Chapter 264 : You Rock, Highgod! (14)

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Along the way, Dong Jing was still massacring people. By the time Shi Sheng finally learned where the exit of The Great Desert was from the bunch of ‘dumb beasts’, Dong Jing had killed nearly every single living thing in The Great Desert.

System had repeatedly warned her about this, but Shi Sheng had long turned a deaf ear to it. ‘If he wants to kill so badly, let him! It’s very immoral to get between someone and their goal, y’know?’

Hence, Shi Sheng chose to allow Dong Jing’s little killing spree in The Great Desert while she headed back to the Heavenly Realm.


‘Why the hell are these dunces following me?!’

“Boss, wait for us! Ow ow ow!”

“Ah ah, don’t push! I’m not going to be able to catch up to her! Boss, wait for us!!!”

“Whoa whoa whoa, I’ve almost caught up! Boss look! I can fly!”

Shi Sheng silently increased her speed, shaking off the group of idiots.


The Heavenly Realm.

“Highgod Qing Guan.” Several minor immortals who caught sight of Shi Sheng immediately bowed in greeting. But their gazes were rather… odd.

Shi Sheng didn’t mind as she continued on her way. But this wasn’t a one-off thing; almost every immortal she came across had the same odd expression when they saw her.

Shi Sheng grew suspicious. ‘Just what happened while I was away? If it’s something to do with me…then it almost definitely has something to do with the leads.’

She reached out to grab a minor immortal who was coincidentally passing by. “What exactly happened while I was gone?”

His expression changed and he couldn’t help but start trembling. “H-High-Highgod… I-I-I…”

“If you can’t even speak a simple sentence, what use are you?” Shi Sheng pretended like she was going to strangle him.

“Ancient God Zi Huan has taken Yue Yao in as his disciple and she’s been promoted to Highlord… she’s also been reinstated as Moon Elder.” Faced with the threat of dying, the minor immortal could only blurt out everything he knew to save himself from this Highgod’s wrath.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘There’s no such thing as most melodramatic, only more melodramatic…

The life of an FL is simply full of pleasant surprises. Even reflecting at a cliff meant for criminals can get you the attention of an Ancient God and a promotion to Highlord!’

So, what happened basically went like this:

Yue Yao was punished to go to the Reflection Cliff. But while she was there, she met the Ancient God Zi Huan, who had been trapped there by someone.

This Ancient God was seriously powerful! Even more so than Shi Sheng and Cang Lan.

You’d know just from the title of “Ancient God.”

The full title was Ancient Highgod, which was clearly a step up from Highgod—the rank Shi Sheng and Cang Lan were at.

Just how incredible was he? Why, he was the one and only Ancient Highgod currently still alive.

He was from the same generation as Qing Guan’s parents. With the rest of the Ancient Highgods dead, how could he not be the most amazing?

He wasn’t involved much in the original plot, only showing up at the very end when Yue Yao’s true identity was being revealed.

‘So Plot-sama decided to give the FL a new cheat after I(bbb) broke her last one? Plot-sama, you’re going to be struck by lightning for being so wilful!’

“Then what’s with those stares you lot have been giving me?”

‘Even if the FL ended up getting off the hook scot-free, they don’t have to look at me with those weird gazes, do they?’

The minor immortal wanted to cry but had no tears. ‘There are so many people here, why grab me? Why am I so unlucky?’

“Highgod, er, you should…take a look at the Stone of Three Lifetimes for yourself.”

‘Stone of Three Lifetimes? What’s this have to do with that stone?’

But she soon understood why everyone cast such odd glances at her. Shi Sheng had forgotten to retrieve her red string before leaving, so it was still with Yue Yao. The Stone of Three Lifetimes allowed others to see who your red string was tied to.

‘So… Yue Yao abused her authority to tie me to someone?!’

Shi Sheng stormed over to the Stone of Three Lifetimes. The immortal child standing guard over the stone was scared into kneeling and trembled fearfully in front of Shi Sheng’s murderous expression.

Shi Sheng placed her hand on the Stone of Three Lifetimes. It flickered several times before a name appeared on it.

Dong Jing.

Shi Sheng stared at that name for ten whole seconds, her expression unreadable. Her eyes were as calm as eternally still water with nary a single ripple.

‘Very good, FL-sama. You dared to matchmake me(bbb) with that imbecile who only knows how to kill people, Dong Jing!’

She took her hand off the Stone of Three Lifetimes, drew her sword and brought it crashing down on the Stone of Three Lifetimes without any change in expression.

“Highgod, no!” The immortal child kneeling on the ground exclaimed.


With a swing of her sword, the Stone of Three Lifetimes was split down the middle.

The immortal child stared at the two halves of the Stone of Three Lifetimes in shock. ‘Oh nononono, I’m so dead! The Stone of Three Lifetimes is broken… I’m going to be beaten to death, aren’t I? Definitely beaten to death. Highgod, it’s okay for you to be wilful, but it’s definitely not okay for the rest of us!!!’

Hacking apart the Stone of Three Lifetimes wasn’t nearly enough for Shi Sheng’s anger to subside, so she dragged her sword along as she stormed towards the Moon Elder Hall.

News that Highgod Qing Guan had returned to the Heavenly Realm, hacked apart the Stone of Three Lifetimes in anger, and was currently furiously stalking towards Moon Elder Hall soon spread throughout the Heavenly Realm.

Though…furiously was rather inaccurate. Shi Sheng was actually feeling rather calm.


“Highlord, bad news!” An immortal child servant of Moon Elder Hall anxiously rushed back upon hearing the news of the rampaging Shi Sheng from outside. He urgently reported, “Highgod Qing Guan’s back and is heading here right no—Greetings, Ancient God Zi Huan!”

The immortal child clearly hadn’t expected that Zi Huan would also be here. He had been in such a rush that he’d nearly finished his words before noticing the man standing beside his Highlord. He immediately lowered his head and greeted Zi Huan.

Zi Huan coolly accepted it.

“Master, Highgod Qing Guan is here to cause trouble for me!” Yue Yao pitifully clutched onto Zi Huan’s arm as she spoke nervously, “I really didn’t do it on purpose!”

Zi Huan ruffled Yue Yao’s hair. “Don’t worry. As long as I’m here, no one will dare to touch you.”

“Thank you, Master.” Yue Yao lowered her head, seemingly in embarrassment, which just so happened to mask the triumphant look that flashed across her face.

Shi Sheng could feel a powerful pressure radiating from the Moon Elder Hall before she even got close. ‘This sonovabitch! Think you’re so great cause you’re a rare antique? Fucking using your aura to warn me(bbb) off!’

Shi Sheng tossed several lightning balls at Moon Elder Hall, causing it to instantly turn into rubble. Zi Huan carried Yue Yao out with him as he emerged from the ruins of the Hall.

Shi Sheng was standing in the white jade courtyard right outside the Hall. Her dark green dress fluttered in the wind, making her stand out against the white background.

“Highgod Qing Guan, why have you destroyed the Moon Elder Hall?” Zi Huan bore the demeanour of an Ancient Highgod as waves of pressure pressed down on Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng frowned as she resisted the oppressive force that was trying to make her to kneel. She arrogantly declared, “I felt like it. What other reason would I need?”

“The Heavenly Realm has its laws! How can you destroy something just because you felt like it?!” Zi Huan raised his voice a few notches and the pressure on Shi Sheng increased as well.

Shi Sheng felt like a thousand gold bars were weighing down on her head. The very air itself continuously suppressed her.

She tried to silently bear with it, but the pressure was too great—so she started tossing her lightning balls again.


The moment the blast rang out, Shi Sheng felt the pressure around her recede.

She sighed heavily. ‘Ancient Highgods really live up to their name. That sort of pressure could kill someone…’

Zi Huan carefully protected Yue Yao and avoided the blast. However, he seemed to have sensed the power of the Heavenly Dao…

Although this power felt different from the one he was familiar with, they were from the same vein, hence there wasn’t much difference.

“You said it yourself that the Heavenly Realm must uphold its laws… So how are you going to bullshit your way past Yue Yao making a match for me of her own accord?” The arrogant woman’s melodious voice sounded from in front of them.

Zi Huan brought Yue Yao out of the area flickering with lightning and landed on a relatively safe spot. “Yue Yao can’t be blamed for this. Since your red string is connected to Dong Jing’s, it means this is fate.”

“Fate?” Shi Sheng scoffed before ridiculing his words, “Are you going to say that she ‘didn’t mean to’ again?”

Zi Huan replied, “It is true that Yue Yao didn’t do this on purpose.”

Author’s note:

An update to thank the little angels who donated yesterday~

Lesson Time

Little Fairy: Do you recognise that word?

Little Angel(s): No.

Little Fairy: I’ll tell you if you vote.

Little Angel(s): *obediently votes* Done.

Little Fairy: The “郇” in “紫郇” is pronounced “huan”.

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: The Huan in Zi Huan is an uncommon character, so most people wouldn’t know how to pronounce it. I didn’t. Every time I re-read, I had to put in through Google Translate to remind me how it was pronounced…

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