Chapter 266 : You Rock, Highgod! (16)

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What kind of place was The Great Desert? It was somewhere even the Heavenly Realm didn’t dare to send people to easily.

It was a place where good and evil mixed indiscriminately; one could find nearly any type of person there.

But still the devil beasts outnumbered everyone else in The Great Desert. There were all kinds of them.

There were even some Feral Beasts from the Ancient Era in there!

‘…And now you’re telling me that these devil beasts from The Great Desert are attacking?! Now is not the time to be cracking jokes!!!’

Everything had taken place in the span of a few seconds.

Shi Sheng had been ignoring them this whole time—she swung her sword down while they were still in shock.

Countless bolts of lightning suddenly fell from the heavens.

[All the best, Host.] System’s voice sounded in her mind right after the thunder started.

The moment she heard that, she knew things had gone to shit. ‘Must be that damn heavenly dao coming to mess up my plans again.’

And, sure enough, giant streaks of lightning were already beginning to strike at her.

“Fuck,” Shi Sheng cursed aloud before making a beeline towards Yue Yao.

Lightning constantly struck the places where her feet had been just a moment prior. Though she managed to avoid all of them, their power was not to be scoffed at; she could feel their outrageous destructive capabilities even without coming into direct contact with them.

Since Zi Huan could not currently use his divine powers, he had to rely on the power of his physical body to dodge the rapid lightning strikes—all while taking care so that not even a single hair of Yue Yao’s was singed. Fortunately for him, they weren’t the target of the lightning strikes so very few struck near them.

“Highgod Qing Guan, hurry up and stop this! Are you planning on destroying the entire Heavenly Realm?!”

Someone yelled at Shi Sheng from a distance.

At this point, she had already closed in on Yue Yao and kicked Zi Huan to the side. Zi Huan stumbled and was caught off-guard by a lightning bolt that just so happened to strike where he fell.

“W-what are you doing?” Yue Yao’s was panic-stricken as she watched Shi Sheng approach her. Overwhelming fear caused Yue Yao to call out to Zi Huan, “Master—”

“He can’t even save himself right now, let alone you! Stop dreaming!”

Shi Sheng dragged Yue Yao to where the lightning bolts fell closest together. She wanted to see whether the Heavenly Dao would continue to land—even if it meant harming the precious FL..

Yue Yao was scared stiff by the violent lightning striking around her. ‘How did it come to this?’

According to her plan, her Master should have already taught Qing Guan a lesson. This development wasn’t within her predictions at all!

The rumbling of thunder carried on ceaselessly, causing everyone’s hearts to tremble.

Shi Sheng tossed Yue Yao to the ground. When the next round of lightning bolts came down to strike again, some landed beside Yue Yao—but there were also a few that landed on her.

“Ah!” Yue Yao’s hair stood on end from the electric shocks as she let out a shrill cry.

Shi Sheng stared at her disheveled appearance for a moment before her eyes narrowed and she revealed a strange smile; dark and full of wildness. ‘So it’s like that, eh?’

Shi Sheng batted aside the bolts coming at her with her sword and rose into the air. ‘Since you want to strike me(lz) so badly, I’ll(lz) play along too and make sure you can’t stop this game even if you want to!’


In the centre of the lightning strikes’ bombardments, a woman in a dark-green dress suddenly rose into the air and her coldly-gleaming sword was thrust towards the thundering sky.

As though attracted by something, lighting bolts as thick as an arm shot over to the iron sword one after another. However, some continued to follow their original paths downward, turning the nearby structures into rubble.

Countless immortals scattered amidst the barrage of lightning, making the scene extremely chaotic.

Someone rushed over to the fallen Zi Huan to quickly help him up.

“Ancient God Zi Huan, hurry up and stop her! She’s simply gone mad! She wants to destroy the entire Heavenly Realm!”

Zi Huan didn’t respond, but he had a gloomy expression in his eyes. ‘What’s the use of telling me this? I can’t even use my divine power right now…’

The Jade Emperor was escorted over to Zi Huan by his guards. The gaze he set upon the latter was as if he was looking at their one and only saviour. “Ancient God Zi Huan, hurry up and stop her!”

Zi Huan, “…” ‘If I could, why would I just stand here and listen to all your begging?’

Noticing Zi Huan’s silence, the immortals’ hearts thumped loudly in their chests. ‘What’s wrong?’


This time’s thunder was so powerful, it shook the Heavenly Realm. Everyone felt like the ground was cracking beneath their feet. They all turned to look towards Shi Sheng, but couldn’t even see her shadow. They could only hear the deafening thunder that rumbled on ceaselessly.

All they could see…was a charred, lightning-struck lump on the ground that was unrecognisable as a living, human being.

“Ancient God Zi Huan… Yue Yao…” The Jade Emperor was a bit nervous. ‘Just why can’t that kid get along with Highgod Qing Guan?’

Zi Huan looked over at Yue Yao, his brows furrowing. He only took her as his disciple because she was the daughter of an old friend and had also just happened to rescue him. However, this time, she was the cause behind this great upheaval.

“Jade Emperor, this isn’t good! The devil beasts are—aaah!”

The immortal who had cried out abruptly collapsed, spraying fresh blood all over the Jade Emperor’s clothes.

The dark mass in the distance approached swiftly. Quite a number of immortals were either brutally crushed to death under a tsunami of feet or sent flying into the distance.

“Boss, Boss! Whoa whoa whoa! We’re here, we’re here! Boss, look at me! Look at meee!”

“Boss! Whoa whoa, mighty Boss! Kill these pretentious immortals! Kill kill kill!!!”

“Kill ‘em! Chaaaaarge!”

“Boss, Boss…”

Shi Sheng stood above the thunderclouds. She was densely surrounded by lightning, but none of it struck her.

She had only just lowered her head to find that those devil beasts had joined the slugfest, causing her lips to twitch. ‘Those halfwits really turned up huh…

And from the looks of it…there’s even more of them than before.’

Shi Sheng shook her head before focusing on her sword.

The lightning bolts attracted to her sword weren’t controlled by the world’s Heavenly Dao anymore. Perhaps these bolts surrounding her had some influence on the other ones, for the subsequent strikes seemed weaker than those from before. At least, they were nowhere near the level of power contained by the lightning bolts from Bu Jingyun’s world.

Perhaps…if I make use of their mutual suppression and balance, I can completely demolish this place! How exciting!’

[……] ‘Master, if you don’t come out now, Host is really going to break this world into pieces…’

While Shi Sheng was secretly preparing to destroy the world, the devil beasts and immortals had already engaged in a heated battle.

This was the absolute chaos that greeted Dong Jing when he finally arrived. ‘I haven’t even started yet… how come there’s already a fight? And why are all those devil beasts here??

Forget it. Gonna kill them all anyways.’

And so a killing god joined the fray.

“Aaaah! Boss, save us! That bastard Dong Jing is here!!!” Upon catching sight of Dong Jing, all the devil beasts immediately disengaged from battle and bolted towards Shi Sheng.

“Boss, help! Boss, hurry up and kill this bastard! Ow ow! Beasties are being killed here! Run run run!!!”

Dong Jing was still wearing his mask. He killed all those in his path regardless of whether they were devil beast or god.

But their cries for help caused Dong Jing to feel somewhat speechless. ‘Those idiots are just as dumb as before…’

Rumble— Rumble—

Lightning had stopped falling at this point; though the storm clouds still roiled, their dark mass seeming to press down and suffocate those below..

The stampeding devil beasts ground to a halt, causing the world to fall into silence. Everyone raised their heads to look at the sky.

That dark-green figure slowly descended, her skirt billowing in the wind.

Lightning crackled on the surface of her sword.

“Congratulations for witnessing the birth of a new era!”

The woman’s voice was transmitted by the wind into the far distance, as though it had been magnified somehow, to echo thunderously throughout the world.

Everyone watched as she raised the sword in her hand. Time seemed to slow down.

A bolt of lightning abruptly shot out from the sword and stabbed into the dark, churning clouds above…


After a thunderous sound, the earth started cracking open—the gaps growing wider and extending into the distance at an alarming rate.

The surrounding buildings began to collapse.

No one could maintain a stable footing anymore; their expressions clearly showed their terror.

Author’s note:

Little Fairy: I finally let you break a world. Are you happy?

Shi Sheng: Yep. Let’s do this more often.

Little Fairy: No problem! Just get those little devils to vote!

Shi Sheng: …I suddenly find myself better suited to be a quiet beauty.

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