Chapter 265 : You Rock, Highgod! (15)

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‘“Not on purpose?” This phrase again! FL-sama, are you planning on making this damn phrase your life motto or something?!’

“Moon Elder Palace caught fire several days ago. Your red string attached to Dong Jing’s by itself, so this is the will of the heavens,” Zi Huan spoke with a placid expression.

‘Caught fire…

Oh, for fuck’s sake! At least put a little more effort into bullshitting me! What kind of fire could break out in the Heavenly Realm? It needs to be Samadhi Truefire[1] at the very least, right? Which idiot would be stupid enough to play with that sort of thing in the Heavenly Realm?’

“Like I care if it was an accident. Since it happened while you were in charge, you’ll have to bear the consequences.”

Yue Yao, who was timidly standing beside Zi Huan, complained in a soft voice, “How could you blame me for this?”

‘Hey! This girl!’ Shi Sheng swept a cold gaze over, causing Yue Yao to shrink back in fear. Her heart thumped wildly, as if it was about to leapt out of her chest. ‘Her eyes are so scary…’

You’re the Moon Elder. Who else should I blame if not you? Myself?” Shi Sheng scoffed, “Alright, enough with the nonsense. Talking with you guys lowers my IQ. Hand over the Book of Romantic Fate.”

“Why should it be given to you?” Zi Huan frowned. “Qing Guan, don’t just use your status as Highgod to do whatever you please!”

“…” ‘Well too bad! I’m(lz) gonna do just that!’

“Don’t use your status as an Ancient God to suppress me then!”

‘Sonovabitch! So you can use your strength to suppress others, but they’re aren’t allowed to do the same? Fucking retard.’

Shi Sheng had never seen someone so shameless before. She felt like if she still didn’t attack now, she’d be letting herself down.

Shi Sheng flexed her wrists as the corner of her mouth tilted up, revealing a rather queer smile. That smile caused Zi Huan’s heart to skip a beat, but he calmed down in the next second.

‘She’s just a Highgod. What could she do to me?’

“Qing Guan, this is the Heavenly Realm. Mind your status!”

“Oh,” Shi Sheng replied calmly.

Zi Huan’s heart thumped even harder. ‘Why is her reaction so calm…’

“Highgod Qing Guan!”

“What?!” Shi Sheng glared back fiercely.

Zi Huan, “…” ‘In all my years as an Ancient God, I have never seen someone as arrogant as her!

Even in my heyday when all the other Ancient Highgods were still around, no one dared to speak to me like this!’

Shi Sheng’s eyes narrowed. She charged over with her sword in hand before Zi Huan had a chance to react.

The aura it emitted caused Zi Huan to turn serious. ‘That’s a divine weapon…

Ever since the other Ancient Highgods fell, all of the divine weapons vanished too. I’ve never seen this sword before…where did she get it from?’

But while he was distracted, Shi Sheng’s sword was already about to slice him in half.

Zi Huan’s movements were slowed due to having to protect Yue Yao as well, but he still had the strength of an Ancient Highgod; Shi Sheng couldn’t actually land a hit on him.

‘Gotta think of something.’

Shi Sheng swiftly filtered through all of her possessions in her mind. She finally took out an object that had the appearance of an ordinary fishing net and tossed it into the air. The once normal-looking net suddenly glowed a bright gold, growing bigger and bigger before plunging towards Zi Huan and Yue Yao.

Zi Huan effortlessly flung a spell at the net, piercing through it and causing some golden dust to be scattered around.

The hole caused by the spell rapidly widened as if being corroded by a strong acid. The net soon dissolved into a shower of gold dust that gently fell on them from above.

Zi Huan was wondering why this weapon was so fragile when he caught sight of his opponent casting an arrogant look at him right before the gold dust separated them like a curtain, blurring her figure.

He suddenly had a bad premonition.

He lowered his head to find that countless specks of gold dust had landed on him and were beginning to slowly fuse into his body.

‘These things…’

He tried to pat them off, but the more he did so, the faster they fused with him.

“Don’t waste your energy; those lil fellas are alive.” Shi Sheng’s expression turned even more arrogant seeing his struggle. “They’ll reproduce endlessly, treating your body like a shell. Of course, they won’t kill you. You’re a god after all.”

“Qing Guan!” Zi Huan barked.

He could clearly feel those things swimming through his bloodstream, yet he couldn’t expel these foreign entities with his divine power.

‘Just what are these things that can negate even the power of an Ancient Highgod?!’

Shi Sheng calmly folded her arms and snorted coldly, “Of all the people you could’ve taken in as your disciple, you pick her. Serves you right!”

‘And you were even planning on attacking me(lz)! Thought I(lz) wouldn’t have a way to deal with you, eh? Ever heard of the saying “there’s a heaven beyond every heaven?”’

“Master…” Yue Yao clutched fearfully onto Zi Huan’s hand. Some of the gold dust had landed on her body as well and was currently melding into her. It felt like thousands of ants were crawling around inside her body; the itchiness was unbearable.

“I’d advise you not use your divine power; those lil guys love that stuff the most…” Shi Sheng kindly gave him a heads-up as she walked forward.

Zi Huan abruptly froze. It appeared that her words were true for when he attempted to use his divine power, it would mysteriously disappear.

Shi Sheng casually entered the Moon Elder Hall and dug out the Book of Romantic Fate from the under the rubble whilst ignoring the immortal child servant’s cries of protest.

She flipped through till the very last page, but couldn’t find either her name or Dong Jing’s. She frowned and carefully flipped through it again. Still nothing.

‘That’s not right! That old stone displayed it, so why is it not in the book? Just what did that lil bitch Yue Yao do? I seriously feel like fucking her up right now…’


Shi Sheng exited the hall with a sour expression. Quite a few immortals were gathered outside the hall. Even the Jade Emperor and Queen Mother were present.

The Jade Emperor’s expression was stern as he spoke furiously, “Highgod Qing Guan, what are you doing?!”

‘Just how bold must she be to dare to attack Ancient God Zi Huan?! Ever since she got promoted to Highgod, there hasn’t been a single day of peace in the Heavenly Realm!

I could overlook it when it was Yue Yao in the wrong, but now she destroys the Stone of Three Lifetimes and Moon Elder Hall and dares to even attack Ancient God Zi Huan! All of these crimes are more than enough to have her stripped of her divinity!’

Shi Sheng indifferently raised her hand and examined it for a moment. “Ah, humans. They won’t die if they don’t court death, no? What say you, Jade Emperor?”

The Jade Emperor, “…” ‘What is she saying?’

Shi Sheng lowered her hand and summoned her sword. A slight smile slowly bloomed on her face. “Looks like you lot are planning on attacking me. Well then, I suppose I should…take the initiative!”

As soon as she finished her sentence, she waved her sword, causing the weather to change.

“T-this is… a divine weapon!”

“Heavens! Highgod Qing Guan actually possesses a divine weapon…no wonder she’s so fearless!”

Ever since the Ancient Highgods died out, the various divine weapons scattered throughout the Heavenly Realm had been lost. Not even the last Ancient God in existence, Zi Huan, had one.

But apart from a divine weapon, they couldn’t think of anything else that could cause the weather to change.

“W-what is she doing…?”

‘Surely this is what we should be the most worried about? According to legends about the Ancient era, divine weapons are capable of causing mass destruction!

Does Highgod Qing Guan plan to destroy the Heavenly Realm?!’

The Jade Emperor felt like he was in the middle of a whirlpool; the atmosphere around him seemed to be relentlessly pressing down on him.

“Jade Emperor, this is bad—”

This sudden shout caused his heart to thump rapidly. ‘You think I can’t see that already?’

“Jade Emperor, Jade Emperor! A large group of devil beasts from The Great Desert are attacking us!”

The messenger scrambled over to the Jade Emperor. He appeared to be so scared out of his wits that he didn’t even notice the woman in the center of everyone’s attention who was currently messing with the weather…

“What did you just say?!” The Jade Emperor thought he was hearing things.

“Devil beasts from The Great Desert are attacking!” The messenger repeated loudly.

They were under attack from the devil beasts of The Great Desert.

[1] No, this is not the name of an RPG character… (though it really should be) It’s legendary fire that is able to burn anything. Think wildfire on steroids.

Author’s note:

Watch out for poison in the next chapter! Prepare your antidotes~

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