Chapter 263 : You Rock, Highgod! (13)

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Shi Sheng’s attacks were brutal—she’d attack without caring whether the point was vital or not, so where her attacks would land was unpredictable. Those with slow reaction speeds would be completely unable to put up any type of resistance.

Dong Jing hadn’t been planning on seriously fighting back against Shi Sheng. At first, he’d only made a few perfunctory counterattacks.

But he quickly found out that she was playing for keeps; she wasn’t holding back at all.

He had no choice but to take her attacks seriously.

Though the sword in her hand appeared to be a normal sword, there was a terrifying force behind her every attack. In fact, it was no worse than his Black Demon.


Shi Sheng managed to win the clash by a narrow margin. Dong Jing retreated into the distance and called for a ceasefire.

Shi Sheng hadn’t been planning on killing Dong Jing in the first place, so she lowered her sword once Dong Jing surrendered.

“That sword of yours…” Dong Jing stared at the sword in Shi Sheng’s hand. He had never heard of such a powerful sword’s existence before.

“God-Killer,” Shi Sheng aloofly tossed out a name.

The pitiful sword that once again had its name changed, “…” ‘Master, just how many names do I have?’

Dong Jing was dumbfounded. ‘What God-Killer? With that kind of name, how could those people in the Heavenly Realm have allowed you to use it? At least put some heart into bullshitting…’

Even after having been defeated by Shi Sheng, Dong Jing still trailed along after her. After several instances where Shi Sheng blew her top, Dong Jing found that not only did this girl have a short temper, her character wasn’t too pleasant either—she’d immediately resort to violence at the slightest provocation.

He was beginning to suspect she was in The Great Desert because she wasn’t welcome in the Heavenly Realm…

Shi Sheng didn’t know why Dong Jing was following her, so she just left him to his own devices and continued on her way.

But there was a saying that was almost always true: even if you don’t look for trouble, trouble would look for you.

Of course, since Shi Sheng wasn’t a main character, trouble wouldn’t be looking for her per se. But it was looking for Dong Jing, who had been following her all this while.

And seeing as she was walking in front of him—and that the people looking for Dong Jing happened to arrive from in front of her… she was unfortunate enough to be implicated.

“Dong Jing had a companion…? And she’s super pretty too. Is she an immortal?”

“No way! Don’t all those immortals love wearing clothes that make them look more sage-like? This girl doesn’t look the part. She seems more like someone from the Underworld.”

“Why would people from the Underworld be here…? Well, she’s not a good person if she’s hanging around Dong Jing! Who knows if she’s his woman! Kill her too!”

‘‘His woman’ your grandpa! Do you even know how to speak the human language properly?!’

Shi Sheng had long lost her tolerance for these people who prattled away instead of just attacking so she rushed up to them with her sword and attacked them. ‘If you wanna fight, just fight! What’s with all the chit-chat! You’re courting death!’

Everywhere she went, fresh blood sprayed. But her figure remained elegant and her movements graceful. She was a sight one wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off of. Dong Jing was left dumbfounded, staring with his mouth agape. He began reflecting on whether he looked too ugly while killing.

‘Turns out that killing people is an art… Hm, guess I’ll try killing more beautifully next time.’

“Where the hell did this killing god come from?! She’s on the same level as Dong Jing! Quick, retreat!”

“Retreat! Retreat!”

The last few men that were still alive began retreating. When planning their attack, they thought they’d only have to deal with Dong Jing. They hadn’t expected they’d also have to deal with someone else just as powerful. If they continued to fight, they would be completely annihilated.

This wasn’t the result they wanted to achieve.

Once they had all retreated, Shi Sheng flicked the blood off her sword.

Dong Jing walked over from behind her. There was a few splashes blood on his mask, causing it to look even more ferocious than before.

The scent of blood lingered in the air. Between the two lay several corpses. The atmosphere appeared to have turned tense. Of course, this was only from Dong Jing’s point of view.

Shi Sheng didn’t even spare a glance at him as she tossed her sword in the air, whereupon it enlarged. She leapt on it and rapidly flew off into the distance.

Dong Jing didn’t chase after her this time. He merely watched as Shi Sheng’s figure vanished into the clouds.

He then turned to look in the direction where their attackers had fled. ‘So they dared to try hunting me down? How bold! If I didn’t fulfil their wishes, I wouldn’t be living up to my reputation as a bloodthirsty fiend, now would I?’


Shi Sheng wanted to quickly leave The Great Desert, but realised she didn’t seem to know where the exit was exactly.

The entrance and exit of The Great Desert were located in different places and she had only been shown where the entrance was. For the sake of locating the exit, Shi Sheng couldn’t help but go to more populated areas to gather information.

However, her portrait had started being circulated in The Great Desert, alleging that she was on Dong Jing’s side. Hence, everyone would attack her on sight before skedaddling right after.

Shi Sheng was depressed. ‘What did I do, eh? Those people from last time wanted to kill me first! I was only defending myself! It was self-defence, got it? Forget it… These primitives wouldn’t be able to understand.’

After the nth attack, Shi Sheng was feeling rather peeved, to say the least. All she wanted to do was ask for directions…

‘Are the people here all sick in the head or what? They know they can’t beat me, yet they still try and cause trouble for me…’

Devil beasts made up a large portion of the inhabitants of The Great Desert. They were rather impulsive and always looking for a fight, so naturally they also wanted to pick a fight with Shi Sheng.

At first, she hadn’t wanted to bother with them. However, they chased her around so much that she finally lost her patience and ended up chasing them instead.

Devil beasts’ minds were quite simple. The humans around them had probably picked up their habits after so long and turned simple too. So now the only law they respected in The Great Desert was the rule of the strong.

After experiencing Shi Sheng’s strength, the group of devil beasts completely submitted. Now they would help her kill people and even happily called her “Boss”.

“Boss, Boss! Who’re we gonna kill today?” Several devil beasts in their human forms gathered around Shi Sheng with excited expressions.

Shi Sheng looked at the buff man that had just spoken.

“…” ‘I don’t wanna kill people. Or devil beasts. All I(bbb) wanna do is be a quiet beauty…’

“Boss, let’s go kill that fiend Dong Jing! You’re so awesome, you’ll definitely be able to kill him with a wave of your hand! Roaar!”

‘Roar your grandpa!’

Shi Sheng fell silent before continuing, “Dong Jing’s really strong too. Why do you guys want to kill him instead of following him?”

‘These guys are clamouring for blood every time Dong Jing’s mentioned. But I’ve killed quite a lot of them too, so why aren’t they clamouring for my blood?

This is illogical… We’re both villains, what’s with this difference in treatments?!’

“You’re lazier than him, Boss! If we don’t attack, you won’t attack. But Dong Jing will attack us even if we don’t attack him. So of course we have to kill him,” A man with smaller stature than the others spoke as though their actions were a given.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Oh, so now I’m in the wrong for being lazy? Why is it always my fault? I(bbb) refuse!’

“Look what you’re saying! How could you call our Boss lazy?!” The buff man sent the smaller man flying with a smack. He then turned to flatter Shi Sheng with a fawning expression, “Boss’ hands are so precious, how could they be used to kill us lowly ones? They should at least be used to kill someone like Dong Jing!”

Shi Sheng looked at this group of self-proclaimed little bros and felt melancholic. ‘It shouldn’t be too late for me to kill them…’

Thinking thus, Shi Sheng drew her sword.

The devil beasts surrounding her took notice and immediately dispersed. “Whoa whoa whoa! Boss is going to kill us beasties! Run!”

Shi Sheng’s lips twitched. ‘The devil beasts here are too cowardly… I don’t want these thigh-huggers! They run off the moment they think they can’t win! Why would I want a group of such disgraceful lil bros following me around? To lose even more face?’

From then on, Shi Sheng would draw her sword every time the devil beasts showed up. And without fail, they’d always turn their tails and run away yelping. Yet it never took very long for them to scurry right back, and the whole process repeated.

They did this over and over, never seeming to get tired.

Shi Sheng felt like sighing even more now. ‘These idiots are so dumb I don’t even feel like killing them anymore…’

Author’s note:


Monster followers: Boss, there are people who haven’t voted.

Shi Sheng: *draws sword* Who?

Monster followers: It’s those little devils over there!

Shi Sheng: *waves sword domineeringly before falling to knees* Please vote ah little devils!!!

Monster followers: Boss… where’s your dignity?

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    [[ Everywhere she went, fresh blood sprayed. But her figure remained elegant and her movements graceful. She was a sight one wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off of. Dong Jing was left dumbfounded, staring with his mouth agape. He began reflecting on whether he looked too ugly while killing.

    ‘Turns out that killing people is an art… Hm, guess I’ll try killing more beautifully next time.’ ]] HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HE WANTS TO KILL BEAUTIFULLY TOO! WTF??

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