Chapter 26 : Patron, Please Keep Me (6)

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This group of robbers seemed like they had done this before for they had clear allocations for who did what and didn’t need too much direction.

Shi Sheng silently continued cursing. Not only had she been forcefully made to accept a hidden quest, now her life was in danger too. And most importantly, System still hadn’t given her any cheats! ‘Simply perverse! 0/101!’

In the story, Jiang Wan had still been on set filming so of course she wouldn’t have experienced this. But this event had been described in detail, and it was all because: The female lead was here.

Shi Sheng had scanned the surroundings before but hadn’t seen her. She didn’t know if the female lead was in one of the private rooms or not.

It was during this event that Xia Man had saved Lu Qingyun, who discovered Xia Man and Xi Mo’s relationship and as a result got closer to Xia Man.

The outside had already been surrounded by many layers of policemen.

By now, the robbers had already chased out the people inside the private rooms.

Xia Man emerged from the private room that was the farthest to the back. She was wearing workout clothes while her expression was leaning more towards the cold end of the spectrum. She appeared very calm as she followed the robbers’ instructions and squatted at the wall two people over from Shi Sheng. Shi Sheng couldn’t help but give her another glance just because of how she reacted.

“Move aside!” One of the robbers shouted fiercely while standing in front of her and blocking her view. The waiter cried as he moved aside and the robbers entered the room. The sounds of angry curses could be heard from the room before two people walked out.

“Squat over there, make any funny moves and I’ll kill you! Bloody hell, why is there a man that looks this beautiful…”

Shi Sheng felt someone squat down. She lifted her head and managed to catch a glimpse of the man’s pale and handsome profile. His lips were slightly pursed while his gaze was lowered. There wasn’t much expression on his face.

Even though he was squatting, he made it look elegant. He didn’t seem to fit in with the surrounding chaos, as if he belonged to a different world.

Perhaps he felt Shi Sheng’s gaze on him for he turned to look at her, exposing his entire face to her view. That was a face indescribable with mere words. When he smiled, those inky black eyes seemed as if thousands of flowers were blooming.

Shi Sheng was dazed, she felt as if she had just seen Chu Tang. However, she immediately denied it. This man was different from Chu Tang. Whereas Chu Tang had an imperceptible wickedness about him that seduced one to the dark side, this man did not make any attempts at covering up that aura of spiteful ill-intent.

‘System get out here! I(bbb) want to have a discussion with you on life. Why are all the targets of the hidden quests all such perverts? I(bbb) feel like my(bbb) life is in danger! Please give me hacks and cheats, something. At least give me(bbb) that beginner’s package!’

#What Do I Do When My Host Won’t Forget About The Beginner’s Package? Urgently Need Help#

Lu Qingyun stared in doubt at the girl squatting beside him. This was the first time somebody had revealed such an expression of enmity upon seeing his face. ‘Did my charm decrease?’

Lu Qingyun turned his head to smile at the other girl next to him. Though there were still traces of fear and panic on her face, at least in her eyes there were some traces of infatuation. It was as if she’d forgotten she was currently being held hostage by bank robbers as well as the fact that she was still in danger.

‘See, now that’s the kind of reaction someone should have upon seeing me.’

Satisfied, Lu Qingyun turned his head to look at this ‘rare creature’ when his arm was grabbed and he was pulled up. Xia Man had also been pulled up.

“Get over here and stand there!” The robber pointed at the now glassless window. They pushed the two over to where the policemen outside could see.

Shi Sheng quickly pulled on that robber, who turned his head and pointed his gun at Shi Sheng. He roared in his gravelly voice, “What are you doing?! Courting death?!”

Shi Sheng smiled as her eyes curved into crescents before pointing at Lu Qingyun, “I’m going with him.”

There was surprise in the robber’s eyes. He had probably never seen a hostage this eager to die, especially not a girl this good-looking. When he got over his surprise, the robber shook his gun as he threatened her, “Stop bullshitting. Make any funny moves and Imma fucking kill you.”

‘When even a bunch of grown men are crying for their mommies and daddies, wouldn’t a little girl who smilingly offered herself as cannon fodder be suspicious? Do you take me for an idiot!’

Shi Sheng’s face fell as she spoke in a pitiful voice, “But… he’s my boyfriend. We said we’d live and die together, how could I let him face such a dangerous situation alone? Come on, let me go over. See I’m just a weak woman, what could I do that would threaten you?”

The newly-appointed boyfriend Lu Qingyun, “…”

And Xia Man who had been staring at Shi Sheng this whole time twitched her lips. ‘Wasn’t she Xi Mo’s woman? How come she suddenly became this man’s girlfriend?’

And the other hostages in the coffee shop all cast admiring glances at Shi Sheng. ‘Young love is just so touching!’

But once they got a look at Lu Qingyun’s face, a few young ladies felt envious inside. They were willing to share life and death with such a hot guy too ah!

The cops outside were making a fuss by now. Perhaps the robber felt like he had wasted too much time for he didn’t stop to consider any longer as he railed at her, “Get up! Don’t try anything funny. Put your hands where I can see ‘em.”

Shi Sheng immediately got up and made her way to Lu Qingyun’s side. She grabbed his arm, not forgetting to shoot him a smile.

The robbers wanted the police to prepare a car within half an hour or else they would kill the hostages.

“Hi, you scared?” Shi Sheng asked Lu Qingyun in a small voice.

Lu Qingyun stood there casually, his posture languid. His clear voice, containing some hints of ill-intentioned laughter, spoke, “There are people accompanying me to die, why would I be afraid?”

His obscure gaze swept on the hand Shi Sheng was using to hold onto his arm. His smile only grew brighter though and the world seemed to lose its colours.

Shi Sheng’s scalp tingled as her inner warning bells sounded. She hesitated a bit but in the end, didn’t release him.

“Take a guess as to how long it’ll take for them to rescue us.” Shi Sheng’s gaze landed on the cops outside who were still undergoing negotiations with the robbers through a loudspeaker.

“Perhaps they won’t be able to.”

“Don’t worry, see that girl beside you?” Though she was speaking words of consolation, her tone wasn’t consoling at all. “Follow her and you definitely won’t die. Though you might get injured.”

Lu Qingyun cast a glance at Xia Man who was standing on his other side. Xia Man’s gaze stared straight ahead. Her chin and back were tensed up, she was clearly nervous. Her appearance was completely unlike his self-appointed ‘girlfriend’, whose body was completely relaxed.

“How do you know I won’t die if I follow her?”

‘Dummy, of course it’s because of the protagonist halo!’

Of course, she couldn’t tell him this so Shi Sheng merely smiled as she instigated him, “Why don’t you go test whether you can kill her?”

System was on the brink of collapse. ‘The task was to let you flirt with a guy, not instigate the villain to attack the female lead.’


Xia Man was standing a bit farther so she couldn’t hear what Lu Qingyun and Shi Sheng were saying but she saw their ill-intentioned gazes land on her. Her entire body stiffened. This feeling was stranger than when she was being held at gunpoint.

The policemen outside were speechless as well. ‘Why do we get the feeling these two hostages are feeling rather carefree? They’re even having a bloody conversation! The hell, can’t you guys be more professional, this is an action scene, not a romance scene!!!’



Author’s note:

Xiaoshengzi is going to make System cry hahaha~

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Translator’s Corner:

Xiaoshengzi is like a nickname for Shi Sheng. The ‘sheng’ refers to Shi Sheng’s given name.

Also, I decided on bolding the emphasized words in thoughts because a non-italicised word doesn’t really stand out.



  1. I might have taken some liberties with this one. The raws implied she wanted to give a bad review but I figured this would keep the original meaning more.

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