Chapter 271 : You Rock, Highgod! (21)

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The moment Zi Huan returned to Mt. Kongwu, Yue Yao immediately came over to pester him. Zi Huan was busy pondering Shi Sheng’s words, so Yue Yao’s attempts to attract his attention annoyed him to the point he shoved her away.

“Wu wu wu, Master, it hurts!” Yue Yao fell to the ground and immediately started bawling.

Zi Huan frowned, but a strange sensation arose in his body and he started to feel increasingly irritable.

He carried Yue Yao to the bed before roughly ripping her annoying clothes out of the way. He didn’t even bother with foreplay and directly entered her. Only once he was inside did he feel his restlessness and irritation fade.

After Zi Huan was done, he put on his clothes and went over to stand by the window as cold gusts of rain blew in and battered his face. His gaze was solemn as he stared at the distant mountain range shrouded in fog.

He knew what felt off now.

Every time he saw Yue Yao, he’d start feeling a restlessness that would only fade once he was one with her.

“Master…” A nearly inaudible whisper could be heard behind him, the delicate voice pulling at Zi Huan’s heart. It felt as if his heart was being scratched by a kitten as that restlessness returned. He wanted to suppress it—but the more he tried, the more restless he got.


He suddenly turned around and strode over to the bed before mounting Yue Yao again.

Yue Yao was hadn’t woken up—she had been calling out to him in her sleep.

The moment he entered her, the irritability he felt faded. He didn’t move, and simply maintained that position, his brows furrowing as he stared at the woman’s flushed cheeks. Slowly, his gaze turned dangerous.


The immortals on Mt. Kongwu discovered that Ancient God Zi Huan hadn’t left Yue Yao’s room as of late. Sometimes, strange noises could also be heard coming from there. They naturally knew what those noises meant.

His sudden unprofessionalism in the face of a formidable foe couldn’t help but make the immortals worried sick.

Of course, Zi Huan wasn’t being unprofessional out of his own volition. He was simply unable to leave Yue Yao’s side. The moment he tried, he would feel very irritable to the point where he wanted to kill someone.

On the other hand, Yue Yao appeared to be slowly recovering. Where she used to recognise only Zi Huan and Cang Lan, she now appeared able to address pretty much everyone else too.

Zi Huan had a foreboding premonition, but he grew more and more dependent on Yue Yao. That feeling seemed to have seared itself into his very bones.

“Master…” Yue Yao embraced Zi Huan from behind as her small hand slid into his robes, causing him to quiver. His breathing became heavier as she caressed him.

A cold light flashed in Yue Yao’s eyes, but her cries turned even more sultry as she rubbed herself against Zi Huan’s back. “Master…”

A voice in his head told him he couldn’t continue on like this, but Zi Huan couldn’t help himself. In the end, the two ended up rolling around on the ground.


The battle between Dong Jing and the immortals became even more heated, made worse by Shi Sheng’s occasional interference. As a result, Dong Jing and Shi Sheng had also unwittingly grown more familiar with each other.

Though they had joined forces to battle a couple of times, it was only in name. Due to the fact that these two were the type to just recklessly charge in, there was no such thing as co-operation between them.

After two instances of ‘joining forces,’ Shi Sheng refused to do so any longer simply because it was less effective than just rushing in on her own.

“Boss, boss, the immortals sent someone here!” San-San rushed in, startling her and causing the tea in her hand to spill slightly onto the table.

“…” Since it was obviously a waste of her breath to try and lecture an animal on manners, Shi Sheng merely set the teacup down calmly. “So what? What’re you so scared for?”

The immortal army had been continuously shrinking, while Dong Jing’s forces had been growing nonstop.

Mt. Kongwu had nearly fallen, so it was no surprise that they might send an envoy to her.

“But uh, Boss, it’s that woman you hate most.” San-San innocently scratched his head.

‘The woman I hate most? Yue Yao?’

“Why’s she here?” ‘Seems like she won against Zi Huan, eh…’

In the case of Yin-Yang Gu, after intercourse, the Gu in the male’s body wouldn’t enter the female’s—it would just enter a hibernation state to evolve. During this period, the male would need her to supply energy for him.

And once the Gu finished evolving, the male had to kill off the female. Otherwise he would always be under her influence in the future.

Conversely, if the female wanted to be the one in control, she had to kill off the male before the Gu evolved. Essentially, this Gu allowed only one to survive.

Afterwards, the survivor would initially feel as though they had increased in strength. But in the later stages…every time they used their power, they would receive a backlash. This would carry on until the Gu completely devoured whatever power was left in their body.

“Dunno, but she seems rather smug.” San-San’s pinched his fingers together as he raised his pitch in an attempt to mimic Yue Yao’s tone, “‘Go call Qing Guan! I want to see her!’ Hmph! Does she think she can see Boss just because she wants to?”

Shi Sheng swept her gaze over him, whereupon he immediately stopped with the orchid hand[1] nonsense.

“Just say I’m not here.”

‘Of course nothing good can come from FL-sama knocking at my door. I’d(bbb) be an idiot to see her.’


San-San immediately ran out.

The moment he left, Dong Jing entered. “I saw an immortal outside just now.”

“En,” Shi Sheng answered in a carefree tone. “Finished fighting today?”

“No. The immortals suddenly retreated.” Dong Jing unceremoniously picked a teacup off the table and helped himself to some tea.

“A sudden retreat, followed by the F—Yue Yao suddenly running over to my place. They’re playing at something alright!” Shi Sheng laughed coldly.

‘I’m curious. Did the FL finally grow a brain and decide to play the plotting game with me?’

Dong Jing gulped his tea down in an uncultured manner before speaking in a confident tone, “She should have some bargaining chip up her sleeve.”

“It’s just our red strings; what kind of bargaining chip could she have?” Shi Sheng scoffed coldly.

Tying two people’s red strings together created a mutual attraction between them, making it easier for them to get together. However, this wasn’t the only thing determining whether or not they would become a couple. There were other external factors at play as well.

Had this not been the case, there wouldn’t be so many unhappy couples in the world.

“Red strings?” Dong Jing appeared rather surprised. “What red strings?”

“She tied us together with our red strings but did something else to them that made her confident I’d submit to her.” Since Dong Jing was personally involved in this matter, Shi Sheng felt he had the right to know.

Dong Jing’s eyes narrowed. After a short moment of silence, he spoke, “No wonder I don’t want to kill you.”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘That’s all?’

“Why was your red string with her?” This was what Shi Sheng was more curious about. After all, Dong Jing was once a Highlord, so he should have had his red string with him even after leaving the Heavenly Realm.

All of a sudden, Dong Jing raised his head to look at Shi Sheng. His calm gaze became somewhat probing. “Before your mother fell…did she not tell you anything?”

Shi Sheng searched Qing Guan’s memories again without finding anything relevant, so she shook her head. Qing Guan had been quite young back then, having only just reached her first century…

‘Hey, wait a second! Weren’t we talking about red strings? How come the topic changed to Qing Guan’s parents?’

“Then do you know about the fact that I was just a step away from being promoted to a Highgod?”

“En.” Everyone in the Heavenly Realm knew about this matter, they just weren’t clear about the reason behind it. There were all sorts of speculations, but none of had any real evidence behind them.

Dong Jing lowered his head, his voice low as he spoke, “It was because of Yue Ning.”

‘Yue Ning? Don’t recognise that name. Never heard of it before. But people with the surname Yue have around an 80-90% chance of being related to the FL…’

[1] This is a hand gesture in traditional plays that looks like this:


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