Chapter 247 : Petty Ghosts are Hard to Deal With (29)

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Feng Jin told Shi Sheng it wasn’t impossible—she just had to control herself and it wouldn’t cause him too much harm. He wouldn’t be negatively affected by the loss of a little yang qi, and it’d benefit her too.

However, Shi Sheng rejected him outright, “I’m not taking any risks. I can’t afford to gamble.”

‘I managed to find him in this world, but what about the next? Who is he? Why is he appearing in these worlds? I have no way of knowing. I don’t even know if he’ll suddenly disappear one day…’

Since their time together was always ticking down, she couldn’t afford to gamble. No matter how small the risk.

Feng Jin’s heart felt like something was stabbing it. He held Shi Sheng close. “It’s okay…”

Shi Sheng’s expression seemed to say ‘I’m really helpless against you, you little devil’. She patted his head like it was a dog’s head. “I’ll think of something.”

Feng Jin, “…”

‘I didn’t mean it like that…’

“What’s our relationship right now?” Feng Jin looked at Shi Sheng.

“The Civil Affairs Bureau won’t issue marriage certificates for human-ghost couples, so what relationship do you want?” Shi Sheng retorted.

Feng Jin, “…” ‘I need some quiet…’

In the evening, Feng Jin received a call and went out.

An Su raced back in tears as if something were chasing after her. Her clothes were in a mess.

Shi Sheng frowned. She got up from the sofa and floated over. “What happened?”

An Su fiercely leapt at Shi Sheng and hugged her as she cried her eyes out.

Shi Sheng had originally planned to push her away. However, upon smelling that faint post-lovemaking odour, she patted An Su’s back comfortingly. Once An Su was done crying, she told Shi Sheng what happened in between her sobs.

The protection talisman Feng Jin had given her was accidentally destroyed by a classmate. An Su had thought it’d be fine since she’d be returning with her classmates, so she didn’t inform Feng Jin. But she didn’t expect to be kidnapped by Nalan Ying before she even left the school…

“Ghost-jiejie, wuwu… What should I do? He said he won’t let me off,” An Su spoke while sobbing as she tightly clutched Shi Sheng’s hand, “Am I really never going to be free of him in this life?”

“It’s not that serious.” Shi Sheng pushed her into the bathroom. “Go wash up. Don’t think too much.”

Possibly due to the fact that this was Feng Jin’s house, An Su wasn’t that afraid and obediently went into the bathroom to wash up.

By the time Feng Jin returned, An Su had already fallen asleep.

“I’m afraid she’ll get pregnant with Nalan Ying’s child. Do you have any way to prevent a ghost pregnancy?” Shi Sheng stood at the doorway and asked Feng Jin in a quiet voice.

He shut the door and lightly replied, “Nalan Ying can’t have children.”

‘Can’t have children? In the original plot, it seems like An Su really never did get pregnant, even till the end.’


“He once drank Rootless Water.” Feng Jin walked into the kitchen. “What do you want to eat?”

“I like whatever you make.”

Feng Jin’s lips lifted slightly. “Then we’re eating steamed buns tonight.”

“Ah? No! I wanna eat meat!” Shi Sheng pounced over and clung to his back. “What’s Rootless Water? How can it make him sterile?”

‘Is this the legendary contraceptive?’

“No, it’s main purpose is to suppress his power. It just has the side effect of making him sterile.”

Feng Jin rolled up his sleeves. He checked what he had in the fridge before taking out the ingredients he needed, and then began cooking with skilled and practised motions.

Shi Sheng tilted her head as she pondered the matter of Rootless Water on her own. Because she didn’t weigh anything, Feng Jin let her cling to his back.

Feng Jin didn’t make much since it was late, but each dish was a perfect combination of colour, aroma and taste. It probably wouldn’t sell well on appearance alone, but the taste was divine.

Of course, Shi Sheng could only smell it but not eat it. She lay on the table, depressed. ‘So I have to be human after all?’

“What’s the matter?” Feng Jin looked at the braised pork ribs in front of him. “Don’t you like it? Didn’t you say you wanted to eat it this morning?”

Shi Sheng pulled the dish over. “I do.”

“Don’t eat it if you don’t like it. I’ll make something else for you tomorrow.” Feng Jin moved the dish away.

Shi Sheng glanced at Feng Jin and her expression fell. “I want to eat you.”

Feng Jin’s movements paused momentarily and the tips of his ears turned red as he stumbled over his words, “…Finish up. In a bit…”

Shi Sheng propped up her chin and stared at Feng Jin, asking in a playful manner, “What’re we doing later?”

Feng Jin panicked and started clearing up all the dishes on the table. His tone was still a bit off as he replied, “I’ll take you out for a stroll later.”

“Don’t feel like it,” Shi Sheng muttered, floating out the window.

When Feng Jin turned around, she was no longer there. He pressed his lips together. ‘Just why did I have to say that?’

While it was true that Shi Sheng had made advances on Feng Jin over these few days, she had never crossed that invisible line. Due to this, Feng Jin felt that their relationship wasn’t very real. The distance between them still felt too vast.

After he’d settled everything for the night and washed up, Feng Jin went to bed. But no matter how much he tossed and turned, he just couldn’t fall asleep. ‘Where did she go?’

These past few nights, Shi Sheng had started to go out and return very late into the night. Feng Jin had tried to use their contract to sense her position before. However, she was always moving, and very quickly at that. With his speed, he had no hope of catching up to her.

Around 3am, Feng Jin felt a cold presence settle beside him in his stupor. His eyelids cracked open and he was greeted by the sight of a familiar, albeit magnified face.

“Woke you up? Darn, I was planning on sneaking a kiss.” Shi Sheng pulled away from him and curled up on her side of the bed, at the same time helping him pull his blanket up. “Go back to sleep.”

Shi Sheng was afraid he’d be cold, so although she slept beside Feng Jin, they both had separate blankets.

Well, not that a blanket had much use to her.

Feng Jin shifted slightly before he suddenly got up and tossed her blanket to the floor. He drew her into his arms, covering them both with his blanket.

He ignored Shi Sheng’s struggles as his lips accurately landed on hers and his tongue invaded her mouth.

The melding of ice and fire made Shi Sheng feel a bit giddy. The pleasant sensation made her subconsciously take the lead. But in the next moment, she shoved Feng Jin away.

A hint of warmth still lingered on her lips and her previously-cold body had seemingly warmed up. She supported herself to sit up then retreated to the side. “Feng Jin, don’t tempt me,”she warned.

“You clearly…” In the darkness, Feng Jin’s expression looked slightly wronged. He could afford to give her some of his yang qi; he wouldn’t die from losing a bit.

“Wait a little longer, it’ll be soon.” Shi Sheng’s voice was a bit hoarse. She got up and floated towards the door. “I’m going to the study.”

“I won’t touch you. Don’t leave,” Feng Jin spoke in a soft voice.

Shi Sheng paused. “If you touch me again, I’ll hit you.”


Shi Sheng hesitated for a moment, but in the end still floated back.

“Can I hug you to sleep?”

“You’ll get cold.” Shi Sheng warned as she picked up the blanket that had dropped to the floor. “If you get sick, I’ll feel like killing someone.”

“I can stand that degree of coldness.”

‘Her body isn’t that cold, it’s fine once I get used to it. She just thinks I’m too weak… As a grown man, am I that fragile?’


“Then I won’t use the blanket, I’ll just be cold with you.” Feng Jin kicked the blanket away and spread his arms and legs out on the bed.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Wow, learned how to use threats…’

Feng Jin, “…” ‘Learned it from you…’

“Fine, fine, hug me. But if I find anything wrong with you tomorrow, don’t blame me for being cruel! Even if I like you, I won’t go easy on you when you’re asking for a beating!”

Shi Sheng covered him with both blankets before huddling against him.

Feng Jin hugged Shi Sheng contentedly and reassured her. “Don’t worry, I’m not as fragile as you think.”

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