s grip on Shi Sheng tightened. “Why? If you come back to life… you can be with me.”

Shi Sheng narcissistically rubbed her face. “Because then I can maintain my beautiful looks.”

Feng Jin, “…” ‘She’s not wrong… no way to refute that…’

“Do you like the former Ning Ying, or the current me?” Shi Sheng asked with no warning.

“The current you,” Feng Jin replied without any hesitation whatsoever. Although the old Ning Ying was very obedient and clever, he hadn’t liked her at all. The only reason he brought her with him was because he had seen her body, and he felt he had to take responsibility for that accident by keeping her.

Feng Jin wasn’t stupid enough to try the tactic of saying he liked her regardless of whether it was the former her or current her—because he only liked the current her.

He probably liked… her unreasonableness?

Shi Sheng suddenly closed the distance between them and pressed him against the bed, looking down on him from above. As her exquisite features were reflected in Feng Jin’s eyes, he could feel his heartbeat speeding up as nervousness rose within him.

An ambiguous atmosphere settled in the room and Feng Jin could almost feel the temperature rising.

Shi Sheng slowly drew closer to him before suddenly saying, “Can I not fuck you if I don’t return to life?”

Feng Jin, “…” ‘Is it really okay to be that explicit?!’

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Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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