Chapter 270 : You Rock, Highgod! (20)

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Of course, Yi, Er, San, Si, Wu, and Liu were ordered to send the little white-faces back in the end. However, they couldn’t understand why. ‘Why doesn’t Boss like them? Isn’t it always said that humans love power and sex? Is it because the last batch wasn’t good-looking enough? That must be the case! Why else wouldn’t Boss like them? Gotta find better looking ones for Boss!’

And so, the devil beasts ended up scouring the entire human race for good-looking little white-faces.

On the other side, Dong Jing was busy fighting the immortals.

In the end, the battlefield still ended up spreading to the Mortal Realm.

Every day, devil beasts would go over to Shi Sheng to report about where those two ‘little white-faces’ were fighting, which areas had been hit the worst, as well as how much of their ‘stored food’ had been destroyed.

To say that she was irritated was an understatement. ‘Fucking simpletons. Don’t you know how to fight back when you’re attacked?’

Having finally had enough of their continuous twittering, Shi Sheng brought them to the frontlines. The two conflicting sides were currently facing off, and the air was taut with tension.

When Shi Sheng brought her people—Pei!—devil beasts over, and in such an aggressive manner that the two sides turned to look at them in unison.

Shi Sheng examined Zi Huan. ‘Recovered eh? Here I was thinking he cared about the FL… See? When given the choice, he still chose his own strength over the FL.

A pity. Nobody knows…’

“Qing Guan, you still dare to come!” Someone beside Qing Guan pointed at Shi Sheng and snapped. ‘It’s all because of that jinx that we’re now in this mess!’

“Why wouldn’t I?” Shi Sheng raised her brow. ‘Even if I hadn’t wrecked the Heavenly Realm, Dong Jing would’ve attacked sooner or later. You think the disaster was avoidable?’

“Qing Guan, don’t be so arrogant! The only reason you could be so impudent back then was because you used underhanded means to harm Ancient God Zi Huan! But what can you do now that he’s perfectly fine?!”

“Oh, fine eh…” Shi Sheng lightly replied, though an evil smile appeared on her face a moment later. “Is Yue Yao still alive? You lot let him defile her so he could recover? This is your so-called righteousness?”

The faces of the immortals turned unsightly. ‘She expected this?’

Only after a while did someone manage to squeeze out a sentence, “It was for the greater good.”

“Oh, don’t make it sound so nice. It’s still sacrificing others for your own sake. What’s done is done; I won’t laugh at you for admitting it.” Shi Sheng scoffed.

‘Aren’t they tired of finding ‘righteous’ excuses for their actions?

Basically, they’re all a bunch of weaklings. If they had the strength to fight against the whole world, they wouldn’t need any excuses.’

Zi Huan spoke coldly, “Don’t change the subject, Qing Guan. Why have you come here today?”

“You really think you’re cured?” Shi Sheng’s eyes curved up as she smiled. Her voice was melodious but it held an immeasurable malice. That malice was so obvious, everyone could discern it.

“What do you mean?” Zi Huan stared at Shi Sheng, his brow furrowed slightly. ‘I can already use my divine power freely.’

Shi Sheng’s smile turned even more brilliant, her calm eyes seeming to contain a few hints of amusement. “You guys can call these little fellas Yin-Yang Gu[1]. Yin and Yang combined completes the Gu.”

The man and woman who were under the influence of the Gu would feel irresistibly drawn to each other. Only after they had intercourse would the true Yin-Yang Gu be formed.

Of course, if one had sufficiently strong willpower and didn’t have intercourse, the Yin-Yang Gu would die soon after. It was easy to get rid of before intercourse. The hard part was suppressing the fear and desire in their hearts.

She’d found these in the Demon World from Feng Ci’s world. Since it was such an oddity, she naturally had to collect some.

Zi Huan suddenly felt a coldness envelop him.

Yin and Yang combined completes the Gu.

These words refused to leave Zi Huan’s mind.

Someone at the side, who was unwilling to accept the truth and would rather deceive both themselves and others, shouted, “Qing Guan, don’t try to scare us! Ancient God Zi Huan is already cured!”

“Whatever makes you happy!” Shi Sheng shrugged. “I’m not the one that’s going to die.”

The immortal didn’t speak anymore, instead turning to look at Zi Huan. ‘Only Ancient God Zi Huan would know whether or not what Qing Guan said is true.’

Zi Huan couldn’t feel any irregularity within his body. He could utilise divine power as per normal. ‘So what’s off?’

“Thinking time’s over. And now…” Shi Sheng drew her sword, beautifully rotating the blade and getting into a fighting stance. A strange smile bloomed on her exquisite face as her red lips parted, “It’s time to kill.”

Icy cold drops of rain suddenly fell from the sky and soon, it was pouring heavily. The rain blurred Shi Sheng’s figure, so they could only see an afterimage flash by.

“Ah!” A sharp wail pierced through the rain as fresh blood scattered from the sky to mix with the rainwater.

Soon after, a white figure fell from the sky and smashed into the ground. Fresh blood trickled out like rivulets and with the help of the rainwater, the area around him was soon red.


Dong Jing’s forces, which had been observing to the side, charged over when the first man hit the ground. They were soon followed by a bunch of excited devil beasts who sneakily reaped kills.

The immortals lost this battle because Zi Huan hadn’t acted.

Once the immortals had retreated, Shi Sheng stood beneath a giant leafy umbrella that San-San held over her and raised her head to look at Dong Jing, who was in the air.

He hesitated for a moment before descending. Rainwater sluiced off his mask, making his figure appear even more lonely.

“Why are you so against them?”

“Would you be kind to a bunch of people who want to kill you?” Shi Sheng answered with a question.

‘Since the immortals have picked the FL’s side, they’ll act against me sooner or later. Don’t talk to me about how they’re still innocent because they haven’t done anything yet. There aren’t any innocents in this world, only a bunch of people who want to live.’

Dong Jing fell silent, only speaking after quite a while, “Have you found the person you were looking for?”

Shi Sheng was melancholic. “Nope. Probably not gonna find him in this lifetime.”

“This lifetime?” Dong Jing’s tone was rather odd. ‘She was born in the Verdant Palace… And from what I know, she didn’t have any love tribulations, so what’s with this talk of ‘this lifetime’?’

“You wouldn’t understand even if I told you.” Shi Sheng’s gaze swept over him before she asked, “Do you feel anything weird towards me?”

‘There’s probably some difference after our red strings got tied together, right?’

“Does not wanting to kill you count?” Dong Jing replied with a ‘serious’ face.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘So you usually feel like killing on sight?’

Perhaps to someone like Dong Jing, it really was the case that he’d want to kill something as long as it was breathing.

But he didn’t have the impulse to kill her upon seeing her.

Shi Sheng pondered for a bit but still didn’t understand what that little bitch did by tying their red strings together.

The two fell silent because Shi Sheng didn’t have anything to say and Dong Jing didn’t know what to say.

[1] This is something that has no real translation since there isn’t really an equivalent in culture. For those of you new to this term, Gu, or “蛊” contains the characters for worm/insect and cup. It is referring to the practise of putting a bunch of poisonous creepy crawlies into a cup and letting them duke it out. The winner is the Gu. They can be poisonous, or just have weird voodoo-ish effects like here. Yin and Yang… just treat it like a fancier term for saying female and male respectively, but only in this context.

Author’s note:

Little Fairy: Good morning little devils.

Little Angels: *fearful* Suddenly such a nice tone…there’s something wrong!

Little Fairy: *smiling slightly* Look at my sincere face.

Little Angels: Can’t see it, can’t see it, can’t see it. Just spit it out, don’t be so scary.

Little Fairy: … *draws sword* Vote!

Little Angels: Okay okay okay!

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