Chapter 28 : Patron, Please Keep Me (8)

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No news was published on the matter of the bank robbery and the hostage fiasco that ensued in the coffee shop. This had been the same in the story, which was why Shi Sheng hadn’t been worried. There was a boss there to resolve it, what would she be afraid of?

The sad thing was that Shi Sheng never got any notice from the Xianxia drama she auditioned for. Only when Tang Yin called to check did they find out that the role had already been taken. This was a bit out of Shi Sheng’s expectations. After all, Song Han had been rather satisfied with her.

“Are there any other roles aside from the second supporting female lead role?” This Xianxia drama would be a big hit in the future so of course she shouldn’t just let go of such a good opportunity to get some exposure.

Tang Yin had asked this as well so he shook his head as he answered, “No. All the roles are already occupied.”

The roles on Song Han’s shows had always been a hot commodity. People would start planning on going through the backdoor the moment there was the slightest hint of a new one.

“Who’s the second supporting female lead?” In the original plotline, the second supporting female lead would be a new actress who became famous as a result of this show and jumped directly to the third rank.

“Lin Shanshan.”

“The fuck!” ‘Wasn’t Lin Shanshan dealing with bad publicity these days? How come she still has the time to fight me for the role?’

Tang Yin pushed up his glasses before drawling, “She’s setting herself against you. Her backer comes from an impressive background.”

“Who is he?” She hadn’t thought her enmity with Lin Shanshan was all that big but now it had evolved into one where the two couldn’t coexist in the same world!

Tang Yin cast her a glance, “Lu Dapeng.”

Lu Dapeng was one of the hegemons in the real estate industry. His wife’s family had some dealings with the government so of course his background was impressive.

“Don’t think too much on it. There hasn’t been any shortage of acting roles. I’ll go look them over for you tomorrow. Ah right, there was a cocktail party today and the company has requested you to join. They’ve sent an evening dress.” Tang Yin handed over a bag to Shi Sheng.

‘Why would the company want their actresses to attend a cocktail party and even send them evening gowns?’ Shi Sheng pretty much had confusion written in her eyes.

“The company will organise these sometimes. The company will send a car to fetch you when the party starts. Agents can’t go in, so during that time look out for yourself. I’ll be waiting outside for you, if there’s anything just give me a call.”

Tang Yin was as conscientious as if he was dealing with a new actress as he highlighted all the things to take note of for Shi Sheng. His voice wasn’t rushed, like a slightly billowing wind. It wasn’t hard on the ears.

Shi Sheng didn’t interrupt him for once since Milan had never explained all these to Jiang Wan.


Only when Shi Sheng saw Xia Man at the party did Shi Sheng recall that this party was where the main leads met for the second time after the female lead had returned from abroad.

‘No wonder the company gave me an evening gown and didn’t prepare a companion to accompany me. It must be because of Xi Mo!’

Shi Sheng took advantage of when no one had noticed her yet to escape from the party. She didn’t want to be used as a shield by Xi Mo. She passed by quite a few people and just as she was about to reach the door, she came face-to-face with Lin Shanshan who was holding onto a man’s arm.

The moment Lin Shanshan saw Shi Sheng, hate flashed in her eyes for a moment before disappearing. She brought her man to block Shi Sheng’s path before speaking with a faint smile on her face, “Hey, isn’t this Ms Jiang? The party’s about to start, where are you going?”

Shi Sheng scowled slightly before sweeping her gaze over the man Lin Shanshan was clinging on to. He looked pretty normal overall, it was just that his age was a bit high. If one said he was Lin Shanshan’s father, it would be believable.

“Is it any of your business where I go?” Since they had already evolved into full-blown enemies then she had no need to be pleasant to Lin Shanshan.

Lin Shanshan’s face changed slightly. Seeing that Shi Sheng was alone however, she smiled and spoke mockingly, “Has Ms Jiang not found a companion to accompany you? Being so lonely is rather pitiful, Boss Lu, why don’t you find Ms Jiang a partner?”

Towards the end, Lin Shanshan was pretty much sticking onto Lu Dapeng. Pleased by her action, Lu Dapeng who had his hand on her waist fondled her a bit as he spoke with a smile, “What kind of companion is Ms Jiang looking for? Though I don’t have much ability, I at least have some friends.”

He felt that Jiang Wan looked pretty good, a pity he preferred the mature type; They were more fun in bed.

“Oh, does President Lu have any friends that are particularly handsome? President Lu you know that young people like me prefer good-looking partners since if they were too ugly, it would influence our appetite.” Shi Sheng ignored Lu Dapeng’s slowly hardening face as she revealed her teeth in a smile and spoke, “If President Lu knows someone like this, I would hope you’d introduce them to me.”

Lu Dapeng wasn’t dumb, he obviously managed to hear her underlying meaning; She was indirectly calling him old and ugly.

“Ms Jiang, don’t refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit1.” Lu Dapeng suppressed the flames of his anger. “In Qing City, as long as I say the word, don’t even think about remaining in this circle.”

Lin Shanshan stood at the side and watched Shi Sheng with an arrogant and mocking gaze. She had thought that this woman wouldn’t dare to directly oppose Lu Dapeng and had been planning to fan the flames a bit more but who knew this woman was this dumb to offend Lu Dapeng. Who wasn’t aware that Lu Dapeng absolutely loathed when people called him ugly or old? She wanted to see how this woman would be able to remain in the circle any longer.

‘Should’ve considered more before opposing me.’

“Toast? When did President Lu propose a toast to me? If President Lu decides to toast me, I naturally won’t refuse.” Shi Sheng’s tone was extremely sincere. “But President Lu clearly didn’t make any toasts, aren’t you wronging me here? President Lu, you can’t just bully me because I’m young!”

“Well aren’t you an eloquent little lass.” Lu Dapeng was so pissed he started laughing before speaking viciously, “There’ll be a time when you’ll beg me. We’ll settle our score then.”

He didn’t believe he was unable to fix a little girl. All these newbies had some youthful arrogance in them, thinking that this circle was that easy to stay in.

“Who does Second Uncle Lu want to settle scores with?” A clear voice with hints of laughter in it sounded from behind Lu Dapeng. Lu Dapeng froze as the expression on his face changed drastically. ‘Why do I seem to have heard… that person’s voice? This isn’t possible, wasn’t he overseas? But who else other than him could cause the air to be suffused with killing intent just by calling ‘Second Uncle Lu’?’

Shi Sheng had been facing the door so of course she saw who had spoken as he’d walked in. The lamplight lit up his features. It was as if a layer of light added to him and he seemed like an immortal from a painting. Those inky-black eyes sucked in those who met them.

He wasn’t wearing a tuxedo but casual attire yet he didn’t seem out of place at all in this luxurious and high-class setting. Every step he took was as if it had landed on one’s heart, causing it to tremble. He was like a king who had the reverence of countless people.

He seemed to be a body of light, able to attract the attention of all without a single word.

Lu Dapeng’s last hope was extinguished when he saw who it was. He felt his throat growing dry. His scalp was tingling while his back had already been drenched in cold sweat. In the end, he couldn’t help but harden his scalp to speak, “When did Eldest Young Master return? You should’ve at least informed us.”

Lu Qingyun stood there with his brilliant smile and it seemed like thousands upon thousands of pear blossoms were blooming, “Do I need to report when I decide to return to Second Uncle Lu?”



Author’s note:

I’m letting our male lead act cool for a while~ Lalala gimme votes~

This week there’s only one chapter, there’ll be more next week. I’ll post the update schedule tomorrow.

Please be understanding of me little angels. I have to control the word count otherwise I won’t be able to get recommended. No recommendations means no adding to bookshelves. No adding to bookshelves means I can’t meet my quota. So, for the sake for the sake of meeting my quota, I can only post like this.

(Author’s mostly write for money. What, did you think authors lived off air? Authors who don’t want to make money and get famous aren’t good authors! Please be more understanding little angels~)



Translator’s Corner:

I think the author’s note might have been harder to translate than the actual story… The author uses a lot of slang and since I am not a native Chinese, I have no idea what most of these are and google translate doesn’t either.



  1. Common saying used as a threat. It’s like saying, “Look, you better agree while I’m still being nice, or else!”

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