Chapter 269 : You Rock, Highgod! (19)

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Yue Yao had become mentally-impaired.

That was the price she had to pay.

Because the insects preferred women, they would transfer to female bodies during intercourse.

There were many insects in Zi Huan’s body; adding to the ones initially present within her, it was a miracle Yue Yao was still alive.

Cang Lan didn’t know how to describe his feelings towards this development. It wasn’t heartache, it was more like…an instinctual desire to do something for her.

“Cang Lan-gege,” Yue Yao shook Cang Lan’s arm. “Yue Yao wants kisses.”

“Let’s get your hands cleaned up first.” Cang Lan tried to pull Yue Yao to her feet, but she remained stubbornly sat on the floor and refused to get up. Tears were beginning to streak down her filthy face. “Don’ wanna. I wan’ a kiss. Cang Lan-gege always gave me lots of kisses before.”

Cang Lan frowned. ‘Since when have I kissed her?’

“I’ll go find Master. Master will give me kisses.” Yue Yao suddenly clambered up, lifted her skirt and ran out.

Cang Lan watched Yue Yao’s departing figure. He didn’t run after her, only staring thoughtfully into space.

Yue Yao ran off to find Zi Huan. When she found him, he was in the middle of a discussion on the battle strategy the immortals would use to counter Dong Jing. However, this was interrupted by Yue Yao barging in.

The group’s discussion was forcibly halted.

It wasn’t the first time this had happened.

Were it not for the fact that Yue Yao had only become like this due to her sacrifice for the greater good, along with the fact that the Jade Emperor was lenient towards her, she would’ve been locked up long ago.

Yue Yao leapt straight into Zi Huan’s arms, her filthy hands clinging to his clothes and leaving dirt marks on them.

“Master, kiss!”

Zi Huan frowned slightly. With the upcoming major battle, no one had the time to take care of Yue Yao, so there was an unpleasant stench clinging to her.

One might not be able to smell it from a distance, but Zi Huan was currently up close and personal; the stench wafted into his nostrils.

“Master is busy. Go outside and wait for a bit.” Zi Huan tried his best to soften his tone as he bore with the stench.

“Don’ wanna! Want kisses!” Yue Yao puckered her lips and aimed a peck at Zi Huan’s own, causing his face to turn dark.

“Enough!” He pushed Yue Yao away, his gaze then sweeping over the others in the room. They immediately lowered their heads, not daring to look any further.

“Wu wu wu, Master is being mean to me.” Yue Yao started crying and restlessly began wriggling against Zi Huan.

Zi Huan could feel a headache beginning to form, but he couldn’t use violence against her.

“All of you, return first. We will discuss this later.” Zi Huan dismissed the others.

Once the room was empty, Zi Huan brought the noisy Yue Yao to the back of the room, stripped her naked, and then tossed her into the bathtub to clean her.

There were still some insects left in his body which he needed to remove.

Women weren’t as important to men as their own self-interest and power. When they had the means, they could pamper you to the heavens. However, when they needed you to contribute, they wouldn’t bat an eye even if the price was your life.


As of late, Shi Sheng had been wandering the Mortal Realm with her group of devil beast followers.

Well, more accurately, they were dragging her along with them.

She just didn’t understand why they liked her so much. She could’ve sworn she didn’t have any weird halo that attracted oddballs to her!

‘Just why am I hanging out with a bunch of animals?’

“Boss, Boss, there’s a city up ahead! Should we go start a massacre?”

Shi Sheng was lying on a rattan recliner. Upon hearing them speak, she replied in annoyance, “What massacre? All you guys know is to kill. Have some goals.”

“We do have a goal!” The devil beast rebutted, “We have a grand plan: to dominate the three realms!”

‘Whoa, what? These beasts had such an awesome goal? Couldn’t tell…’

Shi Sheng opened her eyes to look at the devil beast that had spoken before shaking her head speechlessly. ‘Really now…conquer the world? With your guts? Where would that put Dong Jing?

‘Now that guy’s got the potential to conquer the world.’

“Boss, Boss! Trust us, we can definitely do it!” The devil beasts had resolute expressions on their faces.

“You go, Pikachus!” Shi Sheng nodded ‘sincerely’.

“Boss, why don’t you come and show off your power?” The devil beasts earnestly requested.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘So…just what is my role here?’

Of course, she was firm in her refusal to go.

Left with no other choice, her followers could only go off to play on their own.

They were pretty much invincible against mortals anyway.

Devil beasts seemed to have an innate enmity against any sort of two-legged creature. They eventually ended up locking up all the city’s inhabitants…for the sake of having a stored food reserve.

Shi Sheng speechlessly watched this happen. ‘Stored food reserve…you guys don’t even eat humans! What stored food?!’

Yep, these weirdos didn’t eat humans. Their reason was something along the lines of there being more chance of a heart demon appearing.

‘Heart demon my ass! You guys wish to conquer the world yet you worry about getting a heart demon? Really…what a bunch of idiots! If you wanna accomplish something big, you gotta not care about dying!

Serves these dumb beasts right that they never managed to conquer the world, even though they’ve been wanting to do so since the Desolate Era…’


Shi Sheng wandered about in many places with her group of devil beast followers. Before she knew it, her followers had already conquered most of the Mortal Realm.

Yet the human race directed all of their hatred towards her.

Shi Sheng could swear that she really hadn’t done anything. All she had done was to sit and eat melon seeds as she watched her devil beast fans fight.

After they were done fighting, this group of simpletons would always run back to her excitedly, looking for praise.

As a result, she was remembered by the human race and granted the ‘honour’ of taking the top spot on their collective blacklist.

Shi Sheng wished to express her thoughts right now, ‘This really isn’t my(bbb) fault! Why are you guys so unreasonable? The ones who attacked you are clearly that group of animals over there! Why am I(bbb) the only one getting the blame?!’

“Boss, Boss, look! These little white-faces look pretty good. Why don’t you keep them to warm your bed?” Several devil beasts who had assumed human form presented several actual human men to Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng was currently sitting without a care for her image. Her eyes had been half-closed, but they opened and calmly swept over the humanoid devil beasts.

For the sake of being able to better distinguish them, Shi Sheng gave the devil beasts names. From tallest to shortest, it went Yi, Er, San, Si, Wu, Liu[1].

The one who had spoken just now was Yi-Yi.

Yes, they had repeated-syllable names. Cute, wasn’t it?

You can imagine how amazing the scene of a bunch of burly men with such cutesy names was…

“Witch, we’ll never submit to you! Even if you have our bodies, you’ll never have our hearts!!!”

“Witch, don’t think we’re afraid of you! Let us go and we’ll fight fair and square one-on-one!”

Shi Sheng pointed at the man who wanted to fight her. “San-San, drag him out and give him a proper beating.”

“Ah? But this little white-face is the best looker.” San-San scratched his head. ‘Don’t humans all like pretty faces? Those other humans say this one looks the best, so how come Boss is telling us to beat him up?’

“You can avoid his face.” Shi Sheng gave a slight smile.

San-San appeared to have been enlightened. “Oh, yes! We can just avoid the face!”

He grabbed the man and began dragging him outside.

“Witch, let me go if you’ve got the balls!”

Shi Sheng propped up her chin, lips raising slightly as she spoke in a light tone, “I don’t have balls.”

“Witch! You’ll die a terrible death! You bitch! Vile—”

“Fuck! Dare to insult our Boss?! Fuck avoiding the face, just beat him up! We’ll find new little white-faces for Boss!”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘I don’t really want little white-faces… Also, that’s not how you use the term!!!’

[1] This is the pinyin for numbers in Chinese. I didn’t want to translate it, because as a name, it sounds so awkward to say “Three-Three” or “Threesy”

Author’s note:


This is to thank the little angels who’ve donated~

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