Chapter 267 : You Rock, Highgod! (17)

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The speed at which the Heavenly Realm collapsed was too fast—the dumbfounded immortals had no time to try and stop stop it, so they could only watch in horror as everything crumbled to pieces.

The chief culprit was currently surveying her masterpiece with a satisfied expression.

‘This lunatic!’

Shi Sheng lowered her head to look down at her sword as if it was the world’s greatest treasure.

“Woah, you really can absorb anything. Looks like you aren’t a complete waste of all the effort and items I expended to obtain you. I even risked my own life,” Shi Sheng muttered.

Though she soon continued with some hints of regret in her voice, “A pity you’ll never be able to form a sword spirit…”

The sword in her hands trembled slightly, as if it was strongly objecting, or perhaps just replying to Shi Sheng. She patted it, causing it to stop trembling and regain its former appearance. Shi Sheng landed on the ground with her sword in her hand.

The entire Heavenly Realm was collapsing right now, so the immortals were currently struggling to just keep themselves alive. Naturally, no one had time to care about the lightning-struck Yue Yao.

“Qing Guan!” Yue Yao seemed as though her next breath would be her last as she lay on the ground in a crumpled heap. But when she saw Shi Sheng, a strong flood of hatred burst forth from the depths of her eyes.

“Oh hey, you’re still not dead.” Shi Sheng jeered. ‘The FL halo is fucking unbelievable. I(bbb) had to use up so many treasures to resist that lightning, yet the FL straight up endured the whole barrage with just her body. This is discrimination ah!’

Yue Yao’s face had lost its former adorableness and turned vindictive as she spoke through clenched teeth, “Qing Guan, you’re a sinner for destroying the Heavenly Realm! You definitely won’t meet a good end!”

“Oh well, I never wanted one anyway.”

‘Why would a villain want a good end? The winner is king while the loser is the thief. I—the villain—have clearly won today, okay? Refuse to accept it? Come fight! I’m(bbb) not stopping you!’

Yue Yao was so angry she spat out a mouthful of blood. Rage and resentment bubbled up in her heart. ‘Why?! Just…why?! I’m already a Highlord with an Ancient God as my Master, yet I still can’t beat her! Why?!’

Shi Sheng squatted down and asked in a cold tone, “What did you do to Dong Jing’s and my marriage fates?”

Yue Yao blanked out for a moment before spitting in contempt. “Aren’t you very capable? Why ask me?”

Shi Sheng frowned in displeasure before clamping her hand around Yue Yao’s neck. “Don’t test my patience. I’ll only ask you one more time: What did you do?”

“I. Won’t. Tell. You!” Yue Yao squeezed the words out from between clenched teeth.

Shi Sheng’s eyes narrowed. “Very well.”

She suddenly released Yue Yao and let her fall back onto the ground, looking down on her condescendingly. “I hope your death won’t be too terrible.”

Yue Yao hadn’t digested the meaning behind Shi Sheng’s words before she heard the latter call over a devil beast that was chasing fleeing immortals around in the distance, “You over there! Come over!”

“Ow ow ow! Boss called me!!!” An enormous devil beast who had just stomped an immortal to death pranced around in a circle in excitement before sprinting over to Shi Sheng.

“Boss, Boss, what did you need me to do?”

Shi Sheng lifted her chin in the direction of the blackened figure on the ground. “Take her away. You guys can play with her all you want. I don’t mind if she dies.”

“You’ll never find out if you kill me!” Yue Yao’s gaze was as poisonous as a viper’s as she stared at Shi Sheng.

“I don’t need to find out what happened—I’ll just kill Dong Jing.”

‘You’re dreaming if you think a flimsy red string is enough to manipulate me!’

“You— ah! Let go—” Yue Yao was picked up by the devil beast Shi Sheng called over and tossed into the air like a ragdoll.

Upon seeing this, the rest of the beasts that were some distance away immediately rushed over and joined in the fun, picking Yue Yao up and tossing her high into the air with their mouths.

What followed was an even more brutal scene of Yue Yao being thrown up and down in the air like she was a toy rubber ball they were playing with.

‘Honestly…if the FL still doesn’t die after all this, I’ll(bbb) really feel like going over to finish her off…’


Unfortunately, Shi Sheng didn’t get to finish Yue Yao off before she was rescued by someone.

Cang Lan was wearing robes as white as snow when he descended from the sky and domineeringly rescued Yue Yao (who looked like she’d been fished out of a latrine) from the jaws of the devil beasts and carried her off to where the rest of the immortals were camped.

The devil beasts who’d had their new ‘toy’ snatched away immediately began yelping, “Ow ow ow, Boss, a little white-face from the sky carried off our new toy!”

“Boss, that little white-face was too powerful; we didn’t dare to snatch her back! Boss, you’re super awesome so you should go!”

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘My mistake, I forgot about that amnesiac ML…

*flips table* Can we please get rid of this cheat that stops the FL from dying every time?! I’m(bbb) unhappy! System, gimme an OP cheat too! Lemme go on a rampage and kill the FL!’

[……] ‘Ha ha. You’ve already destroyed an entire realm without cheats—aren’t you going to destroy the universe if I do give you some? I(bxt) refuse!

Shi Sheng’s gaze swept over to Dong Jing who was currently massacring everyone in sight, regardless of their race. Her eyes swivelled in her head as she pondered over something.

Having made a decision, she swiftly flew over to Dong Jing and kicked aside the immortal that was ‘fighting’ him, causing Dong Jing to stop his massacre and look at her.

He was still wearing his mask. The eyes under the mask were calm and collected; he still hadn’t turned bloodthirsty from his killing.

“Hi villain-sama, wanna party up to reap some kills?”

Dong Jing, “…” ‘Although the phrasing’s a bit weird, I can get the gist of what she’s trying to say.’

“Reason?” ‘I previously suspected that she was in The Great Desert before because she was no longer welcome in the Heavenly Realm— and from the looks of it, I was right!’

“…” ‘Reason? What reason should I give…’

“…Don’t like the look of them.”

‘This coutns as a reason, right? Plus, it’s true that I’ve never liked how they look… Every day, every single one of them wears nothing but white and they always look like they’re suffering from facial paralysis… Facial paralysis does not equate to a cool poker face, okay?! Don’t try to show off if you don’t know how!’


“You kill those two over there,” Shi Sheng’s finger pointed towards the leads, “I’ll take care of the rest.”

[……] ‘Host is instigating the villains to kill people again… *sigh*’

#What can I do to make my Host quietly complete a mission for once? SOS this is quite urgent!#

“I don’t kill women,” Dong Jing abruptly refused.

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Dafuq? So what if she’s a woman? Does that not make her a person? Women can be much scarier than men when they turn fierce, yet you say you won’t kill them?! Do you know how many men have died at the hands of women?! Don’t underestimate women, you idiot!’

“Forget it. Go attack on your own then,” Shi Sheng waved her hand, having suddenly lost interest.

Dong Jing, “…” ‘Women are so fickle! She was the one who made the suggestion, and now she changes her mind?’

Dong Jing ignored the ‘fickle’ Shi Sheng and continued massacring the immortals.

Shi Sheng folded her arms and retreated out of the battlefield, letting Dong Jing take the main stage. ‘If villain-sama manages to conquer the three realms all on his own, he’ll become a legend! A model for all aspiring villains in the future!’

Shi Sheng allowed her thoughts to roam freely till she started thinking about Feng Ci.

‘So is Feng Ci not in this world? Why isn’t Dong Jing…

System said Feng Ci would appear in my missions, but not in every mission. So…I guess he isn’t here this time, huh?

Tsk tsk, this little devil sure knows how to play around, making me(bbb) search through entire worlds for him!

Gotta give him a good beating first the next time I see him!’

[Host, are you still doing the Side Quest?] System spoke to remind Shi Sheng. ‘If you don’t stop him now, Dong Jing’s going to finish his massacre…’

Author’s note:

Shi Sheng: Where’s that little devil Feng Ci run off to?

Little Fairy: Guess.

Shi Sheng: I’ll make sure those little devils won’t give you any votes, y’know?

Little Fairy: I’ll kill off Feng Ci, y’know?

Shi Sheng: Go on then! If he dies, don’t even think about getting any more votes!

Little Fairy: I was wrong! Make those little devils vote! I need my votes~

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