Chapter 27 : Patron, Please Keep Me (7)

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The robbers and police had already finished their negotiations when a sudden change occurred. Amongst the hostages, a skinny man suddenly lunged at the nearest robber, and took advantage of when he hadn’t reacted to bite into his neck.

“Ah!” The robber cried out terribly.

‘An entertainment novel turned into a zombie novel? You can do that?’

Clearly, Shi Sheng was just thinking too much. The robber pushed the man away and gave him a harsh kick. The man slammed into the wall and moaned in pain. The next moment though, he leapt back up and pounced on the robber again shouting madly, “Trash like you deserve to die! Go die! I will help enact justice on you, I’m a hero! I’m a herooo!”

“The hell is with this madman, quickly get him off!” The robber who had been attacked roared furiously at his fellows beside him. However, the man seemed as if he had been shot full of chicken blood as he used every method he had to attack them. Even if it was grabbing them by the hair and biting them, as long as it was effective, that man would use it.

Taking advantage of when one of the robbers revealed a gap when he went over to help his friend, a few of the braver people amongst the hostages charged over towards the door.

The crack of a gunshot rang out. The madman seemed as if someone had hit the pause button on him as his eyes widened and he fell backwards, blood pouring from his body. There was a moment where everything seemed to move sluggishly.

“Who the fuck allowed you to shoot!” A robber standing on the other side roared.

“Ah! They’re killing people, save me aaah!!!”

“I- I don’t wanna die. I have elderly and kids at home, spare me, please just let me off…”

“Let me outta here, let me out!”

The people who had originally been squatting suddenly all stood up as they fought to make their way to the exit. The robbers probably didn’t plan on actually killing anyone as they simply used their superior physical strength to block them.

Perhaps the hostages had guessed this point for their courage suddenly grew. A few even started attempting to snatch the robbers’ guns. In the chaos, a few people made their way over to Shi Sheng’s direction as leaving through the window was much faster than leaving through the door.

This all happened within a few seconds. When Xia Man finally reacted, she started to make for the window. Perhaps it was because she had been too nervous earlier for the moment she moved, her legs softened, causing her to trip and fall.

BANG! Yet another gunshot rang out. As Shi Sheng had been holding onto Lu Qingyun’s arm this entire time, the moment the robbers began opening fire, Shi Sheng had pulled Lu Qingyun to the side to dodge and had shoved Xia Man in passing, causing the bullet to graze Xia Man’s shoulder and embed itself into the floor.

“Get out.” Shi Sheng pointed at the window. Even under such chaotic circumstances, Lu Qingyun still had a brilliant smile on his face which made people’s scalps tingle and break out in cold sweat.

Shi Sheng quickly shifted her gaze as she pulled him towards the window. The two vaulted over the window ledge before hearing the sounds of gunshots again. A few policemen charged forward and hurriedly brought the two to the back where they could be protected.

“You saved her just now.” Lu Qingyun leaned against a police car with a casual posture as he raised his eyebrow at the girl who had just decided to sit on the ground without thought for her image.

Shi Sheng pouted as she blew at the bangs that were in her face before speaking in a righteous tone, “Saving a person’s life is better than building a seven-storied pagoda.”

In the story, that fall would have caused Xia Man to take a bullet for Lu Qingyun. Though it was an accident, she had saved his life. It was because of this that Lu Qingyun got acquainted with her. Though he had ulterior motives, one couldn’t deny that he was pretty much Xia Man’s hack, allowing her to safely make her way to the top of the circle.

The reason why she had pushed Xia Man just now, allowing her to avoid the bullet, was because she had a somewhat good impression of her.

Lu Qingyun was doubtful inwardly. He hadn’t forgotten what she had tried to instigate him into doing just now. Yet now she said in such a righteous tone that saving a life was better than building a seven-storied pagoda? This joke wasn’t funny.

He looked at the girl fiddling around with her phone. In his dark eyes, it was as if countless flowers were blossoming and ripples began forming. The corner of his lip slowly lifted into a slight smile. The surrounding policemen went into a daze upon seeing this. ‘How can a person be this beautiful?’


The robbers were quickly rounded up. Those at the coffee shop, except for the wounded ones, were called into the station to make their statements. By the time Shi Sheng exited the station, it was already dark out.

Tang Yin smoked as he leaned against a car. Seeing Shi Sheng come out, he extinguished the cigarette, an unreadable expression on his face. His tone was still as unhurried as ever, though clearly more serious, “You managed to cause such a ruckus in an afternoon.”

“Do the media know?” Shi Sheng blinked. ‘I’m(bbb) innocent in this matter okay?’

“Everything has been handled.” Tang Yin sighed. A top-notch support team wasn’t just for show you know!

Just as the two were about to leave, Shi Sheng saw Lu Qingyun who was exiting the station. She ran over. “Mr Lu, do you want me to give you a ride?”

Lu Qingyun cast a side glance at Shi Sheng before smiling and spoke clearly, “No need.”

Then he walked past Shi Sheng and left…

He left…

‘I (bbb) was actually rejected?’

“Ms Jiang, can you please tell me who that man was just now?” Tang Yin had stood behind Shi Sheng at some point. Under the lamplight, his glasses appeared to be shining with a cold light.

Just now, the two of them had been standing a bit far from Tang Yin and with the level of light here, Tang Yin hadn’t seen clearly who the man that spoke to Shi Sheng was. Lu Qingyun had left from the other end, so he hadn’t passed by Tang Yin.

“The patron ah!” Shi Sheng subconsciously replied.

“What?” ‘Patron? His actress had a patron?’

Shi Sheng seemed to have just reacted as she shook her head to deny it.

Tang Yin let out a sigh of relief. Though these matters were common in this circle, it wasn’t beneficial to the actors in the end. However, he hadn’t completely relaxed when he heard her speak in a serious voice, “My future patron!”


Tang Yin nearly choked. ‘This person is here to torment me, isn’t she?’


Right now, ‘future patron’ Lu Qingyun was sitting in the passenger seat of a car with his arms folded. His eyes were smiling, he seemed to be rather happy.

The man driving glanced at him a few times before speaking up, “Lu Qingyun, what are you smiling for? It’s night time, are you trying to scare the living daylights out of me?”

However, there was no reply. The inside of the car was filled with the sound of soft and relaxing music. The man was already used to not getting any reply for his questions so he simply changed the topic, “You’ve only just returned to the country and you’ve already gone sightseeing at a police station. I’ve already told you not to cause so much trouble for me, haven’t I? This place is different from overseas, I don’t have the time and energy to keep bailing you out so stop causing any more trouble.”

“It was because you came late today that I had to waste so much time there.”

The man was stumped for words. How would he know Lu Qingyun would be this unlucky? He actually encountered a bank robbery, was he being possessed by an unlucky star or something?

“Do you know who the woman that was with me today is?” Lu Qingyun turned to look at the man. That pair of eyes were like the most beautiful pieces of black jade in the world as they shone with light.

“Which one?” The man subconsciously asked before he cast a strange gaze at Lu Qingyun. “Wait, you’re actually asking me about a woman? Huh, I thought you were already gay to the point you couldn’t get any gayer. I was even prepared to grudgingly accept you if you didn’t get married off1 within a few years but you actually started being interested in the opposite sex now.”

“The amount of nonsense you speak is inversely proportional to the company’s annual income.”

“Lu Qingyun, you’re more like a person when you keep your mouth shut.” The man ground his teeth as he glared at Lu Qingyun. It was such a waste that he looked this good.

“When you speak you’re like a god-” Lu Qingyun paused, “-ly madman2.”

The man had to suppress the anger in his chest. ‘Just why did I have to go and fetch him? Wasn’t letting him reflect on his own a good thing? Fuck! This is what happens when I don’t think things through first!’



Author’s note:

Chestnut, come look at your person.

There is funnier stuff planned for the future hahaha!!!

Please vote~



Translator’s Corner:

No idea who this Chestnut was. Another author maybe?

And no, don’t think dirty. She meant he could hitch a ride with her. Or maybe it’s just me?


Editor(reekahia)’s Thoughts :

Chestnut is an author who writes a series of interconnected romance novels. Most with black bellied MLs. A lot of them are mostly translated, with one finished.



  1. He uses the word ‘嫁’ here which is really only used for women. It implies that Lu Qingyun’s the less dominant one. 😉
  2. This joke sounded better in the raws and I will tell you right now that countless brave brain cells have died trying to come up with this. The godly part was ‘神’/’shen’ while the madman bit was because he added ‘经病’/’jingbing’ to the end.

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